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5 AI Side Hustles For 2023 (No One’s Talking About)


so everyone’s going hysterical over AI right  now but how usable is the current technology   and can you actually make money from it that’s  what we’re going to be going through today I’m   going to be giving you at least five business  and side hustle ideas that you can Implement   today with current active tools to make  upwards of ten thousand dollars per month   so first I want to show you is be human AI I’m  going to show you using the tool but also the   business idea behind it and how you can get  clients and start making money now be human   is a personalization video tool so AI based  video personalization and the go through and   actually just log in I’ll just show you the  tool in action if I hit use templates we’ve   got a bunch of templates that we can use and  I’ll show you a custom one in a moment as well   hi John I just got notified that you signed up  for our newsletter pretty cringe video right   but you get the idea and you can change these  for yourself you don’t have to use the ones on   here we’re going to get asked what data we want  to input we’re going to choose blank spreadsheet   and then it’s going to allow us to change certain  kind of elements of this video right so it’s going   to allow us to change in this instance the first  name okay so we have our import Fields okay so   we’re going to change one to Jordan we’re going to  change one to Sarah and if we hit generate first   names at the bottom of the screen it’s going to  generate an audio file okay let me try again hi   Sarah pretty decent right so it’s just done that  based on her voice has created new names and if   we hit generate videos it’s going to generate two  new videos basically the exact same as this but   it’s just going to change your name on the front  Okay it saves so much time in recording brand new   videos I did one of these earlier so hopefully I  can show you an example of that let’s play this   I just got notified newsletter okay so it’s  not perfect there’s a little glitch at the   start there but it’s definitely possible it’s  definitely usable and realistic which is the   most important thing and it’s very important to  bear in mind that with this AI boom right now   these kind of software products are going to be  increased and going to be improving every single   week and every single month because they need to  keep up with demand so start using them early and   they’re going to get better and better I don’t  think that the make money opportunity with this   tool is to create newsletter intros or companies  right but I do believe there is an opportunity   when it comes to sales personalization videos I  own a marketing agency called affluent.com and   we turn over multiple Millions on a yearly basis  and one of the most effective ways for us to get   new clients right now is by sending personalized  videos straight through to our potential clients   introducing ourselves and pitching for a meeting  but this is very time consuming we have to record   a video every time I’ve load it to the computer  send it out to the Prospect and using a tool   like this we can cut out all of that time we  can create tons of video those in just a few   clicks by uploading the data straight to it but  a majority of companies aren’t going to know   about tools like this right now because nobody’s  really looking into implementing AI as we speak   okay people think that we’re a long way away  from it actually being a profitable use case   so that means there is a business opportunity for  someone like you to start an Outreach agency or a   sale could just become a sales freelancer you can  create all of these videos on behalf of companies   and send them out so you essentially manage their  sales process let me show you how you would do   that so page let’s say I’m doing this for myself  your client first of all would have to record a   baseline video to start off with so hey John hope  you’re well I know you’re busy so much so I’ll be   quick my name’s Jordan and I was on your Facebook  page earlier and I couldn’t believe you’re not   running any Facebook ads at the moment now to me  that’s crazy I know we can make them profitable   for you so if you’re interested in having a  meeting over the next few days let me know   and I’ll open my calendar up cheers okay simple  video we offer Facebook ads in our agency so we’ll   just be pitching that to the client now if you hit  save it’s going to take a little while to actually   render but what’s going to happen is going to  allow us to choose which part of this video we   want to dynamically update based on the data we  want to input we’re just going to change the hey   Jordan part or hey John part at the start so we  can change this so it’s Unique to the person every   single time it’s going to load the transcript and  I’ll show you that as soon as that’s done but in   the meantime let me run you through the business  opportunity at hand here so behuman dot AI we’re   going to create personalized videos we’re going to  become a sales freelancer or agency your customers   are really anybody who needs to get more clients  okay the majority of businesses out there need to   get more clients especially agencies okay that’d  be the ideal Your Role is to create personalized   sales videos now of course you can do a whole  bunch of other videos but I think this is the   lowest hanging fruit and your day-to-day will look  something like this number one you’re going to   spend most of your time trying to get new clients  for your agency first of all so you’re going to   look on places like Fiverr Facebook groups is a  good place to find business owners and then of   course LinkedIn number two we’re going to generate  leads so when we actually sign a client we need to   find out which companies they want to reach to so  we’re going to generate a list of leads you can   Outsource this this is a very simple process I’ve  got loads of videos on my channel that’ll teach   you how to do that you’re then going to create  a spreadsheet that you’re going to upload to be   human and you’re going to send all of these brand  new sales videos to those leads again you could   Outsource this but it’ll be very easy for you to  send them out now I know this is a very valuable   service because we have people in our company  doing this manually right now we pay between   two and three k per month to those individuals  to do that they will be way more efficient using   a tool like this and we’re already testing this  out within our company so you can charge between   two and three k per month per client for you to  do this on their behalf so the next tool we’re   going to go through is brandmark.io this is an  AI based logo generator and brand pack creator   so this is great for anybody that doesn’t really  understand graphic design but wants to provide   it as a service to business owners who need a logo  which is a big bottleneck when people are starting   out is designing that logo people people spend  weeks on this when they don’t know how to do it   so the majority of people to send out Outsourcing  it this is a very efficient way for you to be that   outsourcer so if we hit create my logo it’s  going to take us through to the creation page   we’re going to input some information so our brand  name first of all so our client’s brand name let’s   keep this on the basis of marketing agencies so uh  Swift Agency uh slogan we scale your ads fast okay   and then we’re going to choose our brand keyword  so these are going to be keywords relevant to the   business so advertising money fast scale hit next  we can then choose our colors okay I’m gonna keep   this simple and light it’s going to generate this  logo for so it really is that simple that’s the   small amount of information we need to input and  it’s not just going to generate us logos but it’s   also going to show us an entire brand kit which  is really cool so let me go through these didn’t   like that first one this is pretty cool so not all  these are going to be amazing but you’re going to   find something within here that you like which  is going to be enough of a base for you to work   on okay I like this this is pretty cool so if we  click on this and we scroll down it’ll dynamically   give us mock-ups of different products so we can  see how our brand would look we’ve got apps we’ve   got a a social media mock-up there as well if we  get rid of this and we click edit we can actually   edit this logo straight from the platform so  we can change the colors of the logo and we   can change any icon to background color the slogan  the layout so it really is like a almost a canvas   style editor straight native to the platform this  is enough to give you that bass to be able to   send over to your potential client and figure out  okay whether this is something that’s good enough   for them that they want to expand on or not okay  so let’s go behind the business idea with brand   Market to logo design product and we’re going  to become a logo or brand designer our clients   are any businesses right anybody needs a logo  every single business needs a logo okay and we’re   going to create brand packs and logos now day to  day first of all is going to be getting clients   and we’re going to find them in the same kind of  places as before Fiverr Facebook groups LinkedIn   in fact let me just show you on Fiverr how many  people are looking for logo design look at how   many reviews are on here 1K reviews 1K reviews  1K Plus reviews okay so thousands of people are   getting logo host design 21 pounds 50 pounds okay  you’ve got 21 pounds it’s been charged between 50   and 100 pounds for this service in my opinion so  the first thing you’re going to want to do when   you actually get a client know is host an initial  consultation call you want to figure out what   their keywords are what kind of colors they’re  going for what their brand message is uh so you   know what information to input on brandmark you  then can edit it on canva or photoshop as I said   and charge between 50 and 100 per pack okay if you  do five of these a day it’s like 250 pounds 250   to 500 if you charge 100 so you can make a lot of  money and ramp up if you’ve got a good process for   getting clients so let’s move on to the next this  is Murph dot AI it’s a cool one it is a text to   speech AI voice generator so we can input text and  it’s going to read out to us in a human voice so   if we go through to the studio we’re going to be  in the back end and we hit create new project it’s   going to give us a bunch of ideas of how we can do  this for people right now so Public Announcement   podcast e-learning module so we can help people  with their online courses presentations we’re   going to do a podcast okay okay and we can do  podcast now you can do audio or video I don’t   think the video capabilities of this are really  up there yet so if we hit audio and we hit create   project then all we need to do is just enter text  at the top here so if we click on someone first of   all we can actually look at all these different  voices so Alicia or listen I should say [Music] you’re pretty fluent right so let’s just  write something let’s say this is a podcast   it’s generate audio hey guys welcome to today’s  podcast we’re joined by Jordan plan who will be   teaching how to start an AI business that’s pretty  decent we can add pauses we can play around with   the pitch or speed of speaking here and we can  also import scripts and even add audio so we   can add audio it’s going to transcribe it all for  us and we can go around and play around with that   audio get rid of things add things in and so on  so we can literally manipulate the words that are   being said imagine if there’s an author they’ve  written a book they haven’t yet created an ebook   version you could take the entire book upload it  into here choose a voice and then you’ve got an   ebook read out these are kind of services that  cost thousands for people to do normally but you   can literally do this with AI now there’s another  tool which is very similar to this called descript   and to be honest I actually think it’s a little  bit Superior because with this tool it’s even   more sophisticated and you can add your own voice  to it which is mental this is actually a desktop   pad that takes this really small which is why I  didn’t show you this one first hopefully you can   see this you might need to go full screen but if  I hit new project right now I can create a whole   bunch of different projects I can create a video  I can do a recording so I’m gonna actually just do   recording tests and what I’m going to do is if I  record something right now okay so let’s play that   hey let me just test out this software I’m gonna  see if I can change my voice entirely and create   new sentences here let’s change the speaker to me  and let’s change this entirely so if I edit this and entirely new way of speaking okay let’s test  this out hey let me just test out this software   I’m gonna see if I can change my voice entirely  and create an entirely new way of speaking   pretty good right that’s pretty efficient so  then if we want to we could go ahead and we   could write entirely new sentences okay we can  write an entire script for an audio file or an   audio book or for a podcast and to read it all  out in our voice which is incredible and this is   going to get more and more realistic as the time  goes on it’s not going to be long until entire   podcasts and YouTube videos without face to cam  could be recorded straight from a script without   the need to record the audio yourself and I  believe there is a money making opportunity   right now with podcast editing or audio correction  in general for YouTubers podcast owners and also   authors anybody that hasn’t got an ebook it’s very  easy to create ebooks you could offer that as a   very simple service and advertise it online so you  can edit and create any audio and your day-to-day   will look like first of all getting clients but we  want to add YouTube and Spotify and the mix here   to look for podcasts we might need help you can  create custom voices for the client first of all   you’re going to want to do that on dscript and  then use either mirth or d-square play around   with either DC which you get along with the most  to edit the audio you can charge anything from   fifty dollars to five hundred dollars depending  on the complexity of this job so here we have   repurpose dot IO it’s no hidden secret that  content repurposing is incredibly popularized now   with Tick Tock and YouTube shorts this is a tool  that can do as much of it for you automated okay   so if I log in right now and show you the back end  the first thing we’re going to get asked to do is   create a workflow so we can create workflows  for it to pull content from one place and   post it to the next okay so I created a workflow  connecting this up from my YouTube channel through   to Facebook so it’ll take long form content from  YouTube like these videos here they’ll post them   on Facebook okay I haven’t actually given it  permission yet because I’ve got a whole a short   form video editing team I don’t need to use  this tool myself but this is great for people   that don’t have that infrastructure and can’t yet  afford that infrastructure so let me show you one   of these videos if I hit republish here it’s going  to show you a preview of the video it’s actually   created from that long form video it’s taken a  tie top the top here it’s created captions at   the bottom it’s got a play bar and also it’s got  a thumbnail there in the middle and what this will   do is it’ll actually give us a short form video  from this long form you can actually select them   you can see timestamps here we can set the start  set the end time so all you need to do manually   is go through and actually set the timestamps and  then it’ll automatically create those short form   videos and then go and post them out for you you  can manipulate how they look as well of course   they don’t just have to follow this template so  if we hit pre-defined templates we’ve got a whole   bunch of different templates horizontal Square  vertical if we click on one of these it’s got a   simple editor we can click on the headline and we  can go ahead and edit the font we can move it all   around okay we can add stuff okay to different  elements it’s actually using the same kind of   editor as canva okay so we can add our logo on if  we wanted to we can upload a logo put it at the   top or our clients logos of course and so we can  do this for our clients we can make an individual   template ensuring it is too brand for every single  person that we work with okay now another nice   feature if we go over to calendar we our clients  will be able to see where all of the posts are   scheduled can go ahead and they can review content  on here as well approve it or disapprove it if   they do not like it repurpose.io is caption short  it’s a repurposing agency that you’re going to   launch or just as a freelancer there’s a very in  demand service right now lots of people are doing   this but I still think there’s opportunity your  customers are predominantly YouTubers people who   are putting out long form content that want to be  sharing shorts want to be sharing things across   other social media platforms and your day-to-day  will look like getting clients so finding people   on YouTube then sending them an email or DM on  Instagram you’re going to create timestamps from   the content that they’re putting out and then  you’re going to edit any of those videos that   need editing using the native platform now in a  moment people are charging anything from 50 to 100   per video to do this so it can be very lucrative  you’re working with someone that uploads multiple   videos per day all right let’s go on to the final  tool that I want to show you today and you might   have already heard of this one you might have not  but there’s a great business opportunity behind   us right now considering elon’s been involved  in Twitter recently everyone has just kind of   gone back to the platform and is using it like  crazy and so right writing tweets is something   that people are trying to find the time to do a  tool like tweet Hunter can actually do that for   you it’s an AI based tweet writing tool okay okay  so this tool has a lot of functionality and I’m   going to show you really the main things that you  can use it for here we’ve got our kind of schedule   our tweet schedule but if we go to the left-hand  side and go on daily inspiration when we create an   account it’s going to ask us what kind of things  we like to tweet about on daily inspiration it’s   going to show us all the best performing Tweets in  your industry to give you inspiration to write for   yourself so content marketing agencies poor online  presence now entrepreneurship isn’t about just   about money making money it’s about being free and  living life on your own terms all right cool so   we hit this button here we can actually write our  own variation of this tweet we don’t just want to   copy people’s tweets word for word and we want to  rewrite them entrepreneurship is not about having   to work hard for your money it’s about choosing  to work on what you want and when you want it   okay that’s that’s quite cool so now all we need  to do is hit this button here hit schedule we can   schedule this post straight out to our Twitter so  go another day is where we need to spend loads of   time writing posts not all of these variations  are going to be great but nine times out of ten   or eight times out of ten it gets things right  we can go add that to our queue we can set our   own schedule want to schedule out three to five  tweets per day and if we want to we can just go   ahead we can actually use an AI tweet writer  as well so this will actually generate a whole   bunch of tweets for US based on our interests  as well and based on the things really tweeting   it’s going to be interesting to see what this  does because I’ve got a whole bunch of [ __ ]   on my Twitter forget crowd pillars be man’s man  life is consistent learning curve just take care   of your body self-development put in on a back  burn or don’t obsess over it interesting okay so   it’s got I mean it’s very Man heavy here isn’t  it but you’ve got a whole bunch of tweets are   just generated all these ideas forming I don’t  have to go ahead and I don’t have to think of   all these things go get inspiration I can take  these and I can go and edit this if I want to I   can ask it to rewrite it I can write things in it  myself it’s got a whole bunch of different ideas   which is incredible now something that’s really  important with Twitter at the moment as well   is threads and so writing threads is a really  effective way to get people retweeting you and   engaging with you on a longer form basis and so we  can generate thread ideas on here and that’s one   of the hardest things when we’re actually coming  up with Fred ideas now you can be doing this for   your own Twitter to be building your personal  brand but where I really think the money making   opportunity is if we go over to our page is if  you actually host a Twitter management company   okay if someone’s watching this right now and you  already own a Twitter management company by the   way and you’re you’re [ __ ] hot at this hit me up  because I’m actually looking for someone right now   I’ve got loads of people in the unboxed but I just  can’t be asked to field through them at the moment   so first come first serve basis if you’re good at  this then drop me a message and what you’re going   to be doing is you’re going to be reaching out  to people who have personal brands that aren’t   active on Twitter at the moment okay so look  at Twitter Youtube look at Instagram but then   look at their Twitter to see if they’re active  on the platform if they’re not they’re leaving   money on the table if they’ve got a business  just like I am and they need to start doing it   as soon as possible so what you can do then is  write and switch the schedule tweets on their   half so you’re going to spend your time getting  clients but then have an initial consultation   call with them figure out their Niche figure out  the things they do want to be tweeting about get   some ground rules okay you don’t just want to be  tweeting some random [ __ ] they can get access to   twist to tweet Hunter as well and micromanage in  the initial stages they can approve or disapprove   tweets that you’re putting out and you’re going  to spend one day per week writing tweets on their   behalf schedule three to five a day and you can  charge between one and 2K per month per client   to do this okay so it’s a great service it’s  in demand and if you’re going for people that   have already got businesses already making money  they’ll pay this all day long for a good efficient   service just don’t rely solely on the AI right and  this is really important don’t rely solely on the   AI with everything that you’re doing I truly  believe that right now ai is a tool for us to   minimize the amount of time we are spending doing  a specific task it is not the end-to-end solution   so so do not treat it like it yet I do believe  that we will over the next few months and years   get to that point about right now it’s a shortcut  on doing stuff that previously took us along

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