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10 Passive Income Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money Online in 2023


do you know how much money you spend in recurring subscriptions every month the average American spends two hundred dollars a month on autopilot but what if you had two hundred dollars coming into your bank account instead that is the magic of having a passive income side hustle and in this video I’m going to give you 10 ideas for side hustles you can have that can earn you an extra couple hundred or even thousands of dollars per month now most passive income isn’t completely passive you might have to do a little bit of work up front or even some maintenance over time to keep your online income streams healthy or growing but the big difference between passive income and a regular salary is that with a traditional job you’re typically exchanging your time for money whereas automated income streams can bring in Revenue 24 7 while you’re sleeping and if you have 100 different debits in your bank account every month or a hundred different types of charges on your credit card doesn’t it make sense to have more than one income stream to offset them yes and while none of the things in this video will help you get rich quick overnight because that’s not even a thing they will definitely help you increase your net worth over the course of years and a lifetime I made absolutely zero dollars for the first couple years that I had this YouTube channel but eventually I made hundreds and then thousands of dollars per month so if you keep going your hard work will pay off I don’t even really like the term side hustle because I think it downplays the importance of what a side hustle represents a lot of you are looking for a side hustle because you don’t love your full-time job in many cases we use our side hustle as an excuse and an outlet to do what we actually want to do maybe to Tinker around with a business idea or a hobby that you would do for free without even getting paid but more often than not this can be a clue to where your true passions lie and what you could really be doing in life and it’s not far-fetched for your side hustle to actually become your full-time job and replace your current monthly income so don’t downplay the importance of a side hustle to your bank account but also to your personal career fulfillment and so with that in mind let’s jump in the first side hustle on my list is actually truly passive income and that is investing now I’m not talking about day trading or trying to beat the market but investing in dividend stocks or index funds or ETFs or some other form of investment that that will pay you a monthly quarterly or annual return now of course you can always decide to reinvest those dividends to grow your principal or you can take them out in monthly income but this is a good way to start with a nest egg that you already have and just set it and forget it automate your monthly Investments and then reap the rewards letting your money grow and work for you rather than just languishing in a bank account and losing money due to inflation now depending on what you invest in your returns can vary from one percent to ten percent or even more one of the most popular passive income Investments that can pay you monthly or annually is a Reit or a real estate investment trust and these are really popular because REITs have to pay ninety percent of their returns back to to shareholders and of course your investment return is not guaranteed some Investments can lose money but over the long term more often than not investing in the stock market investing in index funds are going to earn you a return there are plenty of micro investing sites out there like acorns where you can start with a few cents or a few dollars and that really adds up over time sites like Weeble and MooMoo will also let you open an account with no minimum to get started there are also a lot of other creative ways that you can invest your money now there are sites like micro Ventures where you can get started as a mini venture capitalist and invest in businesses there’s sites like Masterworks where you can invest in Fine Art instead of buying an entire piece yourself you can just buy a portion of it there’s also sites like acre Trader where you can invest in farmland or Timberland and get potentially double-digit returns and there are also crypto exchanges like crypto.com that pay up to 14.5 percent in interest or staking or rewards depending on the types of coins that you hold now of course before making any kind of investment decision do your research consult a financial advisor and remember that Investments can lose money as well as make money but it’s truly one of the purest forms of passive income that is accessible to everyone another thing that anyone can do is renting out your assets such as your car your house or even your backyard for example most hosts on the car rental site turo.com make between 500 and a thousand dollars in passive income every month and on Airbnb hosts make up to a thousand dollars per month on average and you don’t have to own your house to be able to make money this way I know a lot of people who engage in what’s called Airbnb Arbitrage where you go out identify properties that have good potential as short-term rentals negotiate a long-term rate with the owner of course get permission from the owner to be able to sublet and rent them back out and then all you do is Spruce them up a little bit take some photos create a good listing on the vacation rental sites like Airbnb or verbo or FlipKey and then voila start renting them out and if you have a property that you’re paying a thousand dollars per month to rent on a long-term basis but you can rent it out short term to people for a couple hundred dollars per night that can really add up and you only need a few bookings every month to be able to cover your mortgage or your monthly rent with this strategy you want to start small so that you don’t get over stretched with your finances or overwhelmed so start with just one property get it down pat and then add more from there and if you don’t have a house or any money to go out and rent anything don’t let that stop you you can rent out a room in your house or even your couch and build up from there and if you want to be completely passive you can even hire a property manager for you who manages the listing who responds to reservation requests and who schedules the regular cleanings and then just pay them a commission so that is a fully hands-off Civ approach so on this stuff rentals website friendwitha.com you can rent out your bike your stand-up paddle board your camera gear your old tools and much more for example if you rent your guitar out for one week per month that’s two hundred dollars right there if you’re more of a clothing person you can rent out your designer dresses shoes and purses on style end.com and as I mentioned you can rent out your backyard driveway or storage unit on classified sites or sites like neighbor.com or rent the backyard.com this is a good way if you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your stuff on eBay to just rent it out and worst case scenario you keep your stuff but having those listings up on these websites isn’t going to cost you anything and those rentals can add up throughout the year if you don’t have much stuff or if you prefer to sell your intellectual property or information a great side hustle is selling online courses so if you have one online course with a Val value of two hundred dollars you only need to sell one course per month to be able to make that income if you price it lower let’s say 20 bucks you only need 10 sales per month to make 200 in passive income but you don’t need some kind of huge audience or even a website to be able to make good money selling online courses you can put your course on a platform like udemy or skillshare that will pay you depending on how many minutes of your course that their customers watch per month so skillshare has millions of people on their website that are looking for new things to learn and maybe they want to learn something from you and skillshare says that their average teacher made one thousand dollars in the past month even though they didn’t upload anything new so that’s purely passive income that they’re making on work that they did in the past and content that they already uploaded another way to make passive income is with writing and I’ll give you a few different examples of how this can work one of the newer ways to make passive income this way is through the medium partner program and medium is a website where people can write about any topics that you want and they get up to a hundred million unique visitors per month so this is a really good opportunity compared to starting a blog and then publishing on it for 10 years before you get any traffic with medium once you have 100 followers on the site you can join the partner program and make money based on how many people read your articles or essays and how long the reading time is and a few other factors so people can make really good money this way and it is passive income because once you write that article it stays on the site and you can can keep getting paid as long as people are still reading it when I first joined medium the partner program didn’t exist so I was just writing on there for fun but once they turned it on I started making hundreds and then thousands of dollars per month and even though I haven’t published on medium in the last two years I’m still getting monthly deposits into my checking account so if you like writing I highly encourage you to check it out the top writers on there can make up to thirty thousand dollars per month but sixty percent of writers make at least some money each month on medium so you have pretty good odds of making a side hustle income there you can also earn passive income from writing by self-publishing your books on something like Amazon Kindle Direct publishing or on your own website how much you can make from this varies but Amazon KDP pays between 35 and 70 percent royalties on your books depending on how they’re priced and so if you publish a library of books on there you can potentially make some serious side hustle income this way I also know this software developer who’s not even a writer who wrote his own ebook and put it on his website and has made 355 thousand dollars to date with it just yesterday he made almost three hundred dollars in ebook sales so you can sell your books through social media you can publish them through Amazon KDP but I think this is a really good opportunity because before the internet and before technology people would spend years shopping their books around to Publishers only to get rejected and these days there’s nothing holding you back even if you think that you’re not good at writing you can create a draft of your book or create an outline and then hire a ghost writer and an editor on a freelancing site like Fiverr or upwork to help you finish the book and you can also hire ebook designers who can do the layout for you and do all of the work and once your book is done it takes less than five minutes to publish it on Amazon and have it distributed around the world so this is really cool if you’re a freelancer online business owner or plan on working for yourself someday then you may want to consider opening an LLC an LLC or a limited liability company can help you protect your assets open a bank account easier and even let you qualify for tax benefits When I first started my company back in 2011 I had no idea what an LLC was or why I might need one but today and just three easy steps you can open an LLC online with Taylor Brands regardless of your location simply choose your state get started and you can be up and running in no time every LLC package with Taylor Brands includes a name search filing taking care of your annual compliance needs and priority support every step of the way use the link below to get your LLC with Taylor Brands and for a limited time you can save 20 on various products and services such as your domain logo trademark website builder social media templates and more using the code travel with K20 and thanks to Taylor brands for sponsoring today’s video one of my favorite ways to make passive income is with YouTube because anyone can create a channel and there’s no limit on how many channels you can build and monetize over time now I know a lot of you are thinking I don’t know anything about making videos and I don’t want to be on camera or I’m not good at talking on camera and that was me once too but you don’t have to be on YouTube or even know about making videos to be able able to start and monetize YouTube channels there are plenty of super successful faceless channels that make a killing this channel Brightside has 4.4 million subscribers and makes about two hundred thousand dollars per month and while that is one of the examples on the top end once you have a thousand subscribers and 4 000 hours of watch time you can turn on monetization and join the YouTube Partner program and then you can take a split from the ad revenue on every video now of course you want to learn the basics of YouTube if this is what you want to do to make a side income but if you don’t want to be very involved in the process you can actually hire people to do all of the work for you you can hire people to write scripts you can hire video editors thumbnail designers and even a virtual assistant to upload the videos for you you don’t even have to film anything to have a YouTube channel with stock photo and video websites you can just download these photos and video clips off the internet and compile your videos that way there’s even artificial intelligence that can read and record your video scripts for you so you can just come up with the ideas or outlines and then delegate the rest of the process this is a way that you can realistically make a couple hundred or a couple thousand extra dollars per month as long as you just keep going it might take you a few months or even a couple years to get your first 1000 subscribers and you do have to invest in your channel and do the work during that time but once you get monetized that income can be pretty consistent so even though I didn’t even publish videos for six months last year when I was writing my first book digital Nomads for dummies I was still making about twenty five hundred dollars per month month in purely passive income from old videos so this is a really good option but you’ve just got to be passionate about making the videos If creating content is your thing or if you work for yourself or work one-on-one with clients another really good opportunity to make a side hustle income is through a community or membership structure so the more you put yourself out there eventually you’re going to attract a tribe of like-minded people around you comment below if you’re part of the traveling with Kristin tribe but I have seen countless people make money this way whether they are putting premium content behind a paywall or they have a monthly subscription membership that their clients or their Community can opt into one of the more popular ways for Content creators to create extra income this way is through having a patreon page where you can create art or content or anything that you’re doing you can have people support you with a monthly fee and even though you are delivering value back to them in some way your cost of creating that value is the same whether you have one Patron or one thousand now on the high end so you can see what the potential is here one of the biggest patreon pages in the world is this true crime page where they have 47 000 patrons so if you do the math there at about seven dollars per person per month that’s like over three hundred thousand dollars per month in passive income but on the other end here you have this normal guy in Australia who is a cartoonist and he’s making Seventeen hundred dollars a month from patreon just from creating his art I have a patreon page myself where I charge five dollars per month to be able to to hang out in monthly Zoom calls and to preview my YouTube videos in advance and I make a few hundred dollars per month this way as well if you are a coach or a consultant this is a really easy thing that you can add on to your services so outside of doing consulting calls and exchanging your time for money you can also offer a membership or Community where your clients have access to extra information maybe it’s PDF downloads or maybe you’re a private chef and you have a community where you upload one new recipe per month you can do this if you’re a writer you can create a premium newsletter that you can host on a site like sub stack or if you’re a podcaster you can put certain episodes behind a paywall or if you went the YouTube route once you have a thousand subscribers you can turn on channel memberships and make some extra money that way with little bit of creativity you can monetize a skill or hobby or passion that you’re probably already doing anyway so give it a try another way to earn extra income each month that anyone can do is with affiliate marketing or refer-a-friend programs and you don’t need to be some kind of Internet whiz or have a big audience online to get started with this I actually used to make hundreds to thousands of dollars of affiliate income per month before I ever started my YouTube channel just working with companies that were adjacent to the services that I was providing so I started noticing a recurring theme with my clients who needed certain Services I was recommending companies and then I noticed that they had affiliate or referral programs so I would just sign up with an account there and then make a small commission and I was referring them business anyway so with this method good you can earn either a one-time flat fee or a recurring fee or percentage of a service that you refer to a company so let’s say that you have zero audience or content online you can literally just Google if the products services and companies that you use and like offer some sort of affiliate program or refer a friend program and then just spread the word about those products and services for instance Tesla has an offer where they can pay you between 300 and 500 per referral for people who want solar panels on their health and they don’t even allow affiliate marketers to spam or distribute these links it’s really just people that you know in your personal Network or you can share your link on social media Airbnb is another one that has this where you can earn thirty dollars if you refer a new Airbnb guest or or three hundred dollars if you refer somebody who becomes a host but even companies like Google like if you use Gmail or Google drive with Google workspace you can earn up to twenty three dollars per person that you refer to that service so if you refer a friend who’s a small business owner and they sign up 10 of their employees that’s two hundred and thirty dollars in referral commission so with this strategy you can go from one company to another and sign up individually with those programs or you can also go to an affiliate Network like Rakuten where you sign up for One Marketplace and then you can apply to different affiliate programs from within that portal and with this strategy I really think that less is more I think it’s a benefit to start small because if you sign up for a hundred affiliate programs but then you’re not promoting any of them then you’re gonna make 10 10 percent or twenty percent of zero but if you start with just one or two or a handful of products and services that you really like you can make a decent side income this way like I started out with just one company which was an online bank and now I work with like maybe five or six different companies on a regular basis now this strategy actually requires some work up front especially if you’re going for the volume based strategy so not necessarily refer a friend programs but you want to create content on the internet and attract strangers who can click on your affiliate Link in large numbers so that is going to take some time some strategy some work to be able to create content that is valuable that is ranking on Google or where you’re getting people you know reading your articles or watching your videos and clicking on those links while you sleep but the sooner that you start and the more consistent you are over time those revenue streams can grow from like one cent per month to 100 to 1 000 and more and like I said some of these companies will just pay you a one-time fee While others offer lifetime Revenue so let’s say you have an online business or a website and you use Shopify and dream host for your business you can potentially earn up to 50 percent recurring Revenue share to recommend dreamhost services to your friends or to people on the internet through content but this works in any Niche and that’s why I really like it as an option so let’s say that you’re super passionate about cars and trucks like you can create a website or a YouTube channel that is all about cars and get a piece of the 500 billion dollar car accessories market so maybe you can become an affiliate of AutoZone or AAA insurance or something like that and again you start small but everyone starts from zero and then you build it from there my recommendation is just to get involved with a topic or an industry that you really like and you want to know about especially if you’re going to be creating content about it and that way you can kind of benefit from these economies of scale versus like representing a bunch of random products like promoting coffee makers with web hosting with Auto Parts another thing that you can do that can kind of be a combination of some of the other ideas that I’ve mentioned is to sell some type of digital product online and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you wrote like an ebook or an online course it can be something very specific and very Niche down like you can specialize in creating sales page templates for small businesses and entrepreneurs newers or you can specialize in creating WordPress themes or even avatars for people to use online and this is another one that you start small so let’s say you’re a photographer who wants to sell digital photos online you can upload your photos or your video clips to stock sites and start earning a few cents or a few dollars per clip over time on the flip side of selling digital products online is selling physical products online so one of the more popular ways to do this is getting into Amazon FBA which has the downside of being really competitive but with something like Amazon FBA you can invest a few months or even a year in learning about this strategy and getting your store off the ground and this way you can Source Products typically from China maybe a website like Alibaba and then you can brand and white label your products for sale through your own Shopify store or through Amazon and so these products can be shipped directly from a factory to a warehouse and shipped out to your end consumer without you ever touching the product this is one that definitely takes some effort and research at the beginning but there are tons of free resources and really low priced online courses that can teach you how to do this and I have friends that make a full-time income from just selling stand-up paddle boards or Furniture through some sort of online store the 10th idea for a passive income side hustle is to design an app or website that people can purchase once or purchase a membership to so although it could cost ten thousand dollars or more to have an app specifically designed if you’re not a developer and you Don don’t know how to do it there’s also now companies like passion where you can have a drag and drop app builder so you can create your own app in a matter of a few hours and this is perfect for you if you’re a health coach or a personal trainer and you just want to have your own app so you’re not always exchanging your time for money but people can get access to recipes or workouts or motivational quotes or whatever it is that you’re selling through that app and that is a good source of recurring Revenue if you have it on a monthly basis or at one time Revenue if you’re just charging for one-time access to the app so which of these side hustle ideas most resonated with you and if you want to know how I make money online check out this video that breaks down my 10 online income streams and don’t forget to check out Taylor Brands Linked In this video’s description

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