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How To Start Shopify Dropshipping in 2023 (BEGINNER GUIDE)


so if you’re watching this video you’re probably just like me back when I started in 2017. I knew what Drop Shipping was I saw these people online talk about making tons of money every month but I had no idea how to actually start thankfully back then I had a guide that I could watch and follow along with that seriously made things 10 times easier to get started but unfortunately what worked in 2017 no longer works today and that guide is a little bit outdated so in this video I’m going to walk you through the entire process of getting your online business started from start to finish this is going to be a full series this first video that you’re watching now will be a complete setup guide so by the end of this video you’ll have a Shopify store that is up running and ready to make sales the second video will be a guide on filming viral organic content and the third video will be setting up in scaling Tick Tock ads and the best part about all of this is I’m going to be doing it right along with you so get comfortable make sure you’re subscribed and follow along because we have a lot to cover with that being said let’s get into it alright step number one we are going to start by making a Shopify account now the Shopify plan is not free it’s going to cost you about 30 a month but if you want to save some money you can sign up using my link in the description below that will give you a free trial and then it’s only a dollar a month for 3 three months which is plenty of time so if you want to save some money be sure to use that link in the description now this Shopify store is your central Hub this is the Cornerstone of your entire business and where everything is held together I’m going to enter my email right here to officially start now it’s going to ask you a bunch of questions that you don’t really need to answer just set up questions you can fill them out if you’d like or you can just get them like I do and Skip Skip and then for your store name this is something you can also skip you can always change this later so don’t worry about that the one thing we do need to select is our country I’m in the United States so I’m going to click that and then it’s going to ask us to create a Shopify ID so I’m just going to sign in using Google All right now it says being built and what it’s doing is just building the structure of your store building out a template now you officially have a Shopify store the hardest part of starting and we just checked that off our list so congratulations let’s quickly go through the tabs just so you know what is what you’ll see a dashboard right here and probably a bunch of pop-ups tips and checklists this is where you see your live sales analytics once all this is checked off daily sales live visitors all that kind of stuff this is where it shows it next we have the orders tab this one’s pretty self-explanatory all of your order data will show up here such as your customers products after that is the products tab once again pretty self-explanatory any product you list on your website will be right here and this is where you can edit the titles the pricing the descriptions all that kind of stuff anything happening to do with your product you can edit it right here then we have the customers tab where you can view all of your customer data the analytics tab is where you can view all your stores performance metrics in detail such as your Revenue conversion rate daily visitors where your visitors came from products you sold all that kind of stuff it’s all in analytics marketing keeps track of all your sales channels that you’re marketing with the discounts tab is where we can create custom offers and discounts for our customers and down here we have online store this is probably the most important part and here is where you customize your website design create legal Pages blog posts menus your main menu and your footer menu below that your store preferences now that we covered that before we actually start customizing our store the first thing I always like to do is add a product it makes customizing your store so much easier once you already have a product on your website so let’s go over to the app section click on apps and I’m going to download this one app right here called de-essers this allows us to connect directly with AliExpress now I really don’t recommend you use AliExpress for long only to test products your goal is to get off AliExpress as soon as possible and then when you find something that works switch over to getting your product sourced by a sourcing agent I have a sourcing agency that I’ve been running with my business partner for about four years now we’ve shipped out millions of dollars worth of products and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry we can get you much faster 7 to 14 day shipping worldwide lower prices on your products quality control and even custom packaging to really brand your store our only sourcing requirement is 10 orders per day there are no hidden fees no monthly fees the quote we give you for your product is the price you pay so if you meet that requirement head to our website dropshippation.com and fill out our free quote request and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours for a price on your product but for now dsers is a great alternative I click on install app next we’re going to create an account and click the basic free plan now we’re going to go ahead and Link our AliExpress account to de-essers ideally you would have already had an AliExpress account if you don’t really simple just click register right here and then sign in and get access I already have an account so I’m gonna click on get access now all right so once we log into the dsrs app you can see there’s a whole bunch of different product recommendations it’s great for ideas but I already know what product I want to add so I’m going to go over here to the import list tab click on import from search this is the product I chose for this video it’s a electric cupping heat massager solves the problem margins are great and I don’t see too many people advertising this product right now so I’m going to copy this URL right here go back to the de-essers tab and paste the URL right here click search and here is the product so before we import this product to our store I’m going to go down to here and click on edit product and I’m not going to change the title or anything like that yet so this product has three different colors and two different speeds there’s a six level speed and a 12 level speed so I actually have this product and I have this six level version I don’t have the 12 level version but the sixth level is plenty so I’m actually not going to sell the 12 level version it’s an extra couple dollars and I can always add it later but right now I don’t want to add too many different variants I want to keep it simple with three different variants so I’m going to remove these 12 level variants right here action remove and click yes one thing I like to do when I’m adding a new product to the store is check out the competitors who are currently selling that product already so I have this page this page this page and lastly this page they’re all selling it for around 50 or so and they’re all called smart copper or Thera cupper so that’s definitely what people are looking up when they’re Googling this product I asked my brother what he would call this product without actually knowing the brands or all the other brands who are selling this and he said their cover or their cup we’re going to call this theracup 2.0 all these people are calling it smart couple or their cupper this is going to be 2.0 so people are going to think that this is the better version of that when I go back to de-essers I’m going to change the title to Thera cup 2.0 variance we have our three variants we have red almost forgot to change that red blue and black we’re getting it for 16 shipping is almost three dollars so we’re gonna sell it for 49.95 I’m gonna copy and paste that down here now the compare price value is what you’re comparing it to so if it’s a hundred dollars slashed off fifty dollars get it fifty percent off we’re gonna do 99.99 and I’m gonna copy paste that right here and then for the description we have a massive description um I delete the whole description I don’t include anything including the images we can find images easily so I’m just going to start by deleting all this we have a fresh template there we go now the images tab is the next tab we want to uncheck all the really nasty images from AliExpress like this one I think it’s in Russian uncheck that uncheck that people do not want to see these images and we do not want them on our website um this one’s okay this one’s all right this one’s good so we have our images selected right here and I’m going to click save now to add this to our store all we have to do is select the product right here and click push to Shopify we do want to continue selling one out of stock we also want to publish the online store but we do not want to select the first one which is the manually editing prices stuff that’s what we did so we’re gonna we’re not going to check that off we’re going to push the Shopify right here in a couple seconds we should have a first product on our store so I’m gonna go to our store and click on products and there it is right there third cup 2.0 now if we want to edit this product anymore all we have to do is just click on the product Tab and we can edit everything in there all right we are ready to start building and designing our storefront first things first I’m going to go to the themes tab as you can see we’re currently using a free theme the dawn theme I don’t really use that for any of my stores so we’re going to go down here to popular free themes and we’re going to find sense this is the exact theme I use for the video bringing these glasses to five thousand dollars in sales in the first week by the way I really appreciate all the Love on that video so thank you very much add right here we have our theme sense installing and then once it’s done installing what we’re going to do is click the publish button to make it our main theme we’re going to click publish right here and then publish again now it is our main store theme so we can begin customizing it by clicking customize right here and I start by going to the product page click default product and start editing the website from there so I always change the color scheme first so we go to theme settings right here colors and then we have all of our colors right now primary colors I’m going to make anything that’s like a camel or like a gray color I’m going to make that solid white so solid button label is going to be white this background is a weird gray color or camo color too so I’m going to make that white as well so let’s click this make it white click the other side make it white and now we’ll see the background will update to a solid white color there we go same for this background I want to make it solid white make sure you know what you’re changing because sometimes you can kind of get confused change a color that you’re not supposed to change and then it messes up your entire color scheme so just make sure you know what color you’re changing that’s really important now we have to decide what color we want to have our website we have three colors for this product so we have three colors to choose from red blue or black I don’t really like doing red add to cart buttons black works but blue has been proven to be a more trustworthy color so out of black and blue I’m going to choose blue all right accent one right here we’re going to make this blue and that should change our add to cart button there we go all right so this is our blue color we’re going to take that one little sail button right here it’s a dark purple so I’m going to click on blue and make that blue as well and then this background gradient right here we can also change so I’ll start by making this weird green color blue I’ll make this a blue then I’ll make that white see what that looks like we need to make this a little bit more spread out we’ll do like a lighter blue spread it there we go that looks much better it also changed our announcement bar color right there it looks great background two color I’m going to change that to blue and then let’s go home real quick see if there’s anything else that we need to change this accent gradient I’m going to make this also blue then a lighter blue the text color always do that solid black same for the outline button solid black and then we’re going to click save always make sure you’re saving as you’re going along so you don’t lose any of your work all right and we are pretty much set up with the colors we’re good to go for that let’s go to the product page and now we can start editing our product page I always like to start by just removing this one add to cart button the dynamic checkout button I don’t do that and then for the share button I also remove that so to remove that we can just go over here on this side or you can just click share and then click the little eyeball to remove it doesn’t delete it it just makes it not visible now for here we have ingredients how to use shipping turn policy all these different drop down menus we don’t need ingredients so we can remove that how to use we can open this and then we’ll change the chat bubble to a lightning bolt now let’s check out what our competitors have on their website for how to use or if they even have one nice little how to use section right there I’ll save that now for the shipping policy let’s go to the next one one to two days after purchase all right now for return policy I can do enjoy I truly believe you will enjoy this product all right return policy is set right here and then below that when we add our legal Pages we can always link a return policy right below that just add some more information I’m gonna click save right here just make sure I’m saved all right now that this is looking good what we’re going to do is remove all this information below so what I do is I’m going to go here and remove that remove this these columns image with text the video product recommendations email sign up all of that so we’re just left with the product in the footer menu I’m going to click save right here and then let’s go edit our home page really quick before we finish our product description the only thing we’re actually going to keep right here is this one image with text everything below that we’re going to get rid of all this blank stuff we’re going to keep this and then our product right below that so I’m going to start by removing email sign up collection list multi-column the collage this Rich text and this featured collection so now we just have the image with text and this one image right here now let’s add an image first all right so we can go here click on image with text and then click on change and then select image and then we can go over here to free images and select an image that Shopify has out of their huge library of images that we can use so let’s go and since this is therapy let’s just type in therapy all right I found an image on the free images Shopify offers it’s just some guy working out it’s good for now I can always change that later I’m going to press select and then I’m going to change this text right here so I could do intimate recovery and heading size is going to be small all right so I wrote their cup 2.0 will relax you’re tired and sore muscles release fascia accelerate your blood circulation and speed up the recovery process right here and that’s all we really need up top so we are good with our main header and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go down here to add section and click on product if I can find that featured product right here and then over here on the right side I’m going to select my product click there cup 2.0 and we’ve added our product to the home page and then I’m going to click save that’s it for the homepage that’s literally all you have to do so let’s quickly change the announcement bar to something since we’re already here let’s do uh 50 off today only click save and we’ve got that done when you’re editing your product page you always want to make sure you’re on mobile so I’m gonna go up here to the top right and click on mobile and this is what our website looks like as if you’re viewing it on your phone so to start building the product description I removed all the text and stuff below the actual product right here I’m going to remove this all you have to do is just click the little I button right there and then as I mentioned earlier we always want to look at other competitors selling the product and see what they have in the descriptions that’s where we’re going to find some great ideas and it’s going to make our lives a lot easier setting up the product description I’m going to save this one image right here save I’m actually going to save a bunch of other images too we’ll save this image and we’ll save this image right here and then we’re definitely going to use some of these images for the product page like this there’s a we’re going to save that I’m Gonna Save that all these images are great already saved that all right so we’re gonna go back to our store I’m going to add section it’s going to be image with text boom here we have our image with text I don’t include the button so I just remove that immediately and then the image with text we could do how it works I’ll just copy that paste right here and then this text right below do the same exact thing and then I’m going to change it up a little bit so it’s Unique all right so we have the how it works is set up I bolded some of the words you can see it stands out promotes blood flow enhances circulation decompresses muscles and connective tissue all that great stuff is set up now we just need to add an image so I’ll go here select image and then I’m going to upload all these images that I just selected right here and then we’ll select this one that looks great all right and then we’re going to add another image with text below that so image with text just going to write something like perfect home recovery the theracup 2.0 oops I forgot the two point O Part their cup 2.0 combines Dynamic suction and red light therapy all in one device and then add an image right here we will select this image see what that looks like all right that looks good select that save oh I must have must have forgot to select the image we go select save I like this part right here I’m going to save this image and copy that go over to image with text add a new image with text below or I’ll just turn this on there we go select the image paste that suitable for your entire entire body and then we’ll see what they have for the text Chunk I’m going to take this to paste it fold that just the important parts get rid of that stinky button and then we’ll see what it looks like on desktop starting to look good starting to come together click save and that’s pretty much our product description it’s set up right now we can always add more to it later we can take away from it kind of different images but this is a great start now all we need to do is add some social proof which is some reviews you definitely want to have some reviews below the product and not just the photo menu social proof is really really important that in make or break a sale if they see other people using the product then that’s really all the social proof that they need so we’re going to go over here to exit we’re going to go down to apps and we’re going to type we’re going to click recommended apps right here Shopify app store and then we’re going to type in alley reviews right here the second one we’re going to add the app to our store install app so this is pretty important we want to change our rating color we don’t want black we want to use the color that we have for our website so let’s go to online store customize colors over here take this blue copy that and then go over here and paste there we go and then I like to do the grid layout so we’ll select that and if we want to change our rating color later we can definitely do that let’s click next all right we’re going to import reviews that’s our product right there we have zero views I’m going to click on import reviews it’s going to ask us to add the LA reviews to our extensions don’t want to watch the webinar thank you though I appreciate that all right now we’re just going to paste the URL of the product right here so I’m going to copy that once again we’ve got a lot of reviews 457 reviews so that’s plenty go over here and paste I’m going to click on customize settings for this product we’re going to do five star and up reviews with content and import reviews okay we have successfully imported our reviews now let’s manage them much better five star reviews gonna delete this bad one because we definitely don’t need that bad review all right we have seven reviews which is good to go now if I go refresh this page we will see a review Stars right here and our reviews down below so one thing we can do let’s click on star rating now I’m going to change the color for this once again I’m going to make this my blue color so we’re going to go to themes copy this one accent color go over here paste it and then we’re going to do average rating score instead of review quantity and then we’re going to hide star ratings for no review products on the product page and click save now what this will do is it’ll update our product page so we can see right here we have seven reviews and they’re black if I refresh that once I refresh you can see right here it’s blue and they say five stars so that’s great if you don’t have a lot of reviews it just shows five stars this is a five star reviewed product maybe add one review yourself down here and make it four stars we’ll just do that four star thanks great product it’s gonna be Jenny and some random email submit review now let’s go over to all right we can go back manage reviews and then we will have one pending review right here and I’ll just go ahead and publish that there we go so now our product page shows 4.9 a little bit more natural all right so that is all set up we have finished setting up our product page the description is good to go we have reviews fantastic all right so let’s get a quick look at our website right now any final changes we need to make before we start editing the settings I’m going to go over here to mobile this is what the Mobile store looks like the ultimate recovery process I’m going to remove this shop now button we don’t want that there we go I’m going to bold some of these fold that and that is good let’s scroll down we have a product right here and remove this share button and then on the buy buttons we’re going to make sure it unselects show Dynamic checkout we don’t want this we only want our add to card button right here and then let’s click save and the very last thing we need to do really quickly is go down to the footer menu which is all the way down here scroll down and then change this really quickly so we’re going to remove the our store we’re going to remove the image and we’re going to keep our promise so I promise we’ll just say we strive to there we go click save now all we need to do is one add a logo and two finish setting up our settings and our store is done we are almost there guys let’s exit out of the customization part we go try therecup.com it’s available let’s make it ours and let’s connect it to the website then once we buy it on GoDaddy all we’ll need to do to connect the domain to our website is go to settings click on domains right here connect existing domain try theracup.com click next and then connect to your GoDaddy account and then you’re all set it is connected to your website so now that we have our domain the next thing we need to do is make our logo you can make your logo in canva canva.com is a free editing software um you don’t have to download anything I personally use Photoshop but I know that a lot of you watching probably don’t have Photoshop so to make it easier we’re going to just use canva and we’re going to create a design and it’s going to be a logo foreign and we will type in Thera cup let’s find a there’s a bunch of different designs you can choose from if you want to find some templates for your logos I don’t I just like to keep it simple so we’ll do we’re going to change the font to League Spartan we’ll do theater cup 2.0 for our logo and then to add a little element we will do this add this right here make it smaller a little bit smaller bigger boom and our logo is complete literally that simple doesn’t need to be that intricate now what we do need to do though is change the dimensions of this one image because if we export a square image our main menu is going to be massive okay yeah so since we have to pay to resize this is what we’re going to do we’re going to skip past that and I’m just going to screenshot this we want our logo size to be as small as possible and you’ll see why in a second so I’m going to screenshot that I’m going to go back to theme I’m going to customize my online store header section is where we change our logo I’m going to change click on select image and upload the image we’re uploading the screenshot there we go now it’s really small so what we’re going to do is we’re going to select it and then we’re going to increase the logo width all the way to the max so if we actually exported this as a square I’ll just show you real quick this is what it looked like if we just exported from canva and what I see a lot of stores doing right now upload this image and you’ll see once the image uploads how massive that main menu is we don’t want that we want something Slim So it looks a lot better obviously click select save all right and the very last thing we need to change before we can leave our theme editor is our checkout page a lot of people just completely forget this and a lot of YouTubers completely forget to add this in their videos and if you don’t add this you can lose a lot of sales so it is really important we’re going to go over here to checkout and then we’re going to scroll down here and click on checkout and then our logo we’re going to change our logo because right now it just says my store so if you go to checkout and it’s all branded saying you know their cup 2.0 and then you go to the checkout page and it just says my store you might lose some customers you will lose some customers so we’re going to change this and add our logo right here and you’ll see it makes it look a lot better also the color scheme for checkout Pages nobody really edits that so that’s something you definitely do need to change as well we’re going to make this centered in the middle and we’re going to make our logo size large there we go that looks much better I’m going to click save and then we’re going to scroll down here and then make sure our colors are also aligned with the colors for our website so I have blue right here which is great I don’t need to change anything if you have like a purple continue the shipping button and it doesn’t match any of the colors on your website you definitely do want to change that so now that we change that we don’t need to add anything else I can click exit the theme editor so now that we have our domain and our logo we know what our website’s called we’re going to go over here to settings click on store details click edit and we’re going to change this to Thera cup 2.0 they’re a cup 2.0 and then click save and also really quickly make sure you’re on US dollars if you’re selling outside the US if you’re in Canada or anything like that you want to switch your store currency to US dollars if you plan on selling in the United States don’t do Euros don’t do Canadian dollars you want to do United States dollars so I’m going to go over here to policies now we need to make our legal pages so click on policies right here in settings we have a refund policy a privacy policy and our terms of service we’re going to click create from template create from template create from template and now because we changed our store preferences you can see that it puts in their cup 2.0 instead of my store and our website now shows their cup 2.0 if now that we’ve created all of these policy templates what we need to do is go into these actual policy templates and edit them so you can see right here it gives you some personal information you have your email address there will be an actual physical address and then all of these right here where it says insert return address or all of these add any other vendors these sections need to be updated or else people are going to go to your privacy policy refund policy all your legal pages and they’re going to see all these templates and think that you’re a scam make sure you go through all these different sections remove any personal information and make it look good once you’re done with that you can just click save and then the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to select all of this for the refund policy click copy go to our other tab Pages tab right here click add page we’re going to paste all that right there and then we’re going to title it refund refund policy click save we’re gonna go back we’re going to add another page and we’re going to do the same thing with our privacy policy and our terms of service so I’m going to do that really quickly all right so we have our terms of service privacy policy refund policy contact page and now all we need to do is add one more page and make a track your order page people love this adds a lot of credibility to your website and I will add a link in the description so you can copy and paste this one chunk of text so we’re gonna go over here and click on show HTML we’re gonna paste and then I’m gonna scroll up to the top and the one thing you need to change right here where it says your store info change that to your store contact email so since I’m doing buried business2023 gmail.com for this I’ll do Baird business 2023 at gmail .com and click save so if we want to preview this this is what your tracking page looks like boom so now anybody goes to your tracking page this is what they see they can put in their tracking number and it looks great so now that we have all of our Pages created what we need to do now is go over to navigation and add those pages to our menus so we have our main menu right here in our footer menu our main menu is right here and our footer menu is down below right here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to start with our main menu I’m going to remove catalog and add products there a cup click add move that right here to the second one and then add the track order page so page right here track your order click add and then click save and then now if I go over here you can see that we have refreshed and now our main menu looks a lot better we’ve got our home page their cup page contact page and track your order page now all we need to do is just change our photo menu down here at our legal pages so I’ll click footer menu add menu item page privacy policy add and I’ll do this with all the other policies refund policy in terms of service and then I’ll just add the contact page as well down there click save move the search option and then click save now if you refresh you can see all of our legal Pages down below looks great and then the very last thing we need to do before we add any extra apps is ADD our shipping policies nobody’s gonna be able to check out and buy a product if we don’t change this so this is just as important as every other important part during this video was go to your settings click on shipping and delivery and then right here we have our shipping rates we’re going to click manage and I’m going to delete all of this just delete and then delete for the rest of the world we’re going to create two shipping zones one is going to be just in the United States so United United States click that I’ll just do USA done and then we’re going to add some rates we’re going to make our own rates so this first one will be free insured shipping it’s going to be free and then we’ll do the same thing for the other shipping Zone we’re going to create which is for the rest of the world I’ll just name this row rest the world copy that and then do the same exact thing right name free insured shipping boom now if we want to we could add an upsell for our shipping so we could do another rate call it priority insured plus tracked shipping and we can make this 4.99 click done and do the same thing for the rest of the world 4.99 and this just adds an extra five dollars profit to your sale if somebody decides to choose that one shipping method just a little upsell so now people are checking out they have shipping methods which is good I mentioned my last video that PayPal shut down my other store so what I do from now on for everything is I only use Shopify payments so we can activate Shopify payments right here by clicking that and following the process and then what I do is I always deactivate PayPal checkout so I don’t run into that issue again so I’ll just deactivate PayPal checkout right here deactivate back here and then just make sure I activate my Shopify payments so people can check out only with their credit card debit card or any kind of card they have it really doesn’t affect your conversion rate and it saves you from PayPal having to shut down your store and refund a bunch of money worth of orders back to your customers losing you money you don’t want to do that so I just like to be safe and I remove it and then the very last thing to make our website live what we need to do to remove the password is choose a plan so I can go here choose plan and then I’ll just choose the one dollar a month for the first three months once again the link for that is in the description I really hope you use that and then we’ll take a look at our website and this is the final product so their cup 2.0 I updated the image right here and we have officially completed our website now it is live it is good to go right now it still says this.myshopify.com because I didn’t add my domain yet but don’t worry about that their cup 2.0 we have a product right here if you click on the product details or go to the fair cup section this is what our website looks like we’ve got our images perfect home recovery how this works ways you can use it our reviews down below we can always add more reviews the more reviews you have the better if we add to cart then go to checkout checkout isn’t available because I don’t have a plan picked yet but when I do select my plan and make my store live but they’ll be able to check out and we’ve already customized our checkout so it looks great and you’ve officially created a Shopify store so congratulations we just finished the hardest part of starting your online business which is actually making it you now have a complete Shopify store up and running good to go ready to make sales now all we need to do is just start running some ads and let the money come rolling in we just accomplished a lot of work so enjoy the rest of your day it’s a great time to take a break get some fresh air I really hope you enjoyed I really hope this video helped you out a lot I hope you subscribe if you haven’t already and like this video and I will see you in the next video very soon thank you for watching once again and have a wonderful day take care

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