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How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FULL Guide)


times have changed in this video I’m going to show you guys exactly how you can start your own Drop Shipping business in 2022 and going on into 2023 this video is going to cover everything from product research to building a store around that product to advertising and marketing your business to actually getting sales and fulfilling your orders so grab your popcorn and get ready all right so the first step is actually finding a great product to sell now this is easily one of the most important parts throughout this whole entire ladder just due to the simple fact that if you have a bad product no matter how good you’re advertising or your website is nobody’s going to want to buy that which is why I have a specific set of criteria for each product just so I could vet out the good and the bad ones obviously you’re not going to find a banger product on your first try and you’re gonna have to keep testing around but having a criteria in place will help you filter out the horrible products and the first one is don’t reinvent the wheel you don’t want to go out especially if you’re a beginner and find something brand new that doesn’t even have proof of actually working and waste your time building out the store and doing all this stuff for something that you don’t even know that works now I will admit however if you are the first to bring something to Market you will have very very big wins but when you’re just starting out this isn’t something that’s realistic and you can lose a lot of money doing so the next one is room for improvement if you find a website or a product and you could see a huge room for improvement with whether it’s their website their creatives or even they’re using a worse version of the product you can come into the market with a better creative better website or even better product itself and start crushing it now the next one is the product solves a problem or has somewhat of a unique value proposition or some type of purpose to be used for for example the posture corrector is a great example of a product that is problem solving but overall you want to make sure your products serves some sort of purpose or solve some type of problem just so that you can really hit on those pain points and you can go into it with the approach of the very very basic you have this problem and my product has the solution type of marketing now the last one is making sure your product has a high perceived value so that it can be sold for at least three times more than the actual product cost for example this microphone right here if you were to look at it you could somewhat tell that this is worth somewhere in the hundreds of dollars without even knowing the price so make sure your products could be sold for at least three times more than it’s worth and that really helps if your product has somewhat of a high perceived value and just doesn’t look like a cheap Dollar Store product all right so now that we have some of a criteria and Direction and what to look for in these products how do we actually find products that we can actually sell I’m going to be going over a couple of different ways but the first way which is completely free and anyone can do from their phone is using the actual Tick Tock app itself and what I mean by that is open up the tick tock app and we already see Tate on our for you page I thought this man was canceled I don’t feel canceled do you feel canceled do I look canceled all right anyway pretty much click this search button right here and search up Tick Tock made me buy it and it should come up right here and you will be able to see just a bunch of videos with that specific hashtag now this first video right here has almost 400 000 likes 1600 comments and the page is actually very very new let’s see when they post four days ago so they posted this video four days ago and they have almost half a million likes this video has a total of 6.1 million views and they’re pretty much selling this automatic door closer right here and they’re selling it for eight bucks I’m not sure how much they’re getting it for but you guys can see that this was posted four days ago and it already has this many likes Tick Tock is a very very crazy way to explode your business and this is a product that you can actually hop onto so this is just one hashtag obviously you can go into these videos and click these other hashtags like must have or Gadget and just a bunch more products will show up so this is the first way of finding products this next one’s pretty cool you go to facebook.com add slash library and this pretty much takes you to a library of active Facebook ads that are currently running which is very very powerful because what you could do is go to all ads right here in the category and Search keywords like 50 off today because this is a pretty common keyword that other drop shippers use so once we search this you guys can see that a bunch of ads will pop up and most of these will be Drop Shipping obviously some of them aren’t Drop Shipping ads but you can sort of tell which ones are the Drop Shipping ones for example this one right here and you can see that it shows when it started running if it’s active or inactive and how many ads there are for this exact creative the higher this number is the better and also make sure it’s active of course so what you want to do once you’re on this page is simply scroll until you find something that catches your eye now this could be something that’s different you’ve never seen before and obviously this comes with experience for example if I were to see something I could personally tell if it’s a washed product or if it’s something that’s worth testing but if you’re just a beginner you want to keep scrolling and what I like to go is just something that you may not know what it is for example like this thing right here relaxation pillow you could click on the page and actually go to its exact ad Library which will then show all the ads that this page is running this is now the ad library for this specific page and you can see they’re running six ads to this right here and let’s just simply go to the website and check out what it is that they’re actually selling so they’re selling this foot massage for 50 bucks and it is 100 A Drop Shipping Store and it looks like they just started testing this product since it is September 13th today so I would probably bookmark this page come back a few days later check it out and if they’re still running it this might be a product that you could try running and you can also see you could get it for five bucks on AliExpress it looks pretty high quality and these guys right here are selling it for 50 bucks I think that is a little too high you can start by going a little lower but this was just an example of what you could do all right let’s say you have some type of budget to work with and you can afford paid tools here are the two paid tools that I mostly use you guys can see with this one you can filter by the country they call it action the platform just all these different options and you guys can see this ad right here has 75 000 Impressions and also 1 200 likes and this sort of shows proof of concept you can go to their store and pretty much see what type of marketing they’re doing so they’re selling it for one dollar and if we actually go and add this to cart in the back end charging for shipping so my total comes out to 9.41 which still is pretty low to ticket but this is an offer that’s currently working for them this is an ad that captivates attention and they must be profitable if they’re still running it now there is just a bunch of different ads not all of these are Drop Shipping but you can scroll through and choose one that catches your eye once again and meets the criteria the next tool is by my team over at bands off ads it’s called bands box and it pretty much just is a box of products one new product every single day with the video ad thumbnail description Amazon supplier links competitor links and pretty much everything you need for each product so you guys can see we could scroll through the few products that were listed here and I’m just going to click on this shark slide one you guys probably already know what this product is and we could view the competitors ad and pretty much see how they’re actually running these and then you can also go over and download the video ads that are already made for them and we also have the competitors store link right here so you can visit what the competitor is doing and the AliExpress and Amazon supplier link and if you guys want to join bandsbox I’ll leave a link below for you guys and you can pretty much have access to all these products and one new product every day with pretty much everything that I mentioned but without further Ado now it’s time to create a website around the product we found so I’m just going to create a site for these shark slides and let’s get right into it right so as far as the type of store whether we’re going to do Niche general or one product I like to do a mild hybrid and in between I’ll show you guys an example but we don’t want to go too General with something like this just because that this is a very very old style and people seeing a bunch of products almost Brands it as a Dollar Tree or some type of Dollar Store and really puts a low perceived value on every product if you have nail clippers right here and you have pants and a makeup bag right here it really doesn’t look too professional and we also don’t want to try too too hard and make a full branded one product store which don’t get me wrong is a very nice type of store to actually create if you have 100 confidence that the product is going to work and you sort of really just want to start out by branding it around it however if you’re just beginning I like to create what I call a hybrid store meaning the store name doesn’t really have a meaning and you can attach any product that ends up working to the store name so for example shop Revo the word Revo has no meaning just like the word Netflix has no meaning but once we find a product that actually works we can remove all the junk products and brand the word Revo around whatever we’re selling so we could call it the revo shark slides hopefully you guys understand what I mean but let’s go ahead and start the store creation process and I highly recommend you guys just do this along with me so we’re going to create the Gmail of the store first you don’t want to use your personal account so I’m gonna go ahead and call it shop riavo and let’s go ahead and do the same thing and let’s choose our password and click next so now you want to fill in all of this info I’m just going to put some random info and I identify as an airplane so we’re going to put that and none of these and click next all right so now we are going to click agree so our Gmail is now completed for the store and we are going to copy the email right here so we could use it on Shopify and speaking of Shopify go ahead and use the link in the description as you’re creating the store along with me just because you guys are going to get an insane insane deal with Shopify if you use the link below an insanely insanely low cost so we’re going to paste the email here and click Start free trial and it should take us to a page where it asks us for the store name so I’m going to go ahead and type in the store name shop rievo and click next and you’ll have to fill out a few things I’m going to skip through this and now once you’re on this page hit continue with email and create yourself a password and we should be good to go and now we wait for Shopify to cook up our store and then I’ll go in depth on how you can actually create your store all right so our store is complete so what we’re gonna do is Click pick a plan just because the store has a password on it if you don’t end up picking a plan and we’re gonna go ahead and choose this billing cycle and fill out all of this information and click add credit card and now just click confirm and subscribe alright so now that we’re subscribed we want to go into the online store go to preferences and right here you guys can see your online stores password protected we want to remove that now that we are able to just because we added our card and click save okay so now your store is open for business obviously we still have a little bit of things to edit and I’ll go over that so the first tab right here is the home section and once we start getting sales this is where all the analytics and pretty much everything that you’ve seen online from people showing the results this is where that shows up the next one is the orders this is where all of your orders will show up now you necessarily don’t have to fulfill exactly within here if you are using a third party app which I will show you later on and the next one is products and this is pretty much where you can add new products again if you’re not using a third-party importer which again I’ll show you and we have inventory uh transfers collections which you can pretty much use to organize products into different groups or collections we have gift cards and the next one is customers you can pretty much just see everything customer related in a single place as it says here finances is just a breakdown of your monthly billing and all this stuff with Shopify with the apps that you use and if you are using Shopify payments you will see your payouts here analytics is pretty much where you could see everything as far as your business goes whether you want to see your conversion rate how many people are on your store the customer return rate everything is here reports is pretty much just the same thing just a breakdown live view we can actually see where people are visiting our website from and once you start seeing sales come in this is one of the coolest sections to be on having it open and seeing all the sales go through and all the visitors looking like little ants around the world marketing you don’t really need to use this unless you are doing email marketing through the Shopify platform itself discounts here is where you can create any discounts you want whether it’s for retargeting ad or whether it’s for an influencer you want to do this is where you can do all that online store we have themes this is where you can edit your store and customize pretty much everything on the front end and back end we have blog posts blog posts is pretty much where you could create blogs obviously Pages we’re going to want to create a few more pages here later down the line navigation is pretty much the footer and header menu on your website so that people can click track your order and track their order preferences this is actually where we are going to start at so for the home page title you want to put your store name so I’m going to put riavo and you could put a meta description so now obviously I’m putting something random here but you want to put something about your store and this meta field so that when people search up your store on Google they could actually see this right below the store name and we’re pretty much done here you can click save and now what we want to do is go over to the pages right here and we want to create a few pages so we’re going to click add page right here and the first page we want to create is the contact us so we’re going to type in contact us and then paste this template that I will leave in the description below for you guys now you can obviously download apps and make a whole contact form but when you’re just first starting this should do right here click save now we want to create another page and this page right here will be the track your order page now we don’t want to paste anything directly in here we want to go to this show HTML and paste this code here and you can see there is an automatic tracking right here again you can get apps for this but when you’re first starting this is pretty much all you need let’s go ahead and save this now we want to create another page and this one will be the shipping and delivery and we are going to just simply paste this right here and click save last but not least we are going to add an FAQ section and simply paste this in again all this stuff will be in the description for you guys so we have pretty much all of the pages we need there is a pre-made contact form here so we can click delete on that and now we should be good now we want to go over to the navigation section and pretty much assign each of these pages that we created to the menus so we can go to main menu and we can change this to shop instead of catalog so that people can shop add menu and go ahead to pages and we are going to just add the track your order click add we are going to add the contact us right here and I’m going to reorder it so it’s like this and click save now we want to go over to the footer menu so this footer menu right here is going to be the menu on the bottom of your website we’re going to click add menu we’re going to click pages and here we want to add pretty much everything just so that when they do scroll they have all of the options readily available to them I’m going to go ahead and add everything all right so I added pretty much everything here and click save now we have actually show you one more menu to add we’re going to click add menu and we’re going to call it policies now what we want to do here is go ahead and click the settings make sure you open it in a new tab and with these settings we’re going to go to the policies at the bottom and we’re just going to click create from template for each of these ones so create from template and create from template so your home address will show in these templates so what you want to do is control F your home address and make sure you delete it anywhere that shows now we simply want to click save and go back to our menus click add menu and click on policies and simply add all of the policies that you just created so privacy refund and terms of service and now we just click save all right so now that we’re completed with the navigation what we want to do is go into the settings tab right here and I’m going to go over what you need to do with each of these tabs so store details is pretty much store details plan you don’t need to touch it’s simply your Shopify plan you could choose to upgrade or downgrade it later users and permissions is where you can add friends or family or whoever’s helping you manage your business right here and you could choose to give them access to specific things payments is where you can actually start intaking payments from outside customers by using Shopify payments stripe PayPal Amazon pay just all the different payments are over here and you can set that up on your own time for checkout we actually do need to set up a few things so we’re going to go ahead and scroll down and click require first and last name it makes it easier and for shipping address phone number we’re going to make that optional and tipping option you don’t want to check that because I found it does reduce conversion rate however you can test this option this will pretty much allow customers to leave tips for you for after an order has been paid make sure it’s on don’t fill any of the orders automatically for marketing those will be set up in different apps later on and we are pretty much good to go you want to click save and now we are going to go to shipping and delivery so over here you want to click manage right here and once you’re here you want to pretty much remove all of these shipping options so we’re going to go ahead and click delete for everything and for the us we want to click add rate and we’re going to click custom flat rate and call it free standard shipping and for the price we want to leave it at zero and you pretty much want to do the same thing for the rest of the world right here now we have free shipping setup obviously you can go into here and add your own conditions so for example if the item price is anywhere from five to ten bucks you can charge an extra four bucks for shipping and call it express shipping and add that as an option so you can play around with whatever you want depending on the countries and the costs and everything that apply to you for when you’re shipping out products but overall but when you’re just starting free shipping is nice to have so we’re going to click save all right now we’re going to skip a few of these because they’re not necessary for domains we’re actually going to buy a new domain and you can do this later on or whenever you actually launch your store and this also doesn’t have to be purchased on Shopify you could purchase it off a different platform and connect it but for the Simplicity of it I always like to purchase it off Shopify so we’re going to go ahead and see if our domain is available which it is for 15 bucks a year we’re going to go ahead and click buy and we’re not going to renew this so now we should have shoprievo.com so now once your domain is purchased you will get an email to your Gmail and we can go ahead and verify the domain by clicking right here and then simply click verify information and our domain will be verified and registered within a few minutes and we’ll just wait this out for brand we can edit all of this info later on in the customizations for notifications you can choose what notifications you want to get usually I don’t touch this for meta Fields you can Define all this stuff and this is good for SEO and for Google files you don’t really need to do anything here languages pretty much nothing and policies we already went over alright so most of our back end is complete aside from the actual front end and the design and the logos of the store what we want to do now is go into Apps and type in dsers and it will be this orange and white text looking one so we want to click add app right here and once this is added we can actually import the product directly from AliExpress into our own store so we’re going to click install app right here and then click create an account for you right here and we just want to click the free one and click get started link to AliExpress and you want to log in with your AliExpress account here and we should be able to connect AliExpress and de-essers completely together all right so this is what dsrs looks like and this is pretty much where all the Fulfillment will initially be happening later on once you get more orders you want to move to a private agent so we’re going to go ahead and type in shark slides and see if we can find this right here all right so we have the shark slides right here obviously you can look around I’m just going to add this one and click add to import list and then you want to go to import list right here and what you can do before you actually import it is click edit product and rename it to something simple shark slides you don’t want to add it to any collections we have a lot of variants so you can select the type of variants that you want and just for Simplicity I’m going to remove all these variants except for one and then come back all right so now we only have the gray ones we’re going to go ahead and click push to Shopify right here and then we want to check these two boxes right here and click push to Shopify and now this product will be imported directly from de-essers onto our Shopify or which we can then customize it and edit it more later on now once we go into Shopify we can go into products right here and we can see the first product was imported so we’re going to want to rename this to something very very nice and not this whole thing because it’s really not appealing so we’re going to go ahead and name it the reevo and then I’m going to call it the comfy shark slides alright so the product page is complete I pretty much copied a different store doing this just for the sake of time but however this is something that you should actually take inspiration from and structure your descriptions and also variation titles and images this way because it is just a very nice clean way of presenting things so for example we have the headline right here you just want to put something very important or attention grabbing right here or one of the biggest benefits of your product this store just had as seen on Tick Tock so that’s what I put for mine and then just a brief description about the product and what it has to offer a nice GIF right here just that people can visually see the product another headline and description another GIF another headline and description and pretty much this is the structure you want to follow for your descriptions as well we have these nice clean images and as far as the names you can see that we have Brilliant Blue Mountain Ash matcha green it’s not just green yellow blue or whatever same thing with that Apple does space gray Frost white or whatever the color maybe they have some sort of touch to it and now that we click this little eye icon right here we can actually go to the store once we click shop obviously the store isn’t complete but we have the product visible and ready to purchase so the description is here everything is here obviously we still just have to edit the story itself all right and circling back to the apps there is one more crucial app that I recommend but everything else is pretty much optional in my course which you can find the description I do go more into depth setting up apps as far as increasing conversion rates upsells down sells cross sells and just way way more into depth just because I can’t make this YouTube video an hour long but for when you’re just starting you don’t really need that much so we’re gonna go ahead and get this one more app it is called a reviews the reason I love this app compared to the other apps is just because you can import Amazon reviews onto your store directly with the images and everything that it comes with so we can click skip once we are actually in the app right here now the only thing with this is if you want to import Amazon reviews you will have to pay for their plans so that’s what I’m going to do right now just for the sake of showing you guys so we’re gonna subscribe to this middle plan right here it is seven bucks a month and simply paste the Amazon link for this product so for example if we’re going to use this one we can copy the link paste it in here and click import and then we’re going to go ahead and click submit and this is going to pretty much fetch the reviews and you can pretty much see we have the five stars right here with just a bunch of reviews as well as images included with them which is very very nice all right so now that pretty much everything is done we can now beautify our store add logos colors images and all that fun stuff I’m going to use the dawn theme which is pre-loaded onto every Shopify account initially and you can also explore other free themes the sense themes actually really really good and you can also use the paid themes as well that they offer but if you’re just starting it really doesn’t matter what we’re actually going to start off with is go ahead and create the logo so if you don’t have Photoshop you can use canva but I’m just used to photoshop which is why I’m going to use this as an example Center it once again remove this background right here click export and save this image all right now that we have our logo we can go ahead and click customize right here and we’ll be taken to the actual Shopify store so for the announcement bar we can just change it to free shipping and then we can also go to the header and upload our logo right here all right so here is our logo and you can see it uploaded right there select and we can change the size of it and we always want to make sure we know it looks good on mobile as well so make sure you look at the mobile view and adjust it so that it looks good on mobile all right before we change the colors and everything I want to change this Banner you can actually use this inspector tool so you can click and edit or you can turn this off and manually select them right here I think this is faster so I’m going to stick with this or this image right here you could just pretty much choose anything and most people aren’t going to land on the home page itself so this doesn’t really matter however we still want it to be something clean so I’m gonna go find something general where it pretty much fits anything and upload the image and we don’t need anything special here for now so I’m going to change the banner height to medium just because it is a little too big for the text you could just put whatever you want here I’m just gonna put shop with style and then we’re just going to edit this right here now obviously you can change this to whatever you want and you could tailor it to be directly correlated to the product now for the talk about your brand you can pretty much say 1000 plus orders shipped just as social proof we have been in the second Destiny and just pretty much fill this in with whatever you’d like and then for this collage we’re just gonna simply hide it because we don’t want that shown uh we don’t want this video here obviously you can fill this in with whatever you want you can add testimonials here if you want and we just have names here and obviously fill it in with um obviously you could just fill this up with whatever you want it doesn’t have to be anything special I’m just sort of showing you guys how to move around the Shopify now for the footer what we want to do is go ahead and click this one right here and change this to the policies one just so we have all the policies here click save and rename this to policies for our mission I’m just going to Simply put this thing right here and you can have your footer email right there all right so we’re pretty much done obviously you can pretty much switch this Banner page to the product if you want to you can make this customized to your store itself and each and every new product that you test you can switch the banner if you would like and also this product right here so we can click add section and add a featured product right here and we can actually add our shark slide as the main option and then remove the collection just so that this is the only product that people see and we pretty much want to remove this share button right here because that’s not necessary and to make this more cleaner we can make it a drop down just so that it’s not everywhere and we pretty much have the home page set up now we want to go to the theme settings go to colors and we want to set a color theme for our website so this color right here already looks pretty clean I’m probably just going to stick with this we’re going to go to the product page just so that we can see we want to have the default black and white and then have just an accent color which in this case I’m using this type of blue which you can see right here now for the product page there are things that you have to edit on here as well so we’re going to remove this share button right here because we don’t want people getting distracted and sharing and liking and all this stuff for materials we want to click delete you can actually fill this out with your return policy so you can pretty much enter this and now people can click this and look at the shipping returns for the dimensions we don’t really need this so we’re going to click delete and care instructions we don’t need this so we’re going to click delete now image with text you could fill this all out you can have fun with it but for the case of this I’m just going to delete and we will just keep this just for now and we should be good to go I’m gonna remove this at the top right here and just hide it just because we don’t need that and what I also like doing is clicking add block text and move this right above the price so it should be right here and we can do fifty percent off plus today and I like to add this little Chuck Emoji right here and we should be good to go now I’m gonna change this to drop down again just so it’s a little more clean and let’s play around with the font so I’m gonna go to theme settings hide the colors let’s go over to typography let’s go ahead and choose a clean font for the store all right so I like this Rubik font and it looks pretty clean and we are now pretty much set with the product page what we need to do next is Click add to cart and then click checkout and we want to change our checkout logo so we’re going to go down to checkout click on Logo and select our logo we’re going to change this to Center and then medium should be good so we have medium and change our button colors to what our store was which was this color right here and click on Save all right once that’s done you want to go to cart right here on the theme settings and choose a page just because for the actual pixel we want to choose page so that the pixel can register once somebody added to cart now you can add a favicon which is basically this little logo right here it’s not gonna look that nice but we’re just gonna fill it up and we are going to save so we are pretty much done with the front of the store this isn’t a crazy theme it doesn’t look anything crazy or branded or professional but this is what works especially if you’re just initially testing this is more than enough so now here’s the store and we can pretty much see that we have our home page we can click shop and go to the product page and we have our product page with the reviews and the footer right here and everything is pretty functional all right congratulations our store is now open for business and we’re ready to sell once your payment processor and everything like that are set up now let’s say this product fails what do you do in that case you simply add a new product change this Banner right here change the featured product right here and you should be good to go now your store riavo is made for a posture corrector or some cat toy or whatever product you decide to sell so this is the beauty of the hybrid store and why I like it so much and now how do we go about actually marketing this store we have everything complete and now we just need people to start rushing over and purchasing our product right so the first method of actually driving traffic and getting sales to our website is by the name of paid advertising now this will obviously cost you money hence the name paid advertising and this is pretty much anything from Facebook Tick Tock Instagram heck even billboard or Myspace ads and if you do plan to go this route I highly recommend you have at least fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars saved just so that you are comfortable with spending the initial 50 to 80 bucks a day when your first testing out products now I do have full videos going over exactly how you can run Facebook ads and also exactly how you can run Tick Tock ads I’ll link those videos below for those who want to see a more in-depth process however I am going to simplify it in this video let’s say you do decide to go to the paid advertising group the first thing you actually need to do is get a video made for your product so that you can actually put it out onto Tick Tock Facebook or Instagram and this is the video that we’re going to be using to actually promote your product now since we actually don’t have the product with us there’s a few different ways you can go about this you can search on YouTube AliExpress hit up your supplier for videos of the product and once you obtain all the different footage of the product you can actually just chop it up edit it nicely add some music add some scripts and make it into a nice video that is presentable as an ad if you don’t know how to edit or don’t have the software and you just don’t want to do all this work you can Outsource it for example to someone like my team over at bands off ads which essentially all they’ll need is the AliExpress link and they’ll pretty much do the rest of the work for you from finding footage making thumbnails writing up the script and pretty much all that now once you have the creatives you simply want to go into whatever ad platform of your choice create a campaign and make sure its objective is for conversion now once you’re at the ad set level this is where you can actually start creating who you want to Target and who your audience is now you want to do some market research before you get to this level however usually the countries you could just set us for targeting for the ages and gender you could leave that pretty much Broad and for targeting you can keep some very broad or you can go more into depth and find these pockets of audiences for example for the product shark slides can Target people who are into slippers or sandals as one of the ad sets then once we get to the creative level you can simply upload the creative you have and voila you have now published your ad now you want to make five to ten duplicates of this ad set and simply change one small variable so let’s say you targeted slippers for one of the interests in the next one you could Target slides or in the next one you could Target shark and then you just want to let this run for at least two days and see the results now obviously this was a summary I do have two full videos if you guys want to check out for Facebook specifically and Tech talk as well which I’ll leave linked below okay so that was the paid advertising side of things but let’s say you’re dead broke and you don’t have any money to afford for paid marketing and start paying for advertising don’t worry I still got you guys now this method does take a little bit more work but you’re essentially spending your time for traffic rather than spending money for traffic so it’s a great way to start for beginners and that is using Tick Tock organic now if you guys noticed the business I showed you guys in the beginning was actually doing Tick Tock organic and you guys can see here they are getting views this video got 6.7 million views in only a matter of six days for completely free without spending a cent on Advertising how they actually did this was order the product from Amazon to their home and start recording content making content for the product now you will have to be consistent with this and for them it seems like their first video hit but this is a way to drive traffic completely free to your store so the way we can actually replicate this for ourselves is create a tick tock account Call It Whatever your store name is upload a nice profile picture in this case I just have a private test account here and simply what you want to do is just click this plus button right here and you guys can see this is the camera that’s recording me and then start recording content for your shark slides so as you can see I just shot a few clips of me with the shark slides and I’m just going to edit it in a tick tock format and here is the final result now obviously you want to make yours way more entertaining than this and actually Implement some controversy or some type of wow factors that people in the comments go crazy and start reacting to something that you maybe said or something in the background of the video but this was just a simple example of what you can do so here’s the video right here [Music] and just make new pieces of content every day I would recommend you would post at least twice a day and hopefully you start getting a video that pops off and start getting sales now I actually did this whole entire process in one of my other videos so if you want to check that out you can but let’s say you used one of these methods and you got your first sale what now now first of all congrats on getting your first order now if you didn’t get your first order still watch this section so that you know how to actually fulfill orders when they come in however this is a test order I just placed right now how it will actually look once you get an order is once you go to this orders tab you’ll see your first order right here and you can see the name of the person with the total and the status of the order now for my personal supplier I add to my actual Shopify store and they directly fulfill within Shopify however if you are just starting out and you are still using the dsers app what you can do is open the DS series app and simply go into the open orders right here and then go into pending and you can simply fulfill all of the orders at once directly from here this will be for fulfilled with AliExpress so you will have to pay AliExpress or if you are using other fulfillment companies you can do that as well but if you don’t have your first order yet or you haven’t even started your store and get to work bro you got some work to do also don’t forget to click that red little subscribe button below [Music]

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