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The Biggest Mistake When Dealing with Hair Loss


What’s going on internet, it is your boy eric bandholz back again with another awesome episode from beardbrand. Today, I’m going to tell you what is the biggest mistake you can make when dealing with hair loss alright before we get into the video quick. Thank you to our sponsors Rogaine. They helped make this video possible. As you know, I’ve done videos in the past where I talked about their products for free, and it’s really awesome that they’re coming in supporting this channel and support in this community.

Thank you, Rogan. Alright, let’s bring the elephant out of the room and talk about it. Hair Loss sucks like it flat out, is terrible, and I know some of you guys are looking at this video and you’re like dude Eric. You got a full head of hair. Why are we talking about hair loss?

Well, here’s the deal guys, I’m thinning on my crown. Okay, if you watch some of my old videos where I duck down you’ll kind of see it and it sucks, you know like Hair Loss. I think it affects every guy and for the guys who say it doesn’t affect them, then I don’t entirely believe them. You know, I think, there’s something about that: control of your hair style being taken away from you and a lot of guys who have full head of hair. They may even like shave, their head go bald and whatever cuz they choose to.

But when you don’t have that choice, it’s not fun now that act of losing control brings out a lot of fears and you alright, it brings out insecurities it’s like. If I’m single will I be able to pick up girls or guys, you know, if I’m trying to get a job, am I going to be able to stand out from my my you know, competitors out there. The other candidates, like hair, has a lot of stigma associated with it in society and subsequently, like guys, want to keep it. They want to have the option to shave it off. So that is the mistake.

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I’m talking about shaving your head now before you guys get all dizzy, I’m not against shaving your head, if you’re, thinning or balding what I’m against and what the biggest mistake is is at the very first sign of Hair Loss. You just go and you shave it because here’s the thing, hair loss affects everyone in different ways. You know you may just see some temple receding. You may see the hairline go, you may have it like me, see thinning on the crown, but you can take action in action means you can wear hairstyles that rock thin in here, and you can be proud of the hairline that you have and rock it with Pride and own it because, let’s be real guys, there’s some really cool hairstyles out there that are beyond just bald. Okay, now balls are cool hairstyle.

Now, I’m not against going the bald hairstyle. If that’s what you want to go with, but what I’m saying is. First, take action: now we talked about taking action when it comes to like finding a hairstyle that works with thinning hair. Other actions are using scientifically proven products that will help you regrow or get your hair back or even slow down the hair loss process. So you guys have seen some of my previous videos.

You know I’m using Rogaine. You know I put it on my crown to help slow down the hair loss. That’s why I’m doing it. I just integrated into my life and here’s. The thing like using Rogaine is like brushing your teeth, and the whole hair loss, in fact, is like brushing your teeth when you get a cavity you’re not like.

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Ah, I got a cavity pull out. All the teeth go dentures right, that’s like! If you deal with Hair Loss, I’ve got a little bit of Hair Loss shave the head, I’m done, that’s it! No you’re like I got a cavity. I want to brush better.

I want to floss better I’m going to go to the dentist more frequently. I wanted to fight to keep my teeth and that’s like using Rogaine. It’s like I’m, going to use products integrated into my life and keep the hair that I got so my biggest hurdle when I first got on the Rogaine was that it’s going to be a lot of work and it’s going to really like mess up. My hair is going to make it like greasy and oily like. I have naturally oily hair and I was afraid it’s going to make it more oily and like the foam and Rogaine is so much better than other alternatives where you’re, just like dripping the water and then the or not the water or the minoxidil.

And it just like runs down your head. Like the foam, is it’s just it’s? It just works right. It just gets into your skin, it doesn’t mess up your hair, you can use your styling product and you can go on your day. So you brush your teeth.

You apply the Rogaine and then you live your life and it’s just another thing. That’s part of your daily routine. So after you’ve taken action after you’ve tried products like Rogaine after you’ve done haircuts that rock for thinning, hair and you’re still experiencing a lot of Hair Loss, or it’s something that it’s not making you confident then yes, go ahead, feel free to go short on the hair go completely bald leave. You know like a one guard to guard whatever it may be. That’s cool!

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That’s, okay, but know that you did it after you’ve, taken control of your hair loss and brought that into you, rather than letting hair loss. Take control of you, as always, thanks for the viewers Cheers, keep on growing now that you’ve made it to the end of the video go ahead and treat yourself to some fine beard brand products over on our shop. If you’re not already a subscriber, be sure to do that and finally keep on watching some more of our awesome videos.

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