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The BEST Skincare Tips To Improve Your Skin


three skin care tips i wish i knew before i was 30. one be wary of clay masks clay is super strong it can strip your skin of its natural oils and damage the barrier if it’s used too frequently so be careful because it can lead to breakouts two never pop your pimples ever it can cause scarring three hydration is really important especially when you have acne your skin needs moisture to heal itself i bet you’re making one of these three common skincare mistakes mistake number one applying your skincare products too close to bedtime you definitely don’t want your skincare products ending up on your pillow instead of in your skin give it some time to absorb before you go to bed i recommend doing one to two hours before you go to sleep mistake number two not applying enough sunscreen let your fingers guide you take the six sections of your fingers and divide your face into sixes that way you know you’re putting enough sunscreen in each area a mistake number three and not cleansing long enough sing your favorite song up into the hook and that way you know that you’ve cleansed along this do not shave your face until after you watch this video number one rule never ever ever use coconut oil it will clog your pores and cause texture or a major breakout instead use fresh aloe if you have it or a rosette foil you want your skin to be super slick so you’re not tugging at it with your razor make sure you’re always shaving down not up if your makeup is looking cakey try shaving your face you’ll be amazed at how smooth your foundation goes on tips from a doctor under eye skin care so the skin under your eye is the thinnest on your face and it’s very prone to show signs of aging and that manifests as fine lines puffiness and dark circles make sure that when you’re buying products that for under eye care that you’re looking for ingredients that target your specific problem so for fine lines and wrinkles you want to find one that has retinol in it you can use prescription rented all over the counter retinol inky list has a really great eye cream that’s inexpensive for dark circles you want to look for ingredients that target hyperpigmentation like kojic acid tranexamic acid and vitamin c i really like origins ginseng refreshing eye cream i think it does wonders it also has caffeine in it so that helps with deep huffing other great products for de-puffing so you want to make sure that they have like caffeine or green tea um the ordinary has a really good caffeine eye solution and so does first aid beauty here are seven ways to improve your skin without spending a penny wouldn’t you like to know first and foremost stop touching your face just stop two sleep on your back sexy ass back three do not be a dirty sleeping beauty wash your pillowcases at least once a week four change your detergent to fragrance free or sensitive skin version fragrance allergy is a real thing five check your shampoo and conditioner as they may be the reason for your back acne six step away from the mirror and do not over analyze your pores and pimples they’re harmless pay no mind to them last but not least support black lives matter link in my bio skincare things i wish i knew my teens part two stop over exfoliating you only need to exfoliate maybe twice a week and that’s enough find these moisturizers and stick to them they’re the best stop using toothpaste from your spots and get an antibacterial cream instead no i don’t think you understand i’m obsessed here are some tips i wish i knew before i became an esthetician tip number one don’t pop your pimples they may mark they may even lead to scars so the best thing to do when you get a pimple is put a pimple patch on it these are called hydrocolloid patches they help pull out any pus that’s in there they also help heal the area tip number two your face should not feel dry and tight after you cleanse your face if it does it means you’re using the wrong cleanser tip number three moisturize even if you’re oily if you do feel oily and congested go for a water-based moisturizer but if you don’t moisturize your skin it will get irritated and it will break out tip number four use spf in all seasons there’s uva rays and there’s uvb rays uvb rays are the ones that are more prominent during the summer you feel those on your skin but uva rays penetrate deeper into the skin and cause aging that’s why it’s important to use sunscreen all year round [Music] these are three skincare mistakes destroying your skin don’t put retinoids on damp skin this causes a rash don’t put hyaluronic acid on dry skin this leads to more dryness and don’t get age spots on your arms use spf 30 on your arms and neck daily hit the plus for more skin hack three skin care tips that completely change my life and my skin also can we discuss how cute this headband is when applying cleanser make sure to massage it into the skin for 30 to 60 seconds so those amazing ingredients can work their magic if using serums or toners make sure to pat the product in gently to the skin at least 20 times this enhances absorption into the skin after you’ve applied your serums make sure to wait at least 30 seconds before applying moisturizer let your product sink into your skin to maximize the benefits as a dermatologist here are three things i tell my patients about skincare during their 20s number one wear your sunscreen every single day just the way you brush your teeth wear your sunscreen 365 days in a year number two get started with the retinoid even if it’s only a few nights in a week it helps with acne brown spots fine lines and makes your skin look overall healthy and dewy looking number three keep it simple there’s no need to have too many ingredients that can cause skin irritation or make underlying acne worse or eczema wars best is to keep it simple and treat based on individual needs if you have these little bumps on your face here’s exactly how you can get rid of them welcome to skincare tech talk hit the follow for more daily skincare tips these annoying little bumps are called closed combo domes they’re not milia and they’re not pimples but they still live rent-free on your face when oil becomes trapped in your hair follicles it can result in these little bumps make sure you’re taking all of your makeup off you i know you’re using makeup wipes you can’t be doing that double cleansing every night is what’s really going to help to unclog those pores then exfoliate two to three times a week this will really help to fight those bumps i have really good skin and this is my secret for the last seven years i have been using facial oils using a face oil every night locks in moisture and prevents your face from getting dry you literally should be looking like a glazed doughnut every night i promise you it works this is a list of my favorite oils the youth to the people prickly pear is amazing for acne prone skin the biosan squalene and rose oil is what i personally use and i have also used the drunk elephant marula oil 10 10 recommend if you have acne do not do this to your pimple for god’s sake don’t use alcohol it destroys your skin’s protective surface and makes your pimples worse do not apply toothpaste to your pimple it will irritate and burn your skin don’t use tweezers or any such tools it will cause very bad scarring listen up if you’re still confused in the correct order to apply your morning skincare then just keep on watching don’t worry we’re keeping it simple it’s a six step routine first step cleanser this has been my ryder die cleanser for the last two years when i worked at ulta i would sell these out in less than a week second step toner toner basically removes any impurities from your skin i’ve been loving the fresh rose hydrating facial toner third step going right in with my hyaluronic acid for step eye cream this stuff is amazing for my fine lines and dark circles it’s from totally i believe it’s pronounced premiere crew four step moisturizer this is the it confidence and the cream it’s so good i’m almost out and last but not least spf this one’s from super goop it’s your glow stick spf 50.

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And that’s it [Music] three habits that made my skin healthier the first and most important was i started eating more whole foods and less processed foods i also went vegan but no pressure overall this made my skin glow before i went vegan i cut out dairy i also swapped my processed sugar for those two and i drink green tea every day [Music] i’ve got five simple tips to enhance your natural beauty let’s go tip number one is to eat the rainbow colorful fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants that can fight inflammation of your skin tip number two is to use a vitamin c serum every morning on your skin to protect it from free radicals sugar is the great ager of our body so try to reduce the amount of sugar you eat for better skin if you’re not using a retinol at night now is the time to start if you’re using a ton of products and your skin doesn’t look so good stop using them get back to the basis with cleansing and moisturizing here’s a starting teen skin care routine hand picked by a dermatologist start with a gentle cleanser no you don’t need a scrub a daily spf is a must trust me love this for extra moisture am or pm spot treat any acne with this huh you

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