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Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss


Hey little nerds, i am dr shireen idris, a cosmetic dermatologist based in new york city and if my phone dies one more time, because this is maybe the tenth outtake of starting this video, i’m about to lose my [ __ ] um, who the hell am i I am a dermatologist skin care doctor and i am here on youtube and i hope you guys enjoy the video and if you don’t well, i can’t help you help yourself all right. The point of this video is to help you help yourself and i hope you guys enjoy it. Please feel free to like subscribe and comment below. I do read all of your comments every week, and so let me know what you guys want to see next. Today’S video, i thought i would keep it relatively simple.

I would distill it down to basics and get rid of all of the noise, even though my face is covered in makeup, and i was going to focus on skin care basics for the skin minimalists out there, because the skin care industry is way over flooded with Various brands every day, a new beauty brand pops up like a burgeoning mushroom and every day, there’s a new product that claims to be a unicorn miracle. And frankly, i myself find myself confused, and so i can only imagine what a person who is trying to dip their toes in this world must feel, and i thought to myself: let me strip it down for them. So, let’s dive in starting with your nighttime Skincare routine, and why the nighttime routine, the nighttime routine, is a chance to reset your skin. And what do i mean by that? What i mean by that is no!

Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

Your skin is not sleeping throughout the day. You’Re active at night or blah blah blah blah blah that a lot of articles out there claim there might be a little bit of truth to it. But that’s not the reason. The main reason is you get to wash your day off literally, and the most important step is your cleansing step. Cleaning all of the crud off of your face can make or break your skin.

Never never go to sleep with your makeup on because makeup. On top of sunscreen, which i hope you’re wearing on top of the daze pollution and [ __ ], that your face has endured throughout the day is a recipe for disaster. It is a recipe for the production of what we call reactive oxygen species roses. These are free, radical scavengers, [, __ ], basically, who want to eat up your skin and make you look older faster, and so you need to wash your face. It is the most important investment you can do for yourself and probably the cheapest investment you can do for yourself for a long term gain.

Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

That’S it. It doesn’t matter if you have dry skin oily skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin reactive, skin, leopard skin dotted skin. Whatever skin tone, skin type environment you’re in you wash it at night because, as far as i know, every single human out there lives throughout the day and because your face is exposed throughout the day, you want to wash it at night. Now that is step one step two after you’ve washed your face at night is using a targeted product for your problem. Now.

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What do i mean by that step? Two is based on your skin’s problem. Now you might have 99 problems and a [ __ ] ain’t. One, but your skin usually does not have 99 problems. It can have anywhere from one to five at a time on average and when i say that i’m basically thinking of fine lines – redness pigmentation breakouts, not all breakdowns – are created equal.

Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

So this can be four and a half and then five pure elasticity. Okay and those are probably the five main problems that occur at a time and five and five can be miscellaneous in the sense of allergic reaction. Eczema, psoriasis medic, let’s talk, let’s say five is medical conditions in which you should probably see a dermatologist and really get a prescription medication. So let’s keep it down to four all right. Those are the four biggest issues you can actively really have going on.

At a time – and i’m keeping this simple all right – don’t shoot the messenger i’m trying to distill this information. Obviously you can have other issues as well, but we’re keeping it simple so step two after you’ve, cleansed your face is to utilize. My husband keeps calling at the wrong time, is to utilize a targeted serum for your problem. Don’T try to buy a thousand serums to target all four problems at once. Your skin will freak the effort, and so will your brain, and so will your bank account try to do it one at a time, and why?

Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

Because it allows you to stick through the routine of using that product, so you give your skin a chance of seeing how it responds to the product to actually see the difference, because anytime you’re working on a skin issue, you need approximately anywhere from six to eight Weeks to see a difference, your skin has a 28-day cycle on average and so you’re going to need double that time, to see a difference and to see a change, and so you need to stick it out when in doubt, stick it out always always always and Minimize your problems and really try to distill them, so if you’re acne prone focus on an acne regime, if you are hyperpigmentation living focus on minimizing or evening out your skin tone and skin lines, we can talk about for a million hours focus on building your collagen And those are where the serums or the treatments medicated treatments prescription medications come into play. Okay, and that is that second step and the third step is then the eyes: do we need a very specific eye cream? No, you really don’t you honestly genuinely do not the only thing around the eyes which are probably not getting an acne breakout unless you have periorbital dermatitis which looks like acne, but it’s not. Is you probably want to use a very lightweight retinol, the lightest over-the-counter retinol a little bit under your eyes and then you can seal it in with vaseline or if it’s two, if you’re too sensitive, you put vaseline first and then you seal it in with the Retinol, after so, the vaseline acts actually like a buffer to the retinol, and so you do not get irritated around your eyes. That is number four of your nighttime Skincare routine and then number five you moisturize this baby.

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You want your face to look like a glazed, doughnut. Okay, you want it to be dewy. Do we do it? Okay, because you want to seal it all in and that’s why you’re putting the moisturizer at night you’re, giving your skin the hydration and the nutrients it needs and hydration does not equal hyaluronic acid. Every video i’m gon na bash, the aha hydration equals delivering the humectants to your skin to help your skin feed itself and those are moisturizers now not all moisturizers are created equal, yes, it’s dependent on your skin type but, more importantly, it’s dependent on your environment and The humidity factor, if you are in a very dry environment, you want something thicker, richer, chewier to cocoon your face, and if you are in a very well it was other word humid.

Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

If you’re in a very humid environment, you want a more lightweight moisturizer like a gel moisturizer and you may actually not want to moisturize at all, actually, which takes me into the day. So day am Skincare, routine rise and shine, and that was a really one, because i’m tired it’s morning time and you’re exhausted number one. If you are not extremely oily and you actually have dry skin, you can skip the morning cleanse you can totally skip the morning. Cleanse and just wash your face with water and when i say wash your face with water, i’m not saying spritz water, i’m saying like really good water in your face and clear your face. Okay, so you can get any residue of your skin care from night time off your face if you’re very oily, you can use a cleanser in the morning, but it’s interesting.

If you start to over cleanse your face, you can actually counter intuitively make more oil. So you test it out, see how you do maybe four times a week. You don’t you cleanse in the morning and you cleanse at night and maybe three times you don’t you only cleanse at night to give your skin that balance, but it doesn’t have to be the same thing every day. You have to get to know your skin and see how you respond after you’ve washed your face with water. You can use the most important serum of a daytime.

Skincare Basics: Morning & Night Routine! | Dr. Shereene Idriss

Routine is actually vitamin c, because vitamin c is the most commonly available antioxidants on the market. You’Re going to find it pretty much anywhere, you go from the drugstore to sephora, to ulta, to target, to walmart to any sort of boots, or i don’t know where you are in the world, but pharmacy near you and vitamin c has been proven to help your Sunscreen work better for you so definitely put that vitamin c in as step two of your Skincare routine after you’ve washed with water and then step three is tricky because why is it tricky? We live in the era of the rhona virus? Okay, so most people are wearing masks throughout the day, even if they are living in a dry environment, and so, if you’re somebody who’s wearing a mask more than eight hours a day right, and i just made that number up, it could be more than five hours. A day, but if you’re wearing a mask a lot throughout the day or if you live in a very environment um, i keep saying environment in a very humid environment or both you can skip the moisturizer or you opt for a very lightweight hydrating serum, like the Aveeno one i love the aveeno one, the calm and restore, or the even hydrants intense, a very lightweight hydrating serum and you just put on the sunscreen.

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Instead, you don’t need to double up on your moisturizer and then your sunscreen. Now, if you’re in a very dry environment and you’re not wearing a mask all day and your skin is extremely parched, moisturize, first with a really thick chewy, creamy, yummy, yummy, yummy moisturizer and then apply the sunscreen, and that is the bulk of your am routine. And this is a Skincare guide for dummies. It is very actually simple when you take a step back to think about. Why am i doing something and the most important step, which honestly, i find amazing?

How often people oversee this step is observe your skin see how your skin responds to things, and how do you see how your skin responds by giving it the time it needs to acclimate to a product you’re not going to necessarily see a difference in a night Or two nights, or in a week it takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to really get to notice the differences that a product is doing on your skin and tada. That is a basic Skincare, routine, almost too simple, but there is really beauty in simplicity there. Just is, and so i hope you guys enjoyed this video, i just wanted to take it. You know tone it down a few gears and slow it down for all of you, and i hope it just sheds some light on how simple Skincare can actually be when you just get rid of all of the noise and you distill it for what it actually Is and you’re gon na see how much it can help you help your skin, so i am dr shireen idris. I hope you guys have a beautiful saturday.

I can’t believe i made it through recording this video. Without my phone cutting off or somebody, my husband did. Call but i hung up on his face or some other complication that came up, and i wish you guys all a beautiful weekend, so i will catch you guys soon have a great day: [ Music ], you

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