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Simple Skincare Routine For Dry Skin (beginner friendly)


Looking for a simple skincare routine for dry skin, I got you step number one is to double cleanse by double cleansing. You start off with applying an oil-based cleanser onto your dry skin, massage that in so that it really breaks down the makeup or previous skincare. This is much more gentle on the skin than makeup wipes massage for about a minute to get all of the areas and then apply a little bit of water and keep massaging so the water and cleanser emulsifies that milky consistency is exactly what we are looking for. Some people don’t know that and just wash it right off and by doing that, you don’t get the full benefit of double cleansing. This method is perfect.

If you have dry and sensitive skin foreign [, Music ], if you have dry or sensitive skin, is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. If you are not sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you need to start now. So I want to thank Lily silk for sponsoring today’s video, the first sponsor of this channel. I don’t know about you, ladies and gentlemen out there, but I like to shove my face in my pillow, when I sleep is a habit that I can’t stop doing and having a silk. Pillowcase is way more gentle on your skin and hair, because cotton will strip your face of moisture and I need all the moisture I can get because my skin is so dry.

My hair is also loving the silk pillowcases. It prevents frizz and damage. I mean look at the shine since I started sleeping on: silk. Pillowcases, Lily: silk provides all types of sustainable silk products; they have products for both women and men. They have incredible bedding and even hair accessories.

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Look at these beautiful scrunchies and all of these different, beautiful colors, oh so fancy. I love the fact that it is sustainable and they really focus on zero waste. They are also working with terracycle the world known recycling company because they are so committed to zero waste production. They only use 100 a natural premium materials and they have their own silk Factory with high quality products. They were kind enough to send me pajama, set in this beautiful color, avocado green and a really cute black silk top right here for a little nicer occasions.

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, and it is wonderful for your skin if you have to deal with eczema and skin flare-ups. That can be quite stubborn. I had eczema on my face for like two years, so I definitely know the feeling the packaging is absolutely stunning and perfect to gift, especially if you are not really fond of wrapping up presents it’s already and wrapped up nicely and ready to gift. It feels very luxurious and special everything will be linked Below in the description box and once again, thank you Lily soak for sponsoring today’s video, let’s get on to the routine, then after that, wash it off with lukewarm water, not too hot, because that will dry out The skin and cold water can tighten your pores so that bacteria and debris can get trapped and won’t clear out as easily while your face is still wet, go in with a water-based cleanser. Now, how do you know if a cleanser is water-based?


Look at the ingredient list and if water is the first ingredient, then it’s a water-based cleanser avoid anything that is foaming since that can strip the skin of its moisture even further, just cleanse as per usual and and wash it off once again with lukewarm water, [, Music ] now we are going to Pat our face gently with a clean towel, but keeping it damp almost wet, and while your skin is damp, apply, hyaluronic acid. This is a serum that will draw moisture from your environment onto the deepest layers of your skin. The best way to explain hyaluronic acid is that it’s like a big glass of water for your skin. So after applying it, your skin should feel super plumped and Luscious for the hyaluronic acid to activate and work, you have to apply it on damp or wet-ish skin. Applying it to dry skin can leave a really tight and weird feeling on your face.

Next step is moisturizer right after hyaluronic acid, I apply the CeraVe moisturizing cream and when you choose a moisturizer, especially if you have dry skin, you want to look for something with the word cream in it, since it’s often thicker in consistency – and it really leaves your Skin moisturized throughout the day or night. I love this one because it lasts such a long time, so you really get the bang for the buck. There is a smaller version as as well, if you just want to try it out first, before truly committing to it. This last step has been a blessing to my dry skin, which is called slugging. I know weird word: skin slugging is when you apply a thin coating of petrolatum.

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I don’t know how to pronounce that or Vaseline. This is meant to lock all of that moisture in and prevents water loss, keeping your skin hydrated throughout the night, I’m using the calm bomb from a Swedish brand called mantel, but Vaseline works just fine, but with that said, you should avoid using this over retinol exfoliating Acids or active acne, but since this is a video for beginners, I’m guessing you’re, not using any of that. All of this should be done at least an hour before bedtime, so that you really give the product the time it needs on your skin. Once you have established a good routine and your skin is feeling hydrated and moisturized, then you can start adding other products according to your needs, like niacinamide, for large pores, glycolic acid for hyperpigmentation or Retinol for anti-aging purposes. But it’s very important to start with a good foundation before adding on other products to your routine.

You always want to go slow and build up as you go. That is the key to success. That was it for me today. You guys. I hope this was easy and helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions. I answer all of them down below. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in my next one bye, guys

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