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my step-by-step skincare routine (morning & nighttime)


hey guys, welcome back to my channel! and welcome to my step-by-step skincare routine.  so just a quick recap this is how my skin looks like before and this is now. I noticed that in my previous skincare routine video I only showed the products that I used but  i didn’t really show you guys how i use them what i do before and after every application. so just a quick disclaimer i used an oral medication while using these products  which is isotretinoin or accutane, but i want to clarify that this only helps  subside my active pimples and stop them from appearing but the medicine doesn’t really help  in my hyperpigmentation and acne scars my skin care was the solution to this problem.

So let’s start with my morning skincare routine so for my cleanser i love the pond’s orange nectar hydrating jelly cleanser it’s my fifth  time buying this cleanser and it’s just honestly such a good cleanser, it’s very gentle and it just cleanses my skin in just the best way possible without stripping away  any natural oils and i like to apply it on my damp skin and then i like to just massage  this for about like 30 to 60 seconds and then i’m going to rinse that away and just let it air dry and the next step is toner i use the glycolic acid from the ordinary so now I put a generous amount on a cotton pad and just distribute it on the skin avoiding the eye area  and i apply it in a tapping motion this toner is a very gentle exfoliator and it has  helped a lot with my hyperpigmentation and my skin always gets brown spots after  pimples and with this toner i have noticed that the brown spots fade away so much quicker i usually use this toner twice or thrice a week.

While the toner is still a little dab on my face i  go straight into vitamin c and this is currently my favorite I actually have two favorite brands that i go for the first one is the wildleaf vitamin  c serum and the other one is from dear klairs but today we are going to use the wildleaf one you guys, i cannot say enough good things about this vitamin c It is the best one that i have ever put on my face i have noticed such a big difference i like to do about one pump and massage this into my fingers and then i will apply  it directly to my face and i have noticed my skin it just becomes so much more brighter  naturally glowy if i can recommend one amazing product for everybody it’s this vitamin c serum and after like five minutes i will now apply my moisturizer  this is the one that i love it’s from sunnies face dream cream and it spreads really nicely it feels  very silky it’s also very light it absorbs so quickly and my skin does not feel sticky at all.


My skin feels hydrated and i like to be pretty generous with this  product especially when i’m going in with makeup after i love the way my concealer and powder looks whenever i use this  it’s just super hydrating i love the gel consistency it’s a great formula Of course, i’m going in with some spf this is really important you  guys you must never skip this one i recently added this in my morning skincare routine  it’s the dear klairs all day airy sunscreen i love this one it’s very easy to apply no white cast at all it doesn’t have any scent  and i love that it gives me a glowy fresh hydrated skin and as you can see you can really see that  glow and i got this one from wishtrend which caters a lot of famous korean skincare products  and then lastly for my morning skincare routine is another sunscreen so again this is the usual sunscreen that i go for especially if i’m traveling i like using it  if i want to quickly reapply my sunscreen and what’s good about this one is that you can apply it on top of your makeup without ruining it.

If you guys didn’t know you should reapply your sunscreen for every two hours. for my nighttime routine, i like to double cleanse.

As you can see i have makeup on right now because i just finished filming in makeup  tutorials so the first thing i do is i remove my makeup i use the biore makeup remover oil. I just rub that on my face and give it a really nice massage  covering everything that i want to cleanse double cleansing just reassures me that i really get rid of the makeup dirt, oils from my previous  skincare and even pollution on my face, if i have been out and about and then i rinse it then i go in with the pond’s orange nectar cleanser and cleanse as per usual  it does really a good job at cleansing my skin  and then i will rinse it with water and now i’m going to air dry my face next is a favorite of mine which is a sheet mask  and i have a lot like a lot so i will be picking one from this collection  and i will be randomly rearranging this different types of masks and pick one from them and the chosen one is this dr.

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Mask pore. you can get this bundle of sheet mask from wishtrend for an affordable price  if you like to pamper your skin definitely try using shade mask once or twice a week this pore tightening sheet mask controls excess sebum and refines pores with patent  ingredients the charcoal powder absorbs skin impurities and aids in sebum control as well I will just do any task while wearing this one and leave it about 10 to 15 minutes on  my face and then after 10 minutes i will just remove and peel this one on my skin and look at how glowy and hydrated my skin looks like and i will just let my skin dry a little bit  so next is also a favorite of mine which is this acne pimple patch from cosrx and i use this if ever i have an active pimple it helps in protecting and keeping the humidity of the skin now i’m going to go in with the alpha arbutin two percent plus hyaluronic acid i usually put two drops on my face and this will effectively help fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation and the consistency of this  alpha arbutin serum is very watery, it does not feel sticky at all after about five to  ten minutes i will now apply another serum that i like and everyone knows this one the popular Niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%, niacinamide keeps your skin barrier healthy and it  evens out your skin tone and it also helps in tightening your pores just like mine now another addition to my skin care is eye care this is the eye awakening gel i would pump and spread it around my eyes and it  also improves the dark circles and skin tone while helping de-puffing and anti-oxidizing then after that i will proceed with the eye butter containing sunflower seed oil and it is rich  in vitamin a and vitamin e to protect the thin skin around your eyes and improve the fine lines before we proceed with the video  if you love korean skincare you will definitely enjoy shopping at Wishtrend it is an amazing website where you can purchase a bunch of different korean skincare products  but instead of having to order them from korea they can ship to a bunch of different countries  that typically don’t have access to this type of skincare and good news you guys because wishtrend is having their brand festival sale  from september 15 to 25 CST and all of their products are discounted up to 50% yes you heard it right it’s 50% and you can top it up with my code “RACHEL20” for an extra 20% discount if you are interested in buying go check the link in the description box and some of the products that i recommended you can buy them at Wishtrend especially  if you are a foreign subscriber and doesn’t live here in the Philippines now let’s continue with our skincare routine.

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Next, is my moisturizer from sunnies face dream cream  i use this in the morning and at night to lock in everything that i put on my skin  and as you can see i really apply a generous amount on my face and massage it gently and then lastly on my skincare routine is my tretinoin it’s a 0.

05 percent tube like tretinoin  and this was prescribed by my dermatologist. I usually get a pea size amount of product  and distribute it evenly on my face and tretinoin is the gold standard anti-aging ingredient it makes the skin less wrinkled firmer  smoother and tighter and everything you could want from an anti-aging  ingredient it is also an effective acne treatment so that is it for my current skincare routine i hope you guys enjoyed it Again, please keep in mind i’m not a professional or an aesthetician i’m just literally showing you  guys what i use so of course make sure you do your own research and do whatever works for  you and your skin but yeah that is it for today’s video thank you guys for watching! Bye!

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