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hi faves welcome back to my Channel today I’m taking you guys through my morning and nighttime skincare routine and I’m just gonna jump into it right away I’m starting in the morning with my Kiehl’s cleanser I love this cleanser I love that it doesn’t make my skin feel like super dry or like dehydrated afterwards it has a nice phone to it it’s not too much [Music] I don’t know it really makes me feel like I’m cleaning my face of all the like dirt and oil and I love it as you can tell this product is definitely even a staple in my skincare routine for a while I think when it comes to skincare you know less is more and this is one of those cleansers that just does enough and not too much I always have to clean my lashes I get a bit lazy at nighttime but in the morning I always make sure to cleanse my lashes I will have a link to a similar shampoo in the description I’m actually going to be linking all the products that I’m using on my ltk shop so I will have a link to that in the description um it’s just going to be like super easy have all the products together and yeah I hear I’m just cleansing my lashes I was actually due for a lash fill and I was like hating how my lashes looked at this point but it’s all good I’ve been plucking and after this I even plucked more and it was really bad your place blow drying my lashes if I don’t blow dry them they still look cute but I feel like over time my like lashes like crisscross and it’s really annoying [Music] I also quickly just cleaned my tunnels because that needs to happen too [Music] I love the ordinary glycolic acid I don’t use this every day I always kind of just see and feel my skin and look at what it needs and at this point I wanted to just kind of get rid of some texture and I feel like it works great for that and then on top of that I use the niacinamide and zinc listen I’m not a skincare expert but I really like this product to give me some like moisture the texture and like how it applies gets a bit sticky and I don’t know I feel like this just always gives me that like glow underneath my moisturizer [Music] this is my favorite moisturizer for during the day and I’m actually like out of it right now which I’m pissed about because I can tell that my skin needs it it’s super simple it looks amazing underneath makeup and yeah I don’t know this is just like my go-to for during the day I feel like it just gives me enough moisture without making me look greasy then if I really feel like I need extra moisture like I did this day Charlotte Tilbury collagen it’s like a collagen oil it just gives you that extra glow and moisture and I don’t know I love Charlotte Tilbury I’m surprised I didn’t put on my eye cream in the morning I don’t know why because I actually do this like every morning now [Music] so this SPF is actually like super random I just bought it at the drugstore and I I will have a link to it down below I don’t think it’s really like internationally available but I will also have some other sunscreens that I’ve enjoyed over the time in my ltk post link SPF is really important [Music] and I wanted to be extra glowy this day apparently so I put my touch of spray on top and my lineage lip mask I wear this every day currently I’m using the vanilla one and when I run out I use a different one I love this um yeah so that’s kind of it for my morning skincare [Music] [Music] now moving on to the evening I was actually kind of High girl oh my God I was tired and I was high and I needed to take off the little bit of makeup on my face I always just use some of micellar water to take off my eye makeup and my eyebrows I bet the ocean breeze [Music] and I honestly should also be I don’t know why I was laughing here I think I just I don’t know okay I’ve been using these like makeup remover towels or like what would you call these I don’t know you just activated with water and it literally wipes off your makeup like so wow and it’s reusable I think you can wash them up to like 500 times I haven’t used any other like makeup wipes ever since so yeah I love this I also like wipe off like the gel on my edges with it [Music] so this cleanser from isn’t tree I’ve actually been using for a while because I was supposed to be working with them but they ended up pulling out of the deal don’t ask me why but yeah they had semi products to try out and I actually do really enjoy this cleanser so even though they pulled out of the deal I’m still using this cleanser and yeah I actually really like using this at night time I feel like it does a little bit of a better job to really break down the oils compared to the Kiehl’s one I feel like with the Keels one I would want to double cleanse if I do it at night time I know I should be like patting my face and being like super gentle but honestly sometimes I do sometimes I don’t [Music] I don’t know why I’m making all these weird faces I think my lashes were so crusty that I was like barely getting through them and in my head I was like I heard this like crunchy sound but obviously you can’t that’s okay my lashes looks so bad fool me once for me twice so here I was kind of feeling like okay what does my skin need I am using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye rescue I love this it just gives this nice glow underneath your eyes which just makes it appear like you’re more awake um I think my mom actually just got to my place which is who I’m talking to yeah this really helps with like dark circles and stuff [Music] Charlotte Tilbury magic cream I love using this at night time I just love Charlotte’s array products in general like makeup and skincare I love the packaging like everything about it is just so perfect um I’m a big fan as you can tell I’m not sponsored but I’m a big fan so yeah just applying this all over and then I went on top with the oil again I definitely use the oil like every single night and then obviously like in the morning it just depends on what I’m doing like if I’m putting on makeup sometimes I’ll like skip oil but I love the combination it just makes my skin so like moisturized and soft and perfect [Music] this was like a new thing that I’ve been kind of doing is using one of these like lash brushes to like this looks so weird just scrub your lips I saw someone doing that it actually worked really well um and then I put my lip mask on top again on top on my lips together I was going to actually script this video but I can it just doesn’t work for me so here we are I hope you guys enjoyed my skincare routine let me know if there’s any products that you also have been using and you’re loving or any recommendations that you have again I will have my shop ltk page in the description yeah thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it I love you guys and I’ll see you in my next video understand [Music] [Applause]

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