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My Morning Skincare Routine for Glowy & Smooth Skin | Sharing THE Skincare Hack for Dry Skin


[Music] good morning welcome back to a new video i just came out of the shower and i thought it would be nice to share an updated morning skincare routine with you because i feel i haven’t done these in a while so i just washed my face i’m gonna put a quick top on and get started all right i feel all fresh up just need to quickly brush my hair the lighting in here is a little a little weird i always feel it’s hard in bathrooms but i guess you guys can see it pretty well these guys should be step number one in every type of skincare routine regardless if you have sensitive skin dry skin whatever water hydrates but i think you hear that all the time anyway i did a like workout this morning and i took a shower so i obviously wash my face i normally wash my face once or just in the evening with like a cleanser unless i work out in the morning and then i chew also in the morning so i use this like cleansing foam from the brand homo fix cam it is very gentle you only need a little bit so yeah we have a fresh base right now i really feel in the last year and i know it’s been a while since i shared a skincare routine video i’ve really mastered my skin type and really want to do i suffered a lot from dry skin especially in the winter sometimes that skin cells even would come up when it was like really cold and windy i think i just found the secret tip for it it’s some of the products i using a lot of like serums and stuff but the thing what has really helped my skin was the way to apply it and i’ve watched this video as well and i will also like pop it up here and like link it so you can like listen about like the whole science behind it when you have really dry skin and you’re just adding on product adding on product your pores get really clogged rather than really hydrated so the secret tip is to work on a wet face so i’m going to make my face wet right now okay so wet face obviously when you come out of the shower should maybe just like not completely dry your face but by the time i had my camera set up it was it was dry um so the first product i am using is a hyaluronic serum i really love this one from dr barbara storm this is really gonna bring the moisture and hydration into your skin so if you have a dry skin and even if you don’t i would just recommend this in literally everyone’s skincare routine my face is completely wet right now and i’m just adding this on a wet face the serum is actually locking in the hydration the water into the skin this has literally just been a game changer for me my skin feels so much more hydrated throughout the day it just feels a little weird at the beginning just to like put on product while your face is just wet but i’m telling you your face will absorb the h2o it will just make such a big difference in a more like hydrating and plump skin so i’m just like patting it in a little then about three times a week i use a vitamin c serum i love this one from dermalogica vitamin c is especially important when the skin is getting older or when it’s for example like a little bit damaged because vitamin c really helps with the production of collagen i suffer kind of from like dark spots so the vitamin c will help restore this a little so again my face is still a little still a little wet and i’m just adding another syrup and i think that has just also really helped for me is to build up some different types of serums rather than a lot of moisturizers and things like that which i don’t know i think i feel like when i was 14 i would put literally a pot of vaseline or like full on face of coconut oil on my face with the theory of like i let it soak overnight and my skin will absorb it and i will be hydrated and moist and this is really not the case i think it actually just got worse because your pores just get clogged there is no hydration in there so that’s why okay so in this video they were actually explaining how you kind of need to wet your face again i sometimes do this but not all the time it’s gonna be a little bit of a mess now so i’m not going to then on top i am going to use the hydrating ise face oil this is a natural face oil completely vegan it has some like really strong jojoba oil and strawberry seed oil which is full of antioxidants and jojoba seed oil in here really helps hydrate the skin so i’m going to add just like a couple of drops a lot of people with extremely sensitive skin this would be a really amazing product it is so gentle and so smooth you can use this also just like on your eyebrows on your like hair ends it’s just like such a natural and like good oil so i’m just gonna press this gently in the thing i also love with like the face oils just kind of give your face like a little massage just like underneath your eyes i forgot my question i’m in amsterdam here so i don’t have everything i always do this a little underneath the chin okay so then on top of that purely because it is extremely dry hair i don’t always do this i’m going to use the dr barbara storm face cream bridge this one also comes in a normal face cream so not only in a ridge and it’s just like a kind of like a thick moisturizer adding this on and even if you feel like your skin is getting a little dry if you have a face mist in between these steps just like wet your face before you put the face oil wet your face before you put the face cream on there and it’s just going to be such such a big difference my face is just finished so i couldn’t show you but that’s really what i’ve been doing and i don’t know just kept my skin so glowy and plum all right a little massage and then for eyes here i’m also using this like vitamin c eye serum from dermalogica i’m also obsessed with this packaging it just looks so expensive so i’m going to use like two small drops you honestly don’t need a lot for underneath the eyes and then i’m also gently pressing it a little above the eyes this is going to help ready for like those kind of puffy eyes and like dark circles and the vitamin c just like helps brighten it up and this is done so i’m actually going to dry my hair quickly and i also want to show you quickly what kind of makeup i use on my skin because i do feel that it’s kind of part of like skincare and like the way to get this kind of like glowy dewy look my skin feels super moisturized and i honestly didn’t even do that many steps it is really just about hydrating your skin with water that’s it you can even do this when you’re on a budget or when you don’t want to try out all different types of products i swear this is really going to help okay i’m going to get to my blood [Applause] [Music] okay while i was blue growing my hair i realized if i with the camera the light is way better which is actually going to be helpful um in this makeup part so for like a really glowy dewy skin a product which i first never really knew like how to use it because that was way too like shiny is really a game changer is this charlotte tilbury one it is the flawless filter i sometimes use this as like a highlighter on top but i also use this sometimes underneath my foundation so i’m actually putting this on the spots where i kind of want that like extra glow like above the cheekbones on top of my nose like above the lip a little bit on these sides there we go and then just with my hand i kind of like blend it into my skin and this will just give this like really nice shimmer glowy look underneath my foundation [Music] my all-time favorite foundation is the luminous luminous silk from giorgio armani i am using the color 3.5 and i actually find that this is a really good color on me right now but it always like changes a little bit with season so i’m just having a little drop putting this on the reason why i love this foundation so much is because it just gives like the right amount of coverage without feeling too too thick and like i’m wearing a lot of foundation i feel like most people couldn’t even tell i’m wearing foundation it just makes everything a little bit more smooth and like the same color instead of having like darker spots and things like that and the reason i just like i use my finger i just like feel it just blends really well i go too faces sometimes i use my beauty blender this time i didn’t bring it to europe so yeah i just use my finger and i honestly find that really nice often a lot of makeup artists they just use like fingers on set so if they can do it i can do it and i think now you can also see how the skincare prep before really works because my skin is kind of a little shiny right now but once it’s like all set it will be just like nice really glowy then for a concealer i am using this nars one it is the color 2.5 and i’m just putting a little it’s almost finished a little hair around my nose because the whole thing goes right there and then here and for the concealer i actually do often use a little brush i love this one from mac it’s like a special concealer concealer brush it’s like a little smaller i just feel blends nicely here at the eye oh man this lighting here we’re gonna walk over to the window for the end result i promise then hopefully everything looks on its place i didn’t really sleep a lot last night it’s not i can’t blame the jet lag anywhere but we just have been in a really bad rhythm of just going to bed way too late at like 1 2 a.m which is really not me because i love going to bed at like 10 and waking up at like 6 7 but that’s a lot of sleep by the way but yeah i feel a little bit more tired every day but you know what that’s what like holidays are for i think we did [Music] okay this is not going to be a full on skincare or two makeup routine video but i just want to show you what i do for my skin as a contour i am going to use the mocha from fenty beauty just a little and then while i blend it i kind of blend it up so you get kind of like a you know that look [Music] and for blush which i always love to put on i’m using this from nude sticks and it’s kind of like this it is the color bohemian rose and i really love this because it is like a nice cream blush and it gives like a really nice dewy healthy look put a little my nose to put a little on my eyes to kind of bring the color back and we are done this is my glowy skincare chain it’s gonna go quickly to the to the window okay there we go this is my very natural fresh morning skincare routine i hope you enjoyed it let me know if you have any questions if this tip is very useful for you and i will see you in my next video bye [Music] you

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