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MY MORNING ROUTINE πŸ€πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ«§ & Skin care + Make up tutorial + GRWM


[Music] Good morning, boys and girls, it’s okay. Sorry, it’s 8:30 to start my morning routine. I’m going to do what I do step by step, well, every day from when I get up until I go to class and The first thing I do every morning is make the bed because I don’t know it’s like when I get home the bed has to be made otherwise it ‘s like it’s like no I mean I go into my room and I need to see the bed made it ‘s It kind of gives me satisfaction so, well, nothing, first step, make the bed, let’s get to it [Music] And well, the bedspread is stretched out, the sheets to be able to parade and everything, we’re going to put the cushions that I have here [Music] Okay, then, first step later In the mornings we have it done once the bed is made the second thing I would normally do is take a shower, wash my hair and all that but since I did it last night like my hair is freshly washed and I took a shower and so on this morning I’m not going to do it that also saves me a lot of time Because it follows the typical ones that it takes a long time to shower, wash your hair, apply moisturizer, hair creams and all that.

So I like to do it calmly because I think it’s time I dedicate to myself and I like to dedicate the time I It deserves it so today I’m not going to do it because it doesn’t require it so then what I’m going to do directly is wash my face because you already know that I’m with all the small marks I had from acne and all the mess so I’m getting it taking care of a lot and I’m going to show you how I clean my face By the way In Love with my slippers to go around the house they are from Flamingo in case anyone is interested well Welcome to my bathroom this is where I proceed to do all my facial cleaning and others So good I’m going to be using the typical area and now the rest of the hair I stain it with a super life that is bigger than my face so that it doesn’t go forward while I wash my face.

What map do we make once So you learn from mistakes guys, ready, well, I’ll explain to you, I always wash my face with cold water, it’s cold, it’s hot, cold water, whatever it touches and I use the ZIP Clean from me, whatever you see, we’ll take a good chunk of it.

It’s going great for me it’s going great I always use the west one or the one from cerave east here But lately I’m using this one from AC mini because it’s going super well for me so the first thing I do is wash my face with cold water with the good one, my face is already clean What I do is just like that, patting it with a towel, nothing more But hey And now I’m going with the whole process of creams that I do in the dressing table of my room So let’s go there, go light, I’ll tell you about the creams that I wear, I don’t know if the order will be fine if it will be wrong I have no idea I ‘m going to tell you how I do it Well I’m missing things that I have here [Music] okay First I put on the acne post that is for all these little marks that I have over here So let’s go there [Music] Okay now I’ll let the skin absorb the product a bit and the next thing I’m going to apply is this moisturizing oil that is from enricsen which is really new but I ‘m starting to try it and I love it I love it also it’s like a pen it takes just right Oh our application drips and this oil comes together with this moisturizer that is also from richen it’s also incredible it’s new too but I love it is that it’s like this super creamy super me I love it I love it I love it very little and now with the cold my skin dries out a lot afterwards I put so much moisturizing cream because if it was me it starts to peel if my nose cracks around here my lips actually crack Here I have them a little cracked I have them terrible And finally the drunk elephant eye contour that Look how cool I love it just a little and that’s how you close it and that’s it Well I also put on a little c acao and well this would be my skinker routine for today because of course depending on how my face depends on pimples well I can put this on the triceps so they dry or not but this is the basics This is what I wear every day Yes or yes and well I have done skincare we are going to start with makeup and in this video I am going to show you the makeup that I do every day the one that I always do to go to class and for everything and I think that this is easier than what You can recreate what I am telling you, it is a super simple and very easy day-to-day makeup, you’ll see, okay, I’m going to start with the Paris base, which is new and the truth is that I’m in Love.

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I love it because just a little bit with my finger. I do like this and something like that and now with the Beauty Blender it’s worth the next step here I’m going to use these two concealers from the infallible 24 hours of Lore al ParΓ­s tone 327 and 325 which is lighter so what I do is the darker I like it I put to cover marquitas and this from here the points of light and others and again with the Beauty Blender I am like this to finish erasing the little marks okay the clamp has fallen a bit I am realizing and now with the 325 the lightest with dark circles and others here a little here And well I already have what are concealers and others ready Ok now I’ll move on to the shadows I’m going to be using this palette from Mac that is, the tones that are so precious that it has are ideal are ideal and with this little brush From here I’m going to take this tone and this one, which are the pinkest and a little bit of each, and I’m going to apply it all over the Cuenca [Music] OK And now, if I dropped it with a little brush, practically the same I’m going to take these two that This one is more brownish And only here, well, okay, this would be the shade, well, more brownish than I normally do now, for what is the center with this color here that has a kind of glitter, I’m going to do it right here in the center to give it a bit more light to the eye ready and now for what is the beginning of the eyelid just this with this one here the lightest tone like this and well this would be my eye shadow already ready ok once I have the eye shadow what I will do It is what the baking is told, for that I will be using the typical white powders These are from the web and While there you can see it and since the powder ones I have are from Kiko but they come in this format that are like a little sponge This is for the face I don’t know I do it with these I’ll find out and I’ll buy some powder to do it well but for now I’m doing it like this it works for me with a brush like this more flat I take a little and I do like this now with a brush like this quite a bit I take off the excess powder, okay And now with these powders, these Maybelline fit me powders that I lower They wear like a little sponge, what I do is I take a little bit and do like this and this is to give it more color and now I’m becoming famous precious and ap Fine eyeliner I’m going to use today this one from Kiko called Green I eyeliner for my spectacular So let’s go there by the way I’m going to show you how I do it and I can give you some little trick I start by making myself a liner first by drawing the line on What is going to be based on I don’t know if I explain myself well, okay, I’m going to start from this side, which is what you can see, and if I don’t speak, it’s because I need full concentration and I leave it halfway through and you see, that’s how it stays elaine and well this would be my eyeliner like this now with this one that’s like brown but it’s kind of blackish or look or even today I think I’m going to do it with this better with the Maybelline tattoo liner Yes yes I’m going to do it With this, which is a pencil and I do that, well, the little corner of the tear duct that doesn’t seem like it does, but it does a lot, I mean, I love it, I love how it looks now.

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Little mermaid brush that’s like that Co I joned a little and it illuminated the area under the eyeliner, this one a little line inwards. Okay, now let’s go with the mascara.

Today I’m going to use this one from Kiko from this year’s Christmas collection that you have like me as well as super cool spiral and for me the mascara is the step that changes all makeup, that is, makeup without and with mascara Even if you do everything the same, it’s not the same, I don’t know for me it’s the star step to fix I put on the Mac browser ready, good next step I already have the eyes eyebrows, the skin itself, now I’m going to concealer, contour, it’s just that my head doesn’t suit my head, contour that I use this one from Kiko, which is the flawless Fusion brownser powder that has broken.

But hey, it continues to do its job with [Music] this little brush [Music ] it ‘s like that a bit [Music] Not much simply to not be so white and incidentally our features are marked a bit so that a little bit on the forehead [Music] I think it happened to me Hala Well I’m going to do that with the sponge and a Nothing happened here I just got it no Hello Hello Hello I liked it I liked it I’m going to do it more times contours made and now I’m going to the guy everything again we go to the blush I use this one from winbox called Pink which is like this a super cool little box one time how Cool with this little brush here [Music] ready ok you see We already have another face color we are no longer white highlighter I am going to use this one that is a little and that is new I am going to use this one by charlo The tilbury that was sent to me the other day could be prettier, no, it can’t, I’m telling you, it can’t, and it also came with this little brush that, my God, if you could touch it, I think it’s the softest brush I have, but it’s incredible, it ‘s very soft.

a little bit and like that and ready in theory I’m already how shiny I love it I love it well in theory all the makeup would be alone Now I’m going to do the lips I’m going to use this lip liner which is actually an eyeliner it’s also to be used by Tilbury It’s the pillowtalk eyeliner but I love it as a lip liner, it has a beautiful color so I proceed to outline my lips, okay And now outlined like this with a darker tone, today I’m going to wear this lip penga that is from Kiko, which is the Smart 434 It doesn’t look good but hey It’s a tone like this Pink looking brown seems beautiful to me it would look like this and I’m going to put a little bit of El de Charlotte figury Walk on Chain on top of it, which is like a very strong pink [Music] and well we would have the makeup ready This is the makeup that I wear every day, it’s easy, it’s easy to do.

You’ve already seen four steps with Downs, we’re going to choose an outfit and go downstairs for breakfast. Okay, now for me comes the most difficult part, which is choosing an outfit.

We’re going to do it today in class and since I have theater and Theater it’s good, the one of the subjects I have is theater and Theater sometimes we literally roll on the floor Okay I have the Op Jersey I have been treated by this one, yes, made of very cute lanita, it is new and I am between the black leather pants, a black jean or a normal jean, well, this is how the sweater would look, the truth is that it seems great to me and I am going to try it with the black leather pants I think they are going to be the definitive option okay I think I have it I think it looks very cool I opted because it does look cool Okay well we have outfits only now for now I’m going to wear my fans and at home she did my hair we’ll have breakfast and we ‘re leaving, okay, what I’m going to do is iron my hair a bit, what the hell, we’ve caught static electricity.

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I look like a chick. The last thing we have to do is choose earrings, a necklace, and so on. I don’t know, I think silver suits me today when I go gray and black. I think I’m going to put these on.

The one I have to put on the earrings is incredible. Yes, I like it. Okay, and the necklace I think I’m going to wear this one here, which is silver with a little black stone, because I don’t see the necklace too heavy either, you know, a chain doesn’t fit me like that, if I clarify myself the first one [Music] Of course no one is opening it how are you going to put it in take that has been left behind [Music] There it is yes very thin very good well this would be our total look [Music] the earrings are from the primark I liked them a 50 euro chollaza seems precious to me on top of that they have a little shape around there they are very good the necklace is from sansaro the sweater is from the pants too and the shoes from porcaso are from flamineo and now I’m already low we are going to make breakfast worth what I get I make practically every day when I go to have breakfast it’s a sandwich or bread itself with York soap with the typical golden sandwich toaster and I love it because I eat it so much to my liking.

Well, I already have bread around here. I’m the typical one that when I go to buy the bread the bread always comes back without this I can’t help it along the way I have to take a bite but like the other me my mother well they’re throwing but now I don’t knife knife [Music] I’m a sugar salt shaker I’m going to cut a little piece of bread like this Now I put a drizzle of olive oil like this and with the other little piece of bread that I soaked and now the ham, I personally like to put a lot of good ham, it’s been such that the sandwich and now no no the enchula I have forgotten to understand it and now that it is hot we put the bread and close how hungry so hungry Look how it already has the stripes it is that it is good And once finished I return here to my room and I prepare the bag to go to class bag voucher Today I’m going to take this one that Santa Claus brought me, the Valentino that I’m in love with is a good piece of bag that I’m going to take with me.

Scoring and editing on the way and that’s the wallet Obviously with cards and other money the class scenes here and then I’m going to take This one I need from ghd and I’m going to put a little mirror inside of these and inside my favorite lipstick from charlots The Pilot Talk I mean, in its last days I love it, it’s my favorite, along with Kiko’s, my sunglasses, just in case I’m going to wear the clamp, this one that seems ideal to me, it ‘s super pretty and it’s a butterfly, that is, when you put it on, it will Go like this and well, I need to get ready to go inside.

I’ll take the phone charger that’s downstairs, now I’ll take it and that’s it, and now that we’re ready, I’m ready, we already have the bag ready. We’ve had breakfast, we’ve made the bed and we’re going to class so good boys and girls this has been my morning This is what I usually do every day before I go to class or before any day A normal day all this is what I do and Well I hope you have I really liked the video, I loved doing it, I had a really good time, and you also had a makeup tutorial there as a gift. Thank you very much for the video, a huge kiss to everyone and see you in the next video Bye Y now I’m going to class

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