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[, Music, ], hey guys and welcome back to my bathroom. It’S always weird filming in here when you have like a microphone like next to the toilet. It’S just a very awkward situation. So today we’re going to be doing my updated morning, skincare routine. I recently did my nighttime get on ready with me routine, and I’ve been so many requests to do a morning routine.

So that’s what we’re doing today, and so this video, just like my nighttime routine, is gon na be completely unspotted. So I feel, like that’s, very helpful and makes things a little bit less biased. So you guys want to see what I use on my skin every morning and then we’re just gon na dive right into it. I would like to apologize in advance for the fact that a lot of these products are more on the expensive side, but they are what I truly use on a daily basis. I’Ve purchased them with my own money and I really enjoy them.

So I said this in my nighttime routine, but the prices of like Sephora and department store skincare products right now are like almost the same, sometimes even more than medical grade. So just keep that in mind. You know. Do your own research before you try out products, and you know everyone’s skin is different, so keep that in mind as well. So, for me, the first step in the morning is to wash my face and I’m using air quotes, because I don’t like use a cleanser in the morning unless I used like an overnight mask or something like that.

The night before, usually, I would just use my seller, water or I will just splash in my face with water without using any cleanser. That’S just personal preference. I don’t feel like I need it. I’M just have that skin type I just feel like. Sometimes, over washing and over dry, my skin, so I’m just gon na put my hair up and scrunchie before we get the show on the road.

Now I’m just going to rinse my face with some patter down. So then, after my face is dry. I go in with this product from a polished choice. It’S their 2 % BHA liquid exfoliant. I’M obsessed with this I’ve been raving about this for years.

I just will not live without it. I use it every single morning, sometimes at night, if I’m not using any other kind of exfoliant, it’s just the best that keeps my pores clean. It prevents the breakouts. It makes my for slip smaller, it’s just a really really great product. So I always use this and I don’t use a toner.

I’Ve tried using toners. I didn’t notice a difference, so I just took it off in my routine. So this you never put on a cotton pad, but I feel like that’s just like a waste of a cotton pad. So honestly, I just put it on my hands and I don’t know if this is like against the rules. But I always do this and I don’t see any issues so kind of just read it out, and then I Pat it in or slap it in.

My face like like this just helps to wake me up in the morning and helps it to absorb. So next time I go in with this product – and this is from – is clinical – it’s their youth complex. So I also use their youth eye complex, but this is kind of like an all-over face version and it’s supposed to help like with fine lines and wrinkles and kind of act. It’S like a smoother. So this product has like an immediate smoothing effect for fine lines and wrinkles, and then it also is beneficial over time.

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So it has some fruit acids in there to help exfoliate. It has some peptides and some growth factors. So it’s really great for anti-aging. It has hyaluronic in there, so it’s hydrating as well. So I just really liked it some on my neck as well, and normally I’m wearing like a shitty t-shirt, but today I’m wearing this nice white one and I don’t want it, ruin it and get it all.

Like grimy, so just imagine I’m bringing it down because normally I’m wearing like a ratty old shirt that I don’t care about. So next, I’m gon na go in with my vitamin C, and for that I used this little trio trifecta system from truth treatments. So if you guys have seen my nighttime skincare routine, you know that I use this system for my nighttime skin, so you can just use this day and night, but I also have the vitamin C balm for a night time, which is just a little bit heavier A little bit thicker a little bit more potent, but you could also use this day or night so anyways. This is my favorite favorite favorite brand. For vitamin C it is so potent it is very effective.

It actually like penetrates your skin. It gets down to the cellular level and I just love it doesn’t smell like hot dogs, and it’s just the best, so I feel, like my skin, has definitely improved so much since I started using this product. I just feel like my skin tone, is so incredibly even now now that it was really bad before, but I’ve noticed a huge difference. I do have a little bit of freckling right now, because I’ve been out on the Sun, but I feel like this product. This little trio has helped my skin so much so.

Basically, what you do is you create a little cocktail this in your hand and then apply it to your face. So that’s what I’m gon na do so I first go in with the vitamin C put a few like two or three drops into the palm of my hand. Then I add one or two pumps of the hyaluronic mineral hydrator, and then I do one or two sprays of the mineral mist, and so these together really help deliver the product to the cells of the skin and make it pass. You know the top layers or the skin to make it really effective. So I just kind of put this all over as well.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I do have a coupon code for you guys for a lot of the medical grade, products which I will put on screen. So I did purchase them with my own money, but the company that I purchased them from. I saw that I was a customer and they wanted to give me a co for you guys to get a discount and for me to make a little extra dough. So if you guys want to use it feel free, if you don’t be a hater, it’s like I’m going to go in with eye cream. This is the is clinical youth.

I serum and I just love the stuff. You need a teeny tiny amount like half of a pump is all you need it’s expensive, but I feel like it’s awesome when I have thoughts on my hand, that’s cute underneath my eyes, pat pat pat all around town, and I always use my middle finger. I know I’m supposed to use my pinky or my ring finger, but I’m like physically incapable of like using those fingers if they don’t like work for me, they’re just like all over the place, so I just need my little finger like a rebel. So I really like this eye cream and it wears really nicely underneath makeup so then I’ll go in and add a little bit of extra moisture. So I have a few different moisturizers.

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I’Ve been rotating between this one actually is a drugstore one. I talked about this in my nighttime routine as well. It’S the Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream for extra dry skin. This is what it looks like it’s very lightweight, but it’s very hydrating at the same time. So I think it’s great for summer in the daytime as well, because it’s not thick underneath your sunscreen and your makeup.

So I use this one a lot and then I also have this new ones. I’Ve been trying out so this I can’t really text to because I’ve only been using it for like a week or so, and I do really like it. But I can’t really speak on the long-term benefits, but a lot of people love this one and it has great reviews. So this is the again is clinical reparative moisture emulsion. So this is supposed to be restoring hydrating smoothing again, so it wears really nicely under makeup.

I’M gon na use this a just because I want to. I won’t say I have like a weird kind of I don’t know what the smell is sounds like some sort of flower that I don’t really love, but small fades away fairly quickly. So yeah very lightweight, very hydrating and I enjoy it, but I also really enjoyed the Neutrogena so yeah and by the way I’ve been putting all this leftover excess on the back of my hands, which is a pro tip. If you are interested in making your hands. Look useful to match your face.

Okay, then I have one more step that I like to do before I apply my sunscreen. I don’t always do this, but if I have the time and lately I’ve at the time, I will squeeze this in there. So this is a rose quartz roller. This is from flawless beauty and this one actually vibrates – and I feel like that – just kind of intensifies the facts and like further contours and lifts your face. I don’t know if it has any real long-term benefits, but it feels amazing on my skin, helps it with puffiness sinus drainage.

You know lymphatic drainage and I really enjoy it. So I’m gon na use this, so I’m just gon na go and do this all over. My face always in an upward motion, and I kind of like to just go over the same area like three or four times and then work my way up: [ Music, ], [, Music, ] and this one actually comes with a separate attachment for the under eye. You just kind of hold it there and then move it on on, and I just really like this for under eye puffiness and then my last and final step is sunscreen. So do not forget your sunscreen always wear your sunscreen, especially if you’re using all these crazy.

You know skincare ingredients, these expensive products. You need to protect your investment with sunscreen, so this I showed in my go to kind of spring/summer makeup. Look. I use this in place a foundation, I’m obsessed with this product, so it is the elastin hydroton pro mineral SPF. 36, it is a mineral sunscreen, it’s tinted, it has antioxidants in there.

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It’S amazing and I’m obsessed, so I’m just going to apply this to my skin and you want to make sure that you’re applying a novice soul, like I think, like a quarter-sized amount. I usually do and as you’ll see, this just instantly makes my skin look pretty darn perfect on its own. Do you see how white my face and neck are compared to my body? I’M more diligent. I mean I always apply sunscreen to my body, but I’m more diligent about it.

With my face, then I wanted to mention two non tinted sunscreens that I do like this one. My skin is a little bit sensitive and it kind of makes me bumpy so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive, but this is the first guards up mineral sunscreen, it’s great and then this one is the first aid beauty, weightless sunscreen. So these are both mineral. I’M sure you guys how they go on the skin, so they have a slight tint but adds no coverage and then the tint kind of like disappears so I’ll show you guys what these look like, really quick. This is the first date beauty as you’ll see it.

Just instantly kind of disappears and then the verse is a little bit thicker, but it does disappear onto your skin. So I wanted to really quickly mention those I want to share those with you guys, but the elastin is definitely my number one and is a little bit expensive, but you get a good amount of products in here and you get 2.6 ounces and, like the first Aid beauty you get 1.5, so you’re, getting like a whole extra ounce in this product and you’re also getting a little bit of coverage. Okay, so I just took my hair down.

I’M gon na. Add some lip balm today, I’m using this one from fresh, it’s their advanced therapy lip balm. So I really like this one, and that is it, that it is my skincare routine, obviously make sure to apply some sunscreen through your body at your hands today, I’m just gon na use this super goop. I haven’t found a body mineral sunscreen that I enjoy. So if you guys have one that you like you know, let me know in the comments so yeah that is it for my morning, skincare routine.

I know what kind of seems like a lot, but in reality it takes me like three minutes and I’ve really been loving these products. I’Ve been using everything since November and I have been hooked well, the elastin. I think I started using it like January above everything else. I have been using for a good amount of time. So that’s why I don’t like to do routines and updated routines too often, because I want to give the products a chance, so yeah I’ve really been loving these products.

Let me know if you guys have tried any of them or what your favorite morning skincare product is. Let me know in comments below and yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see those still the problem, not me. I would never be the cause of an issue you

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