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Model Summer Morning Routine | Skincare, Food, & My Diet | Sanne Vloet


hey guys so today i’m going to show my morning routine and even if i have a day off i like to wake up quite early so today my alarm is at 9 00 am i’m still a little bit sleepy and actually not the first thing what i do is uh checking my phone because i like to have a little moment for myself first and not receiving all messages so i’m gonna go straight to the bathroom and the first thing what i’m gonna do is grab a glass and drink a glass of water it is very important to stay hydrated and especially after a long night of sleep after that i’m gonna take out my night contacts and a lot of people actually have never seen this before but during the night i wear special contacts and i take them off in the morning so i will see proper and clear all day long this is like really perfect because i’m wearing a lot of makeup at work and also while doing sports super easy then i rinse off my face with a splash of cold water and dry my face hopefully this wakes me up a little bit then i have a little bit of makeup rest under my eyes so i’m using these skin eye wipes and i am removing a little bit off the mascara from yesterday then i grab my robe and i’m gonna head downstairs because my favorite part of the morning starts i am gonna make myself a nice breakfast actually when i walk into the kitchen again the first thing i do is drink another glass of water uh if you have this in your morning routine uh this already helps like all day long that you have your water and that you stay hydrated then i’m gonna open up the fridge check what kind of food i have and deciding what kind of breakfast i’m gonna make get some eggs whoa the blueberries on the floor so this is me kind of typically every morning still sleepy and throwing everything on the ground so i decided i’m gonna make a little oatmeal and also what i like to do when i’m home alone i go to spotify and i just put on some really relaxing music i found this like nice playlist uh online and this is just really relaxing then i’m gonna grab a bowl and i’m gonna start making two egg whites it’s probably really weird that i put egg whites in my oatmeal but uh this is great to add some extra protein to that and also it gives your oatmeal kind of like a fluffy texture which i really like so i’m just gonna put a little bit of oatmeal in a pan and i’m gonna add a little bit of water to that and i put the fire on low heat i add some flax seed and also some chia seed which is full of fiber i mix this a little bit together and while it’s warming up i am gonna add the egg whites to the oatmeal i mix it a little bit until it’s cooked i’m gonna add half of a banana this one is a bit brown but that will make the oatmeal very sweet i mix it together and while it’s cooking i’m gonna make myself a little coffee with my little nespresso machine for me this is actually the best coffee out there i think it’s really great and i’ve been using this machine for years already so i have my oatmeal bowl almost ready i’m just gonna add a cup of toppings blueberries some pomegranates and also some dried mulberries [Music] then my favorite the peanut butter [Music] i’m gonna take a big scoop and put it in there this also adds some extra protein and just very tasty never spill any peanut butter at all last but not least i’m adding some nuts these are pecan and hazelnuts then my breakfast is ready this will keep me full all morning because it’s full of carbs protein and with the fruits also vitamins so this is really nice to start the day with so i’m gonna walk to the dining table and this is actually the moment that i’m gonna turn on my phone get my laptop and just checking my emails receiving all my messages and also going through my youtube comments also i really like to call my friends or family because i have time for that and this morning i’m also surfing on the internet because i’m looking for a nice holiday destination this summer i can’t really make up my mind yet i’m thinking about the south of europe but if you guys have any recommendations where to go to please comment below i would love to hear that then after i’m gonna go to the kitchen and clean up a little bit the mess i made actually it looks like i drink a lot of gin but i just really love the bottles on the left i think the colors are just super cute so after cleaning i’m gonna go upstairs i open up the curtains and i see it’s a really sunny day which makes me very very happy after i’m gonna jump into the shower to clean my face i’m using a cleanser by saturday skin this is just super easy to use under the shower you put it on your face and just rinse it off with the hot water for my body i’m using a ritual shower gel which is made of rice milk and it smells really nice for my hair i’m using a playa shampoo and this contains actually coconut water and sugar bead extract and it really reminds me of the sea while washing my hair because of the smell is really amazing then i jump out of the shower and because i have my morning off i had a little bit of time for a little face mask so i’m using this rose face mask by fresh and the great thing about this is that you only have to leave it on for five or ten minutes so it’s easy to use quickly in the morning while i have my face mask on i’m gonna brush my teeth which is very important obviously in the morning then i’m gonna use for my body coconut island body lotion to keep my body moisture i’m always switching my body lotions actually but they’re always in the smell or flavor coconut or vanilla then i rinse off my face mask with some hot water take off my towel and just brush my hair a little bit for my skin today i’m using a hydroboost serum by m61 which contains a lot of vitamin b5 this one is actually oil-free so it’s really great for the skin because it doesn’t get really crazy from the same brand i’m using also the eye serum and i put this under my eyes [Music] for the skin i’m also using a hydrating serum by la mer which is kind of very like thin liquid and it’s really nice and feels very silky on your skin today i’m not really feeling like a day cream because i’m gonna go outside in the sun so i’m gonna use a biodermal sunscreen and this has spf 30 and it’s especially for sensitive skin which is really great also it’s perfume free and it’s not greasy at all so today i’m using that as a base also because i’m not really doing anything today i’m barely gonna wear any makeup i’m using this yves solorock concealer and put this on my eye bags and a little bit on my red spots [Music] just to cover up everything a little bit then i’m using an eyebrow pencil by charlotte tilbury to brush and draw my brows a little bit i feel if my brows look on point then i’m ready to head out actually also today i’m not wearing any mascara so i’m just using an eyelash curler to give my eyes a little bit an open look for my lips i’m using a tarte kind of lip gloss lipstick this is just to give my lips a tiny bit of color and to moisturize it a little bit then i’m drying my hair this always takes so long i should invent something for that after that i am using some texturizing spray by moroccan oil and just put this into my roots to give it a little bit of volume and then i’m using my revington hair curler and just gonna curl the ends a little bit so it doesn’t look so straight and also for my hair ends i’m using a playa ritual hair oil which contains oil from cuckoo apricot and sunflower and last but not least i put some narcissa rodriguez perfume on i’ve been wearing this one already for years and i actually put it in my hair as well because i feel the smell stays in there much better than on your skin all day then i’m walking into my dressing room and trying to figure out what i’m gonna wear which is always such a struggle in the morning so i find this nice jumpsuit from topshop and lately i’ve been wearing a lot of jumpsuits i think because it’s so easy you don’t have to look for a bottom and a top it’s just one piece and you’re done so the little top i’m wearing is actually also from topshop uh but it’s quite a while ago so i don’t know if they still have that but the jumpsuit take two then i grab my bag and i don’t know why i look so angry but here’s my outfit of today if you guys like this morning routine please thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos and see you guys in the next video soon

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