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“I Started Losing My Hair At 20” | Listen Up | ABC Science


It just controlled, my life.I was always worried about it. I was always thinking about it. It definitely made me feelreally ashamed of how I looked for sure, I’m Chris I’m 29 and I started losing My Hair at 20.
I was a contestant on, So you think you can dance starring in the show and it was such an exciting time.

When My Hair first started thinning, the hair line had moved way back on my head.

It was kind of rapidly going instantly I couldn’t handle the thought of someone looking at my Hairor touching My Hair because of how bad it looked and I was so ashamed of it. I was super young thinking, I’m 21. I should have a head full of hair. You know,
I remember being just so: upset.

here was never any really clear answers of why Doctors were just kind of saying that it was eitherhereditary or it can just happen. Most of the options had a lot of side. Effects.The medication made me really worried that, if itwas to take it, is it worth the hair growth the hair transplant isn’t 100 % guaranteed that it can stay forever. The best result we got was like a hair growth cream, It took about three months to kick in and by 22 it had come back, So it was like a good six months of using this cream.

It was just so exciting. So I was living in Los Angeles when I receive done of the worst phone calls I probably could have ever got in my life. My Mum had passed away.

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And I guess in that time the stress was like unbearable.Immediately, My Hair, just started to fall out again. I just thought like that’s it
It’s not going to come back again.

I was consistently trying to hide it even for me just going to the mail box I would put a hat on It was just exhausting. I was always worrying about what I looked like that I just thought: the only option was to completely get rid of it.

Being in the entertainment industry is hard you’re being judged every second on how you look.Once, I shaved the hair off the job I was given were just all dad roles: orliterally old man, roles, like in, inverted commas, “ old man” .It was just so disappointing.

That, for me, was the final straw when I started seeing those words
I was like I haveto do something about this. If I had known how simple getting a hairpiece was, I would have done it years. Ago.I definitely think there is stigma around hairpieces and toupees. Today, There’s no difference with a woman getting extensions and a guy getting something for his hair.

I think it’s exactly thesame thing: It doesn’t matter to me at all: that this isn’t my Hair. I actually forget that it’snot mine most of the time, because it’s connected to my head, I feel amazing, I feel probably the best. I’Ve felt in years.

I feel so good aboutthe way. I look. feel good on the inside.I felt like there wasn’t enough talk, about hair loss, The more we speak about this the more it becomes normal and the more it’s just a normal conversation.It takes a lot of courage and strength to, put your hand up and ask for help.

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