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Hyram Reacts to my Skincare Routine | Charli D’Amelio


hello you guys it is charlie and welcome back to my youtube channel today i have a very very very special guest we have the skincare by hiram hi thank you for having me oh my gosh thank you for coming so today we are going to be going over my skincare routine and what it is right now and all of its amazingness and hiram is going to be telling me what i am doing wrong and what i’m doing right we’re going to really go through and see how good i am at skincare we’ll see i i feel confident because even i think it was like a tick tock not that long ago i saw a cerave product and i was like oh okay i see i sense a glow up i sense a glow up he’s so happy i’m excited [Music] so first thing that i’m going to do is explain my skin type and some of my problem areas and some of the things that are very great you know so i have very normal skin it’s not dry it’s not oily it’s very just in the middle like this is my face right now with no moisturizer that’s crazy that’s the best skin type to have my skin is literally i’m so jealous of you i have such greasy skin so i’m like wow what is it like to be perfect well i did have oily skin like a few years ago but my body kind of worked its way out of that oh cool so that’s really awesome like i used to have to get the oil waters off yeah my life so we’ve grown a lot in the past few years very very great um but the problem that i have is i get a lot of like not pimples but like some of the little bumps oh like the bumps like under the skin bumps yeah and i tend to get them like over here too which i can’t really do much about so i just do my best and when i break out i tend to break out on my nose or like in the middle of my cheeks okay okay and what are they like big breakouts or are they kind of like smaller there will it’s always one big one and it’ll be like around here imagine my eyebrows on my nose or on my cheeks and usually they end up like leaving you could probably see there’s some dark spots like especially on this side i don’t see anything but i feel you on that struggle when i get a breakout it’s it’s either nothing or you can see it from the international space station it’s like huge yeah and i am the person to pick it until it’s the sky so that’s why i like i think there was one right here it might have like just gone away but it was like i don’t see it yeah it was dark because after it was a scar it had to go through the healing yeah so that’s usually what happens okay okay i mean picking is one of those things obviously i’m sure you know it’s bad but it’s one of those things that’s so hard to stop doing yeah yeah i know it’s bad i know i shouldn’t do it i have no self-control and that’s where we are at right now well hopefully the skincare routine that you use compensates for that i’m hoping it like it’s half and half okay i’m so nervous like i’m not sure what to expect should we move on to our first product yes i’ll close my eyes so you can just surprise me with each product you’re not gonna like this one that’s that’s what it is okay that’s so pretty first of all oh my gosh okay okay you know okay yeah you know i i somewhat anticipated this um because i feel like i saw in one of your tick tocks or something mm-hmm it’s just it’s so easy to get the makeup off yeah and i know nothing else it is really easy i mean that’s the appeal is you can just like use it super quick and they work so good it works it does work i think the challenge i have is like the waste it creates and that is another thing that i that’s very true yeah it just creates daily waste and they’re kind of like plastic bags for the environment yeah which is why i’m not crazy huge crazy huge fan of them but it’s funny that you actually bring this out because i did i i will show later on i brought something for you that’ll hopefully be a good substitute for that i hope so our first product do you think we will be replacing 100 yes for the environment’s purposes yes exactly okay we’re going to move on to my face wash actually this is going to be the face wash that i got from you that didn’t work for me and then the one that i changed to that did and you’re going to be very happy okay oh i’m so excited yes okay oh oh okay so both both the cerave foaming and serve hydrating so let me guess did you start using this one first and you didn’t like it yeah that one yeah okay i don’t know what it was about this one i think it’s because my skin isn’t dry i don’t think i needed it so it created almost like too much moisture yeah and then i switched to this one and ever since it’s been really great that’s awesome well i mean i’ll be 100 honest love the ingredients for my skin hate the experience because i just feel like it didn’t cleanse my skin enough yeah but it’s good for people with really dry skin i personally for my skin like this one more oh that’s so awesome well you’re doing great this one’s a win yes we like this one i love that one this one’s good if you have dry skin not for me though one can’t be perfect for everyone the next one is my moisturizer which i’m also going to be very pleased with oh okay so we have this one yes oh my gosh okay the classic my go-to every day so that’s like your obsession it’s worked really well for your skin 100 oh that’s awesome and it works i mean it’s just really simple i think that’s the best thing it’s like it’s super simple it’s not like anything like really fancy so in case like you’re trying other things and they don’t work for your skin at all you can kind of like count on something like this like that to um to like just kind of fix everything but yeah i mean that’s the reason why i like service because it’s just like it’s super affordable it’s not fancy it works that’s like all you need okay next one is a spot treatment but i’m gonna ask you a quick question first okay thoughts on the mario badescu spot treatment because i know a lot of my friends use it and i personally haven’t had the best experience with their products they i’m i’m i think allergic to toner oh yeah i tried their rose water spray in their toner and it gave me a chemical burn no way yeah whoa i mean i’ll be honest i cannot stand that spray i cannot it’s just it’s like fragrance and water that’s expensive and doesn’t do anything for your skin yeah but the drying lotion the spot treatment i i actually really like that product from them okay but only if you have like really oily skin if you have more dry skin or even with your normal skin you have a breakout you’re not over producing oil in that area so you don’t need the spot treatment to like really dry out because it’s a clay really draw whatever is in your pores so i think it’s good if you use it with the right skin type okay and like toners do you think are just a no like i shouldn’t risk it because i’ve done it twice actually really it’s the rose water spray and it was like i sprayed it on and the next day i woke up and it was like my face was scaly like i it was peeling off so bad and that’s so scary you can’t put like aquaphor on it because it burns even aquaphor burns yeah see aquaphor will like rescue your skin no matter what it’s going through that really mess you up that sounds like an allergy like a like a real allergy and i hesitate to say that because i’m like not a doctor but that sounds really bad yeah i went to the dermatologist they had to give me this like prescription steroid cream because that was the only thing that fixed it so that yeah and i did it twice because i forgot that but i want to see the spot treatment that you use i’m excited for that okay here we go oh no way i love this sticker oh my gosh so these are pimple patches that have a ton of like tiny little needles on them that you press onto your skin and they deliver the ingredients like deeper into your skin so that it’s not something that can just be on the surface and then you get like oily or your pillow rubs it off or whatever it’s it’s really great how long have you been using these i’ve been using these for a few months actually they sent me some no way and i like fell in love and they recently sent me like more and i was so excited and they have one for like a dark spot so i used that on the dark spot that i had on my cheek and it went away and i was very very happy with it yeah oh my gosh well no they’re awesome i love the company um the reason why you got rid of a dark spot i don’t know if you i talk about this ingredient all the time niacinamide i don’t know if you’ve heard of that ingredient okay no worries it’s like your best friend it’s what’s going to get rid of all the dark spots so after you pick your pimples niacinamide which is in that patch or in other ingredients other products it will rescue your dark spots okay so that’s good to know yeah overall what are your thoughts so love love love don’t love but i love that you’re trying to remove like makeup and dirt from your skin before you cleanse because a lot of people don’t do that and they think that a cleanser on its own will get rid of like a full face of makeup and honey it’s it’s not it’s not gonna work so in concept i like it the actual product itself i’m not a fan of okay the only thing i have to ask do you use a sunscreen i actually have started using sunset oh yeah okay good good because i i was so scared so i was like oh no are you not using a sunscreen it was actually very recently when i saw like what not using sunscreen can really do for your skin and like after seeing that i was like this is bad so i use the sun bum i love sun the 50 face and i feel like it’s like if i’m going out or like to the beach or anything i just recently realized how important it is so i’ve been very on myself to remember it good i mean sunscreen is so much more than because i always used to think like oh well i’ll use it when i go to the beach because i don’t want to sunburn sorry and that’s it but i didn’t realize that like you know there’s uvb rays which burn you but there’s uv a rays which age you and you get wrinkles really really really fast also it makes your acne worse and all these problems so just wearing a sunscreen helps with all of that yeah so i’m so happy to hear i mean i i use a sun bum i’ve been using sun bum sunscreens for like a long time they’re super good yeah now that i know that you’re using a sunscreen this routine is really good i mean it’s really simple which is totally fine you don’t need anything fancy and i’m so glad you didn’t pull out like 20 products because i would have been like okay we need to like simplify bring it down yeah i feel like i’ve done that a lot since you reacted to my skincare routine i’ve kind of been able to really make it where every day i use these three and i use these when i need them nice it’s been a long process but i think it’s been going very well do you still use that clay mask that you used in the video no okay good good so i was gonna say if you don’t have oily skin like if your skin isn’t crazy oily anymore please don’t use a clay mask i really don’t use like face masks i don’t feel like i don’t need to do that i feel like it’s more like a self-care ooh fancy type thing than like oh i need to do a face mask for my skin to look how i want it to look i mean can i be honest i usually only do a face mask like once every two weeks okay so not very often because if you have a really good simple skincare routine you don’t need to you don’t need to do a face mask and i like to approach it from like when i want to feel fancy and when i want to relax when i want to just have fun or do it with friends or whatever then i do a face mask but i don’t think you need to do a face mask like super regularly like what face mask would someone use for like every two weeks even i’d say like an exfoliating one so like um one that just like dissolves the dead skin cells away or like a really hydrating one like there’s some honey masks that i use that are really hydrating or ones that when i like take it off after five minutes like you know the ordinary blood red one yeah that was super popular on tick tock you got to be careful about how you use it because it can be risky did you try it the first time i used it my skin was obviously not ready i was the entire time washed it off my face was bright red not good oh no i’m so sorry yeah i mean i’ve been able to like build up a tolerance last time i did it was like what like some over a month ago but i mean i just it hurts like i have my skin’s not good for that it’s very fragile i mean if it hurts don’t do it yeah well i do have to say i love this routine if it’s okay i brought some products that i can give you in case you want to explore and try something new and find some new favorites if you’re ever in the mood i brought some that you can use which we’ll be going over in in my video um where i’ll be making a skincare routine for you if you guys want to watch for sure and who knows you might see an updated skincare routine by me on this youtube channel soon of course sponsored by skincare by hiring um so if you want to see hiram give me an updated skin care routine with some new products make sure you go to hiram’s channel to check that out i’m super super excited thank you so much yeah doing this for me i mean it obviously means a lot coming from you that you were able to approve most of my skincare routine and yeah that is all that we have for my video today make sure you like and subscribe and all that fun stuff all of hyrum’s social media channels will be in the description box below as well as mine i believe thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you next time bye guys

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