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Hey guys, what’s up welcome back or if you’re new here hi my name is ara, and this is my channel. I also want to share with you guys that I’m also on facebook, I’m also on instagram and, of course, ‘m also on tiktok guys. Let us not prolong this video, because this video is also one of the most highly requested one, because this is why I am vlogging guys, because you guys are my audience. My videos are all for you, so without further ado, let’s get into the video so anyway for today’s video guys, as you can see on the title below this, video is going to be about how to lighten our skin in general, because I’ve been vlogging a lot Of whitening products, whitening soaps, whitening body, scrubs and whatever, but I just realized – I haven’t vlogged talaga answers the question: how do we really lighten our skin before anything else? I just want to say that this video is not to discriminate.

Those who has um darker skin tone, this video is just for anyone or to anybody out there who has their own preference to have their skin lighter. Just like me, all right, guys so tip number one. This is 11 but tip number one. Prevention is better than cure. I just want to talk about pigmentation.

Aside from it is from your genetics, it is really the sun rays that triggers pigmentation of our skin. Basically pigmentation is caused by sun rays or you being exposed to the sun. So I’ll just explain this as briefly as possible. Basically guys pigmentation is responsible for the coloring of your skin tone. Pigmentation is what makes your skin darker or has more color.

So that’s what we want to avoid if, because you’re watching this video, I think that you guys would also want to avoid pigmentation in your skin, because that’s what darkens, your skin, how do we prevent it? I know that there are a lot of working moms out there. You know there are also a lot of um you who loves the outdoors too much. So that’s why my first tip to avoid pigmentation is to bring umbrella with you guys, so i always bring umbrella with me. So that’s why, when I when I walk outdoors or when it when I just have um errands, I always bring umbrella with me so that I will not be hit on direct sunlight um directly.


There will still be sunlight that will hit on my body on my face, but at least it will lessen the exposure. At least there is an umbrella, or there is a protection for us to minimize the exposure to direct sunlight so that our pigments or pigmentation will not be triggered. The next step, guys is this is what i always remind you guys to always put this to your skin talaga, the next, i’m sorry, okay, so the next step guys is sundock, make sure guys. I just want to stress this out that when you buy your sunblock guys make sure that it’s a sunblock that would block the uva and uvb rays. So aside from not wanting to darker darken our skin tone or our face or our body, it is also the wrinkles that we do not want to have them.

It’s really scientifically proven. If you are hit on wreck sunlight for too long must mobilize style, mug age or we will age even faster um. If you guys are asking what is my sunblock, I think if you are an og here in my channel, I think you guys already know what my sunblock is. This is the picture so make sure guys that when you apply sunblock guys as much as possible, you need to apply every three hours, especially when you are outdoors sunblock is an everyday use, even if you do not go outside of the house, so it is really Important that you guys to apply sunblock every now and then even if you’re, just staying at home, okay, so number two is the self-care or the exfoliating part. So i think you guys already know that I exfoliate every now and then i exfoliate at least two times a week four times at most when it comes to exfoliating guys.

I just want to say that do not go below two times a week and do not go beyond four times a week. So I think I always say this to you guys. If you keep on watching my vlogs. I think you already know the reason, because if you go below two times a week, it would not affect the exfoliating process to not affect on your skin, to your face or on your body and also, if you guys would go beyond four times a week. Then there’s really a possibility that your skin will become darker, so you think I see guys it’s a process of removing dead skin cells or scrubbing your face or your body.

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So when we go beyond four times it would really be too much for your skin. I think your skin or our skin cannot handle guys the exfoliating part or yeah. This is the time where we clean ourselves and then we when we are clean, it will make our skin more lighter and that’s what would make our skin more glowing more, lighter and whiter. So i think, that’s all i can say with the self-care or the exfoliating part guys. Basically, this is the part where we scrub or where we clean ourselves alright.

So now that we are down to number three or one of the most effective parts and most obvious part in lightening one’s skin, so this is where the products would come from. This is where the action would take. So number three is to choose the best skin whitening products that suits your skin because at the end of the day guys, i would always recommend a lot of whitening skin brightening products that um suits me. But at the end of the day, we don’t have the same skin type. What works well for me might not work well for you um.

Yes, it is okay to watch my vlogs and also copy the things that really worked well on me. So maybe that you are the same, i am just here to give you advice. Yes, i am just here to share my knowledge and the things that i know, but at the end of the first-hand experience or when you use the product um on yourself. First is really one of the best advices i could give so basically number three: is the products part your skin will not lighten on your own? You will need to use skin care or beauty products, skin whitening products on your skin, for it to lighten.

Even if you do all of the tips that I tell you guys, even if you won’t get on direct sunlight for too long, even if you use sunblock, even if you just stay at home and hide, but if you will not apply any skin whitening or skin Brightening products guys I tell your skin – will really not go a shade. Lighter would also want to mention another skin, whitening or skin brightening that I would recommend you guys is moisturizing. So a lot of you guys are saying never mind. The moisturizing part never mind. If my skin is dry, I just want to have a lighter skin tone, but I just want to say that moisturizing guys is actually directly connected to whitening, because if you are white or if your skin is lighter.

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However, if your skin is very dry, then you will still not look lighter or a shade whiter because um, yes, you are white as you are lighter, but then again your skin would look so dull. It would look so dry and then you will not glow. So I think um we all don’t want that num and dubai glowing part. I think it’s really important that, like in white in it all right guys, I think this is going to be the end of this video. I hope you guys enjoyed this video guys.

Okay, I hope that this video made you guys happy and this video is for you and you are the reason why I am vlogging. So I hope you guys would keep on supporting me and if you guys, still have a lot of questions. So if you guys have a lot of questions, just comment it down below and I would gladly answer it and if you have vlog suggestions, just comment it down below and I will gladly do with our food gladly. Do it all for you so anyway, guys. I think that’s all I can say don’t forget to like comment, try and subscribe, and also turn on that notification bell down below for more upcoming videos, I’ll be seeing you on my next one, hugs and kisses from my end to yours.

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