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How I Cleared My HORMONAL ACNE & SCARRING with Affordable Skincare | Dry & Sensitive Skin


hey guys and welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here hi my name is lavinia and i post beauty videos regarding makeup and skincare three times a week every tuesday friday and sunday at 8 a.m and mountain center time so if that’s something you’re interested in i’d love for you to join my channel by hitting the big red subscribe button so as you can tell by the title today i’m going to be finally showing you guys my skincare routine um this is probably the most requested thing on my channel every time i post a skincare video um at least one of you asks for a skincare routine and i just you know kept delaying it since i try out so many products and i’m like oh after this one after this one but i’m finally you know like so proud of my skincare routine right now and although you know it fluctuates a lot still um these are some of the products that i absolutely love and i really do believe haven’t transformed my skin started getting more into skincare about a year ago here on youtube and i started testing out skincare products and getting into that and i’ve struggled with cystic acne basically ever since i was around 12 13 years old this was my skin last year around this period and as you can see my skin is doing pretty good right now i actually have no active pimples at all um i do have some scarring still and obviously that is a longer process to heal but with some of the skincare i’ve been using i do feel like i’ve targeted that as well so i thought i’d finally sit down and show you guys my skincare routine all the products i use all the steps i take and everything that has kind of helped me um maintain taking care of my skin and i just want to say a disclaimer i still do get acne um you know quite frequently but i found this skincare routine just kind of helps minimize that and kind of helps my acne heal faster prevent it and everything like that so it’s not like a skincare routine that’s going to completely get rid of all your acne ever it definitely helped me just kind of keep my acne in balance um diminish it a lot more and just kind of have a bit more control over it than i did before but i thought i would share that so in today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys my daytime and nighttime routine um all the products i use so if you want to see how i got my skin from this to this with some skincare just keep on watching [Music] all right guys so we’re going to start in my bathroom because this is where my skincare routine starts every day um with cleansing my skin first i’m going to clip up my hair and get it out of the way use one of these clips all right so now we can get started i do rotate through the cleansers i’m using but the one i’ve been absolutely loving right now is the new therapy hydrating cream to foam cleanser i just actually posted a whole review on this one testing it out on my channel and i’ve been using it ever since it’s definitely become one of my favorites sometimes in the morning i also like to use the regular hydrating rum cleanser but i don’t have that one on me right now um and i’ve just absolutely been loving this one so that’s we’re gonna use and then to actually cleanse my face i’m gonna be using my glow and pure facial cleanser and massager this is a brand new skincare tool that i’ve been trying out lately and basically it’s just supposed to help cleanse your skin do is just press the on button and it starts to vibrate the light at the bottom turns on to let you know and it does have some different modes so you can turn it up i like to go on the second lowest level just because i have pretty sensitive skin so basically what this does it’s a facial massager because of the vibrations in there it’s kind of going to massage your face while you’re cleansing it but it’s also going to just kind of help your cleanser get deeper into your pores and cleanse your skin a little more efficiently than just with your hands now i personally like a tool like this as opposed to a um cleansing brush let’s say these spinning brushes because those actually can collect a lot of bacteria and with a product like this made of non-porous silicone so it’s actually not going to absorb that bacteria as much it’s going to be a lot more hygienic and sanitary and this is way easier to clean in my opinion rather than one of those spinning brushes and you kind of get that spa like feel the massaging that relaxing feel to your skin um at home with a device like this so i got mine in the light pink um you guys can check out their website though i’ll have it linked down below they also did give me a 30 coupon for you guys to use and this is the code right here that you can use on their website it’s also super easy to charge you just take out this back part and plug it in to the little cord they give you um that plugs right into my usb and super easy to use i just keep it here in my bathroom and just use it to cleanse my skin i always start off by taking a bit of the cleanser on the actual device itself just to kind of clean it up and it does have the more the smaller um bristle silicone bristles and then the bigger ones on the back i like to use the smaller ones personally and i’m just going to wash that i’m going to grab some lukewarm water and just wet my skin now it’s time to grab some of the servey foaming cleanser i just take some lather it up and i do start off with my hands just applying it to the skin now i take this turn it on and just go over the cleanser to cleanse the skin this is actually so relaxing too sometimes i’ll skip it in the morning since it’s not like i have any makeup on or anything but at night this is one of my new favorite tools just because it really gets that deep cleanse all right so now that i’ve cleansed the skin just gonna grab some water and rinse i just grab a towel and i just pop my skin dry i’m actually obsessed with this cleanser i love how it’s hydrating but it still gives me that foaming um cleanse because then my skin feels so thoroughly cleansed and clean after and just so refreshed but it doesn’t suck the life out of my skin and my skin still feels hydrated and not at all stripped so if you have dry sensitive skin this one is perfect for you all right so now that my skin is cleansed that we cannot move on to serums moisturizers all that fun stuff so this past week and a half ish i’ve been using the ordinary buffet serum this is basically a multi peptide serum that’s going to help with the skin’s healing collagen production everything like that so i have been testing it out um it isn’t yet part of my regular skincare routine but since i am trying it out i’m going to include it in this video so i just take about two drops of that and i apply it on right after my cleanser and i like to kind of pat my serums into the skin so far i have been liking this product but um definitely check out the review video that will be coming i think next week on this for my full thoughts on it next i like to go in with niacinamide now i honestly am really in love with both the ordinary niacinamide as well as the inkulas one um i do like the inkulas one more for the morning though because it does have hyaluronic acid in it too and it just kind of keeps my skin kind of moisturized um throughout the day but they’re both amazing products and i have reviews on most of the products i’m sharing in this video so all of them will be linked down below if you want more information i pat this one in as well niacinamide is amazing for just pigmentation redness um oil control and especially with you know acne and acne scarring it helps with that pigmentation and redness in the skin so i love it then i go in with some hyaluronic acid and again i kind of interchange between the ordinary and the inky-list one i’m just going to use the inculus hyaluronic acid today um but hyaluronic acid just really helps my skin stay hydrated throughout the day um it helps my moisturizer just really penetrate into my skin and make sure that my skin isn’t dehydrated and if you’re interested in any of the products i’m mentioning in my skincare routine they’ll all be linked down below in the description so already my skin it gets that natural glow from my serums next step is moisturizer this is the cerave moisturizing lotion i’m obsessed with this definitely my favorite moisturizer ever actually running out and i can’t find it anymore everyone’s buying it and i’m like oh no i’m not gonna have a moisturizer but i just take quite a bit of this and i go all over the skin and down the neck too i love how my skin feels after moisturizer it just feels like it was brought back to life like rejuvenated so glowy love it next is eye cream um these are two of my favorites the cerave eye repair cream as well as the milani green goddess um cannabis sativa seed oil eye cream i’m gonna use this one today i just really like it for the mornings i feel like it really depuffs my eyes some days i will use like um jade ruler or something my eyes are really puffy that day but i don’t use it every day and just pat this in and make sure you also go on the eyelid i feel like a lot of people forget this area next my lifesaver of a product um this is the akilis succinic acid treatment this is the best acne spot treatment i’ve ever come across so so good it really dries up your pimples so good and fast so i love this one and i just take a little bit out and put on the back of my hand it does have a green color to it and you can use this up to three times a day i usually use it morning and night unless i have like a really big zit that i’m just trying to get rid of but i just cut it into any spots or actually any areas that i usually tend to break out which is around my mouth so it is a preventative product too i don’t really have any actives right now these are just healing so it’s also good on any blackheads as well so i’ll usually put a bit on my nose there we go if you have acne and you need a great spot treatment you need this product just saying and last but not least probably the most important step in this whole routine spf um if you don’t use spf you need one this is honestly the best one i’ve ever used the neutrogena sheer zinc spf 50.

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i’m obsessed with this it’s a mineral based sunscreen and it’s a zinc oxide base zinc oxide is amazing ingredient for redness acne scarring any of that stuff so i really like it um it’s spf 50 to keep you nice and protected from the sun it’s hypoallergenic oil free and water resistant up to 80 minutes and it’s dermatologist recommended um i like this one because it’s probably one of the only sunscreens that i’ve used that hasn’t broken me out i don’t know why my skin’s so sensitive to sunscreens but i usually break out from them so this one i don’t have that issue with the only thing that i would say as a conduit is the white cast um for me i am really really pale so i don’t mind it but i definitely see how um anyone with a deeper complexion than mine um would have an issue with this like even in the summer when i start to tan a little this can be a little too crazy for me but as you can see i do use quite a bit the recommended amount is two finger um lengths so i use it just about that amount and again people forget the eyelids for sunscreen too this one is definitely like a thick one so you kind of have to work it in but especially if you wear makeup over you won’t be able to tell and last but not least i finish off with a lip balm i’m just going to use this burt’s bees one today all right guys and that is my morning skincare routine um so i’m all prepped for the day and i will see you guys at the end of the day and when it’s time for me to do my nighttime routine all right guys so it is officially the night it’s like 10 o’clock right now which means i need to get my skincare routine going so i can get to bed i do have to start off by removing my makeup i do just have some bit of eye makeup on and then some blush and a highlighter so recently i’ve been using the milani green goddess makeup melter um it’s just a cleansing balm and i haven’t been liking it i’m kind of on the hunt right now for um a cleansing balm but this one has been doing good so i just grabbed some just kind of warm it up between my hands and apply it all over then i grab my um face silk they’re just these reusable um like pads i just wet it and i use this right over the cleansing balm and this is like the best way to remove your makeup everything comes off so good and these are awesome because they are reusable and you just can wash them all right now it’s time to cleanse my skin and i kind of fluctuate between the serum foaming cleanser or the syrupy cream to foam cleanser because i wasn’t wearing like a ton of makeup today i’m just going to use my hydrating cleanser but this one is an amazing one for like heavy makeup days or when you just need a really good clean same thing as the morning i’m gonna grab my cleansing device i’ll clean all right so let’s continue on now i just started testing out the ordinary salicylic acid mask and i’m using this about once a week but i just used it a few days ago so i’m not going to use it today um since obviously i don’t want to overdo it but i do want to let you guys know that i am currently using this in my routine but um as i said just once a week so after that i would go in with my tallest choice exfoliant this is the bha two percent liquid exfoliant with salicylic acid this has changed my skin guys if you haven’t seen my review video on it go check it out i’ll have it down below in the description amazing product i swear this is the reason i haven’t gotten breakouts for the last few weeks it’s so so good exploits the skin nicely doesn’t dry it out or strip it just overall amazing product for acne breakouts scarring anything like that clogged pores you need it now as far as an exfoliator i also really enjoyed the ordinary lactic acid this is just really good at kind of resurfacing the skin and you can use this on a daily as well so i do like this one as well but um i will be using my polish choice today but i did want to give you guys you know another option i do like four-ish drops into my hand and i just use my hands with it and apply it the skin and down the neck too probably one of the best skin care products i’ve ever discovered it’s really that good next i’m gonna use some niacinamide i’m going to use the ordinary one if you’re wondering why i kind of switch between the inkless and the ordinary it’s because i like both of them the same and um you know skin care doesn’t last forever so i do try to use my products so they don’t go to waste and also this one has zinc in it whereas the inkulas one has hyaluronic acid so i find the zinc does help with my acne scarring as well so i do like to incorporate it next we have the hyaluronic acid from the ordinary as well and with this whole routine we’re keeping it very very affordable now this one right here is a bit more on the tacky side but i find it really just keeps my skin hydrated and make sure that my skin is retaining moisture so i love it but definitely the inkulas one is a bit lighter so i like using that one during the day moisturizer and eye cream and then just like i did in the morning i’m gonna go in with the succinic acid treatment from the inky list and then if needed i will go in with you know acne patches or anything like that but currently i have no actives and no crazy sets so i don’t need those tonight i just love how my skin looks so hydrated right before i’m about to go to sleep and let all these good serums and ingredients really soak into my skin alright guys that is it for this video hopefully you enjoyed seeing my morning and nighttime skincare routine if you have any questions about my routine feel free to comment them down below in the comment section or if you want more information on any of these products check out all the videos down below in the description um but that is it for this video i hope you enjoyed if you did make sure to give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and also make sure to turn on my post notifications so you get notified every single time i upload a new video i’ll see you in the next one bye oh you tell me stories you took me

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