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5 Tips that will make you LOVE your Grey Hair!


Oh, the gray, hair video, the gray hair video. She has been highly requested by you and today we’re finally going to do it yeah. This is one of my favorite topics: It can be a massive challenge when your Grays start coming in, and I think the first instinct we have is to hide it. Those whites are making me look older, you start by plucking them out.

I know you do don’t even lie. Plucking phase quickly turns to 20, then 50, then 75 and then you’re all white baby, you’re all white, I’m not opposed to dyeing them. My grandma dyed her hair every four weeks until she was like 85 or something it just made her feel better. But here’s the thing, the more gray you are, the more you see that regrowth line and the faster you see it. So you go to the salon.

You spend a fortune three weeks later there. It is again and then you do it again and again and again and again and again and again, it’s not only time consuming, but it’s also really expensive. So some people turn to box dye no judgment here. But then what can happen is it can lead to inchiness dryness and even a lack of multi-tonal quality. The hair can become a little bit flat in color.

The struggle is real, honestly in the last few years, going ashy like mushroom Brown, which was a huge Trend going platinum and even silver became massively trendy, and I love that. So many people have started to embrace their natural gray color because it’s kind of the perfect way to get out of that cycle of dying bleaching and then just endlessly fighting against aging. The biggest piece of advice that I have for you. If you’re, looking at transitioning out of coloring, your hair is to start by ashing out your hair mistake, number one is having a warm hair. Color contrasting with your gray hair.

Warm toned Browns like Chestnut and even warm toned blondes like honey, are a massive contrast to gray because they are tonally opposite. There are warm colors and there are cool. Colors and gray is cool. So if you put it beside something warm, it looks really bad. So if your hair is a warm milk, chocolate brown, for example, and then your Grays come in, there will be a huge contrast, and that is all your eye will focus on.

So a great option for you is to start transitioning your hair into a color like mushroom Brown and even mixing Ash Gray highlights with deep Brown ashy low lights. Essentially, what you need to do is have some gray blending going on and the way that you do, that is by mixing various dark and light ashy Shades to blend the natural gray out. I could literally do an entire 10 minute video about this. So if you want more advice on going gray with your color leave it in the comment section below and I’ll give you some tips and tricks on that today. I want to focus on taking care of gray hair so that it looks amazing.

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I have seen clients with gray hair, where it’s very dry, wiry, yellowed out and even frizzy, and then I have clients where it’s absolutely stunning today, my friend Christina, is in the studio. Christina’S hair is Virgin Hair. She has never colored it and I don’t even know what to say about it: who’s girl, crushing on Christina right now, and why is Christina, not famous? Why is Christina not famous, honestly being that beautiful should be a crime? So this is what you look like.

Oh natural, in our before shot still freaking beautiful. As always, I did her makeup off camera and then I worked on transforming that gorgeous head of hair, a gray hair mistake. Number two is not incorporating a purple shampoo into your hair care. Routine gray. Hair can get a yellow tinge to it very quickly and that’s because the hair itself contains little to no pigment, so it can pick up pigments in the actual environment.

If your shampoo has a yellow tinge to it, that could do it and even Sunshine can do it so wearing a hat when it’s very bright outside is a great idea. It will really really minimize the yellowing of the hair. If you wear a hat, though, and the hair still does yellow, you can easily tone it from home. With this strong purple. Shampoo purple is the opposite: color on the color wheel to Yellow, so it will neutralize it and turn it back to Silver.

If you’re doing this from home, you can even get out of the shower and leave that purple shampoo on for like 20 minutes. If you really want a powerful result, you do not want to use purple shampoo too often, though, because if there is nothing to neutralize, your hair can actually take on a bit of a lilac tone. It can also tend to be a little bit dehydrating. Purple shampoo. Can dry out the hair, and that brings me to mistake number three mistake: number three is not properly hydrating your hair gray hair has a different texture because it’s lost a lot of pigment or melanin, and the hair follicle doesn’t produce as much oil oil Works to Hydrate, the hair: that’s why gray hair often can feel coarse, dry and even wiry, but products can help substantially to offset this problem.


The most beautiful and hydrating shampoo and condition that I’ve ever used is by a brand that I never even heard of before. They are called Goldilocks, they sent me their products and I tested it and I instantly fell in love. I even talked about it in this completely non-sponsored other video. They are super hydrating, but also super light. It’S very bizarre actually, because normally hydrating products can lead to weight and heaviness in the hair, and this just doesn’t.

This really really feels like luxury hair care, and it is so. You want to use your purple shampoo once or twice a week and then the rest of the week. You need to use a really hydrating shampoo and conditioner, like the Goldilocks Ultra hydrating signature, shampoo and conditioner set mistake. Number four is skipping out on treatment. Masks.

How many people, in the comments section, do a treatment mask once a week? I am using the Goldilocks Ultra hydrating signature hair mask on Christina, and that is because it is super rich in vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants. So it repairs, restores and really softens dry hair. Another tip I have for you here is to put your treatment mask under Heat. This will open the cuticle layer up and we’ll get the conditioner Down Deeper.

It makes it work a lot better. Obviously, you guys don’t have a hooded dryer at home, but you can purchase these microwavable heat caps that are also awesome. I use those on myself all the time I’m going to leave a link to all of the products in the description box below, as I always do in case, you want to go check it out. Mistake. Number five is destroying your hair with heat gray.

Hair can actually be quite fragile, so you want to use the proper prep products and go easy on the heat styling. To add that extra hydration back into Christina’s hair, I started with the Goldilocks leave-in conditioner, because it strengthens the hair, fights frizz and enhances shine, and then I followed It Up With The Star product here, which is the signature serum. This gives really deep, hydration and nourishment, but it also protects from breakage and from UV damage, which is awesome. This stuff is seriously so good. It provides humidity, resistance, adds shine and just makes your hair look really soft and really really nice.

Alright. So, instead of blowing her hair out and waving it like, I normally do, I decided to use my Dyson air wrap on her. This is one step instead of two I’m waving and drying at the same time. So this is a very interesting hot tool and a few years ago I made a whole video about it going over every attachment and what it does. I will leave that video in the pinned comment in case you guys are interested in watching it.

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I do have mixed feelings about the Dyson air wrap. Christine Tina also has the Dyson air wrap and she has some mixed feelings about it because it doesn’t hold the curl very well if you’re interested in a whole review and updated review on that. Let me know again in the comments and I’ll totally do it for you the best thing about it, though other than the fact that it’s very unique is that you are significantly minimizing your heat damage with this tool. It has very controlled heat, it works well, and the technology really ensures that you are not frying your hair. Is it the perfect hot tool?

I don’t think so. Is it a little overrated? I think so, but is it a unique and impressive hot tool? Also, yes, mistake: number six that I often see made is not adding any type of supplement to your hair care routine. Your hair really is a reflection of what is going on internally and as women age over 50 percent notice that their hair is thinning.

Goldilocks has an awesome supplement for this. There are some amazing reviews about it. I’Ve been using it personally every day for a month, and I’ve already noticed more energy. My nails are much stronger, they’re growing a lot faster. My skin is really glowing.

My hair looks great and really the results with these things just get better and better over time. So, if I’m seeing results in one month, I’m gon na have like significantly better results in three to six months. If you are having any issues with hair loss, brittleness or you feel, like your skin, looks sallow take a look at this supplement because I really feel like this could help. Oftentimes supplementation is like The Missing Link when you’re going through Beauty issues and it’s something very simple to try just to see. If you end up getting results, and I mean most of the time you do and there you have it her hair is bright.

It’s super shiny, it’s soft, yet voluminous! It’s everything that you could want really, if you want to learn more about the Dyson, go ahead and check out this video next I’ll catch you guys next week, bye

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