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Hailey Bieber’s Date Night Skin Care & Makeup Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


hey vogue it’s hailey bieber and i am back again doing beauty secrets i’m gonna walk you guys through my everyday makeup routine and i’m gonna also do my date night glowy going out makeup look i’m going to start with this environment moisturizing toner i love any toner that is great for hydration helps to give you that glow next i’m going to go in with the rode peptide glazing fluid most important step to me always is the skin care prep i think it really helps with the way your makeup turns out and the way your makeup sits on the skin barrier restore cream which is specifically we call our peptide powerhouse i love peptides because they are great for anti-aging but also great for hydration moisturizing the skin leaving it plump and dewy and glowy i feel like makeup just sits so beautifully on top of these products i’m going to go back with the peptide glazing fluid just do one pump i’m going to tap it under my eyes i’m going to go on top of that with the dew forever eye mask the reusable i just love the routine of skin care i always have i love the like ritual the commitment to skin care self-care it’s like at home in a bath with a mask on doing all my skincare steps i’ve always been really strict about skin care even since i was young but it’s definitely progressed and evolved a lot more as i’ve gotten older as my skin has changed now i’m going to start my glam my makeup i love glowy foundation i love something that feels like it’s just enhancing the skin i love the chanel vita lumiere don’t come for me for butchering that because i really love that natural natural skin i like to take one pump of the peptide glazing fluid and just mix it i’m applying it with my hands i learned from pat mcgrath that was the way that i watched her apply foundation backstage it shows i know a lot of people are weird about using their hands for makeup but i just feel like i don’t get as nice of a natural finish when i don’t do it this way so i brought it down into my neck too i go a little bit darker with my face foundation because my face is always more pale than my body and i want to try to warm it up and match it i want a little bit more coverage sometimes this is the cosis concealer i just love that it’s like creamy and hydrating and leaves just this dewy finish on the skin i find a lot of inspiration on pinterest i come across really cool makeup ideas and makeup photos anytime i get inspired by something i always twist it and make it my own when i’m doing my own makeup i know what i’m capable of and i know what i’m not so i feel like for me it’s always leaning on the natural side there’s one more spot that i want to put a little bit of concealer where i learned this one you guessed it i saw it on tik tok placing it there definitely makes a big difference i feel like it gives you that like lifted a little bit more sculpted look this is the tom ford shade and illuminate i’ve been using this for years that’s from how much i love it i don’t like to do like very harsh cuts with contour i definitely lean more towards very like hydrating creamy products because i do have dry and sensitive skin the base that i’m using for the eye is rem beauty this is ariana grande’s brand i love this eye product it’s really pigmented but also if you want to just do a little bit it’s not overpowering a little goes a long way i want to be vocal about supporting women founded and women-led brands as a new founder myself i so overwhelmed and appreciative of other women supporting my brand and supporting me so i want to be able to consistently do the same as much as i can this is the kylie cosmetics stormy palette she doesn’t make it anymore this is the color perfect storm because i have hazel eyes anything that’s in the more like browns and taupeys and like even purple feel like they kind of enhance the teeny little glimmer of green i have in my eyes i always love a little razzle dazzle a little sparkle especially if it’s like date night more of an occasion growing beauty eyeshadow palette in mood forever this one right here if i was getting ready and wasn’t here talking to you guys i would definitely be listening to some music if i was going out out for a night i would probably be listening to like a lot of megan the stallion if i was just kind of getting ready chill on my own for a more relaxed night i love tam and paulo they’re my favorite band so i would definitely be listening to something impala i’m going to go with the perfect storm eyeshadow and just go back over right in my crease stormy really really did something with this palette she killed it i’m gonna have to go back to la and have a meeting with stormy about reproducing this product this is the anastasia clear eyebrow gel i’ve definitely gone on a brow journey like i was looking back at some pictures of myself when i was younger and i was like why did i do that to my brows they were like so thin on the end it was tragic obviously i get them done very minimally very subtly like just clean up the hairs underneath and get them trimmed a little bit so they’re not like too long my husband actually has like 10 times longer lashes than i do and i am potentially a little bit jealous about it and also like all his siblings have these like gorgeous long insane lashes and i’m just like huh those genetics are interesting the mascara i’m gonna use is the mac extended play giga black lash recently i haven’t been liking putting mascara on the bottom only on the top just because i feel like it it’s more more fresh looking i don’t know why i’m making my life complicated i’m literally crossing my arms and trying to do this guys you don’t know what it’s like living in this brain i’ve talked about this makeup forever palette before i really love it i’m going to use this color right here i honestly find myself being so impressed just with how many amazing creators there are on tick tock and on instagram and just find myself being so captured by the way people can do their own makeup that’s how i’ve learned about a lot of really amazing products and seen so many amazing looks i look back and i reference so much of the 90s and so many supermodels from the 90s and actresses from the 90s because i feel like they’re just emitting this vibe and this energy of just like radiance chrissy turlington and kate moss and i just find myself constantly saving you know photos of them from that time and their red carpet looks and their hair and they’re just like laid back more subtle this is the dior backstage rosy glow powder blush this one is like super beautiful and gives this like baby pink glow yesterday i was looking back on old red carpet looks that i’ve done and my god there were some things that were huge regrets of mine everybody is on a journey with their skin and their beauty and my beauty philosophy has developed so much even in the past two years it’s evolved i’ve realized that for me more subtle is better and less is kind of more i’m going to go back with the tom ford shade and illuminate palette and i’m going to put the highlighter on absolutely love this makeup forever multi-use lip eye wherever pencil i really love my natural lip color so i feel like anytime i can find products that feel like they enhance it i definitely gravitate towards those products in those colors i am definitely an over liner of the lips but not dramatically just a little bit i like to kind of just like buff it out and blend it out a little bit and then on the top the only place i really over line is just right here in the cupid’s bow and then i follow my natural line as i go down i struggle with not picking pimples i know that’s probably crazy sounding because it’s like the number one cardinal sin of taking care of your skin but i just like i have to like force myself not to but i have found that the pimple stickers like the starface pimple stickers are really helpful and even just like you not touching them and not trying to pick at it i’m gonna go in with the rode peptide lip treatment i don’t leave the house without this no matter what morning or night and the last thing i’m gonna do is a little bit of powder this is the cosis cloud set powder i like to just go in the areas where i feel like i need to kind of lock in the makeup i like to bring a powder out with me because throughout the night i feel like i start to notice that this gets a little bit shiny so i’m just going to put the hair down this is my go-to night out glowy date night look thank you so much for watching i had so much fun

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