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One-Ingredient for PERFECT GLOWING SKIN…It’s NOT Celery Juice! 🌱 FullyRaw Vegan


what up you guys it’s christina and today i am so happy to be sharing a video with you that is all about juicing and skin care and i’m going to be sharing with you my one magic ingredient that i have been juicing every single day to clear up the cystic acne that was on my chin um and just what i’ve been using every day to help give me that glow to help give me clear skin blemish free skin and i know i put a video up a couple of months ago talking about the plant-based vegan cruelty products that i’ve been using for my skin but what i didn’t get to talk about in that video is something that i feel is just as important if not even more important and that is the foods that you’re consuming especially hydrating foods many of you know i’ve been a raw vegan for 15 years and for the majority part of my journey i have had very very good skin you can go back and look at all my videos i’m not wearing makeup today other than gloss for those of you who have been following my journey in hawaii the past six or seven months you might have noticed that i had some uncontrollable breakouts happen and i started to get really horrible cystic eruptions on my face that were all over my chin and super painful some on my forehead um many of which i believe were hormonal but also because of the change of climate here i moved on to farmland in a place with no ac in the heat all the time so many other factors here and i’ve learned a few things about skin care about taking care of my skin and having a really good routine every day to get me back blemish-free skin and one of the things that i’d like to share with you today is what i’ve been juicing to help me glow from the inside out there is actually one ingredient that i believe is so crucial it’s it’s like the magic ingredient to give you glowing skin all that being said i think it’s important for me to note that i’m human and you’re human and we all go through different changes and times in our lives and our body goes through changes and there’s always going to be that one time where you get that one random pimple pop up on your face or a blemish or something but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take the necessary steps to better yourself along the way to juice more to eat more fruits and vegetables to go vegan go fully raw and reduce the amount of breakouts that you have right to take care of your skin in that way um and if you’re somebody who is trying to get the raw food glow as they say or get the vegan glow get the glow just glow that we also need to work on ourselves right from healing from the inside out because stressors can be a cause of blemishes and stress as well i just wanted to throw that in there as well because when it comes to skincare there’s no one-way meats all but rather it’s a holistic approach right it’s what you consume hydrating rich nutrient-dense foods that will give your skin the glow it’s what you put on your skin not putting chemicals pesticides using cruelty free vegan products that are nourishing for your skin that won’t strip away those natural oils and it’s also perhaps removing the cause of what might be giving you some of this stress that might be causing a breakout and maybe it’s more than food maybe it’s an emotional issue going on um and maybe it’s something that needs to be addressed that you can have deeper healing if you missed it last week i gifted you all a free ebook called a beginner’s guide to juicing the link is below for you to go and download it now and i even have a new blog post up with all 44 of my juicing tips that i shared with you all if you’re new to juicing if you want to learn go check this out you’ll be a pro in no time these are my top 44 tips for those of you who are new to juicing plus you get a free ebook go now click below in order to make these recipes that i’m sharing with you you will need a juicer and for those of you who are looking for a new juicer or who are looking to get a juicer i recommend the nama juicer it’s the best of the best i’ve proven it in several videos i have a new comparison coming up for you in a couple of weeks that i’m super excited about i’ve compared this juicer with several others it’s the best when it comes to yield pulp oxidation noise taste and so many other factors i’ve included a special discount code for all of you who want to get this juicer and i believe that that discount code expires very soon so don’t wait click on the link below and type in the code to get this nama juicer at a special discount trust me you won’t regret this purchase it’s an amazing amazing purchase and for those of you who want to dive in deeper to learning more about raw food juicing veganism and more my 21 day challenge starts on february the 15th coming up we’re going fully raw vegan for 21 days i’m hosting 21 days of live zoom calls and as soon as you join you get access to the ebooks the meal plans the recipes the videos and more that link is also below for you click on the links below to join my 21 day challenge so you guys ready to hear what my secret ingredient is it’s cucumbers i’m pretty sure you figured that out because they’re sitting right in front of me but i just have to say this cucumbers do not get enough credit for all of the amazing health benefits that they offer not only are cucumbers extremely hydrating for your skin on a cellular level but also they’re filled with a ton of antioxidants that are good for your skin and they help to reduce bloating and inflammation in the body they aid in digestion which means that they might help you get a flatter tummy they help to lower your blood sugar consuming more cucumbers actually promotes joint health hair growth flushes out toxins from your system removes sunburns helps to relieve sunburns it helps to rebuild connective tissues and it’s rich in b vitamins magnesium and calcium i bet you didn’t think that all of that was just in cucumbers now i know that everyone thinks that celery juice is all the craze these days but i’m going to tell you something celery juice didn’t clear up my skin cucumber juice did and on days when i wasn’t able to juice cucumbers i made sure to eat them and it helped me tremendously just looking at pictures from four months ago until today my skin is completely different i’m still getting rid of the scars but i’ll tell you what my skin is healing very quickly and it is doing better than it ever has been since i’ve been to hawaii i’m going to show you how easy it is to juice cucumbers today it will literally take you two minutes maybe less to juice cucumber juice and you don’t have to juice cucumbers on their own okay the goal is to get in as many as you can on a daily basis the great news is that they’re super low in calories so you can be eating cucumbers all day if you want and you most likely won’t gain any weight if anything they will assist you in weight loss they’re very low in sugar they’re super filling obviously they’re rich in water content so you’ll feel full after consuming them and cucumber juice tastes great in a juice with other ingredients as well now if you want to juice just cucumber juice on its own go for it it’s delicious on its own even with just a squirt of lemon it’s perfect to enjoy and if you want to add in kale romaine cilantro lime in with the cucumber even better i’m one of those people that believes that simple is amazing yes but by adding in extra cilantro or kale or lemon doesn’t take away from the cucumber juice it only enhances it and all these other amazing properties that you’re getting from these greens these delicious minerals are essential for your body as well i think the goal to remember here is nourishment we want to nourish ourselves we want to glow from the inside out and for that to happen we have to take care of our insides with proper nutrition with being kind to ourselves showing ourselves more compassion and especially when it comes to skin care i know that hydrating foods it i do recommend getting organic cucumbers whenever possible because you are juicing and consuming the skin of these also keep in mind that chemicals that are put into the soil grow into the fruit it’s not just about what you spray on it it’s about what grows into it so please always buy organic cucumbers so i’m going to go ahead right now and chop up these cucumbers and i’m going to run them through my nama juicer to get 32 ounces of cucumber juice it will probably take me about five to seven medium-sized cucumbers depending on where you live it might take you a few lusts or even a few more it all depends on how much juice is in that cucumber you can squirt it with a little bit of lemon or lime at the end and that’s it this is how easy it is to make a delicious skin rejuvenating tonic and all it is is cucumber juice now this this is important information this is something we can all do every day and it can be so incredibly delicious satisfying and nourishing for our bodies how easy was this right how easy was this to make so refreshing just a little tip for you all if you want cold juice on a warm day juice cold cucumbers and that way you don’t have to put it back in the refrigerator to cool it down just juice cold cucumbers cool as a cucumber am i cool is it cucumber are you cool as a cucumber if you’re cool as a cucumber give this video a thumbs up i don’t know i think that’s so funny so that’s my secret everyone it is fresh cucumber juice that is probably one of the main reasons my skin has cleared within the past eight months and it is such a simple and healthy trick for those of you who haven’t gotten into juicing yet 2021 is your year for those of you who haven’t gone vegan yet this is your year join my 21 day challenge get a juicer start learning and educating yourself one of the most important things you can do right now is just empower yourself take back your power empower yourself by taking charge of your health do not put that in the hands of another person they will not care for it as you would care for yourself everyone wants to get on the trends train or the fad train and i just want to reiterate for a second but this isn’t a fad this isn’t a trend i’ve been doing this 15 years this is a lifestyle this is a part of my life i juice every day i love it it gives me life if you’re gonna jump on this journey no this will change your life for the better and it is a commitment but it’s not a fad it’s not a diet it’s not something you’re going to do for three or four days this is something you want to do for the rest of your life because quality of life matters right we don’t know when our last day will be but i do know this we want every single day that we’re here to be our absolute best so with that being said take care of yourselves my friends take care of yourself physically mentally and spiritually for those of you who are looking for a new juicer definitely get the nama use my special discount code the offer expires in just a few days and then that offer is done for the year you probably won’t see this on sale again until black friday at this price so if you haven’t already taken advantage and gotten a nama juicer and do that now all of the links that you need are below in the description of this video for you they’re also on my website at fullybrad.com those links include joining my 21 day challenge downloading my app on itunes and google play as well as downloading my free ebook that i’m gifting to you today as well do not miss out on that it’s free it’s a free ebook on juicing go download it now all right you guys i’m gonna go and enjoy the rest of this delicious cucumber juice and i hope that you get to go and do the same and i’ll see you in my next video

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