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18 Things Your Face Can Tell You about Deep Health Problems


So today we’re going to teach you how to diagnose the inside of your body, your health, using your face, but I need to tell you something: how can I put this? You don’t want to start diagnosing your friends, especially your family, especially your spouse, using what i’m about to teach you. The worst thing you can do with other people is basically to tell them what their problems are. Unless you know they’re paying you like in practice for 30 years or they ask, you so use this information on yourself, because the last thing I want you to do is to start to explain to your spouse – hey honey. I just learned why you have a round face and why you have bags underneath your eyes and you have scaly rough skin, and then you mentioned Dr Berg in the same sentence: bad idea, don’t do it and it’s bad manners and it’s just you’re asking for a Fight so use this information for yourself all right.

So let’s take a look at what’s going on here. Let’s say: you’re balding right, usually a loss of hair on the top part of your head means you have too much. DHT is a very powerful form of testosterone that is occurring because there’s this enzyme that is converting testosterone into dht at a higher level than it should be, and so what you want to do is you want to reduce this enzyme by taking certain inhibitors, okay And those inhibitors come in pumpkin seeds, green tea and zinc will help you lower this enzyme to help lower dht. I have a lot more information on this, but I’m going to give you the the big overview and the concepts, not the specifics, all right. So, if you’re losing your eyebrows on the outer part, that is a hypothyroid issue, slow thyroid, you might need some iodine.

Okay, next thing is bloodshot eyes, that’s usually a liver problem. Now it could be that you got drunk the night before and you have a hangover and you have bloodshed eyes, but it’s either something related to the liver that is usually coming from your diet. I’ve noticed in the past not recent past, a long time ago, when I ate poorly a lot of junk food, my eyes were always bloodshot, so bloodshy eyes mean stress in the liver, but it can also mean, especially if it’s red, on the inside of your eyelids. You have a blood sugar problem, okay, you’re eating too many carbs. I used to have that and you can also feel like sandpaper too.

So if there’s irritability on the inside of your eyelids suspect, you have insulin problems, you have insulin, resistance and you’re, pre-diabetic or heading in that direction. Now I am going to cover um what’s behind dry eyes in a little bit, so let’s go on to the next one darkened circles underneath the eyes, if you have these dark circles, that is a pigment problem coming from insulin resistance, a lot of diabetics have this And they also get dark in pigments in different places in the body different folds and their armpits on their neck, that comes from high levels of insulin, which is affecting melanin in the body. Okay. So if you have darkened circles underneath the eyes there it’s what you have to do is you have to get on healthy keto and do intermittent fasting to help produce this insulin resistance situation. Now, let’s flip right over here to these bags beneath the eyes.

Okay, if you get these like this swollen uh tissue, underneath the eye or or even on top of the eye, this is either a blood sugar issue same thing or there’s something going on with the kidney. Now the thing that destroys the kidney more than anything, is high levels of sugar. So it does relate to insulin resistance, because the kidney is one organ that gets hammered with a high carb diet, but there’s other causes of kidney problems as well. But if the kidney is backed up with fluid you’ll, see it underneath the eye it’ll just be swollen. Now, let’s kind of go through this side here oily skin.


That means that your oil glands sebaceous glands are pumping out too much oil because your androgens are too high and if you’re male, you need more zinc to help regulate the amount of estrogen. Now, if you’re female, it could also mean that you need more zinc. But usually, if you have too much androgen in your female, you have something called polycystic ovarian syndrome and you might have other additional symptoms like facial hair acne, which is high levels of androgen, which is coming from this insulin. Okay, high levels of insulin, because the carbs are too high. Are you starting to see a common thread so far?

A high carbohydrate diet also depletes zinc, allowing the antigens to go higher. If you are a female, so there’s a lot of issues with skin related to insulin, oily skin acne and the list goes on. Okay, let’s talk about cataracts cataracts occur when the lens of the eye becomes opaque and you can no longer see through it and the lens is very, very sensitive to oxidation, and where would you get oxidation you can get it from. You know. Looking into the sun, you can get it from chemicals, you can get it from taking steroids and other medication, but a very common cause would be if you’re consuming a high carb diet.

This is why the incidence of getting a cataract if you’re a diabetic is very, very high. Also, if you’re deficient in vitamin a you’re more susceptible to cataracts. What happens when you eat a lot of carbs without the antioxidants without the protective mechanism? You get a lot of free, radical damage. You get a lot of oxidation and you have symptoms.

You might have peripheral neuropathy in your feet. You might have cataracts, you might have problems with the retina. You might have problems with your heart, so there’s a very good remedy if you’re starting to get cataracts to help reverse it vitamin B1 in the form of a fat-soluble version, which is called ben photome. That acts as a powerful antioxidant to help counter the collateral damage from the high level of blood sugars, if you’re a diabetic, so vitamin B1 as benfotamine, will greatly help slow down and possibly reverse cataracts. There’s some other things you can take to that: can act as a very powerful antioxidant.

Nac drops. Okay, it comes in a liquid, you take that you put in your eyes and it helps to protect all the free radical damage. That’S occurring all right. The next thing is red: cheeks, okay, so you have these like either rosacea or red cheeks. You see they’re, quite common.

You see this in cushing’s syndrome. Cushing’s syndrome is a high level of cortisol. Okay. That person is under a lot of stress and that’s one of the symptoms, but the treatment for red cheeks medically is giving a person an antibiotic. Now, why would an antibiotic work for red cheeks?

Well, obviously, there’s some type of microbial imbalance going on. Why not give the person a natural antibiotic, like garlic, oregano, thyme, wormwood, extract sage, there’s a lot of different herbs. You can take as a natural antibiotic and then give the person probiotics what’s the best probiotic sauerkraut, because it has the prebiotic and the probiotic. But you can also take probiotics as a supplement, but it’s been very effective to help this redness in the cheeks. Now, if someone has either a gray or brownish pigmentation on the cheek, that’s something a little different.

It’s called melasma and melasma is an estrogen problem. You’re taking too much estrogen or you’re being exposed to too much estrogen, either in a birth control pill or some type of hormone replacement therapy or it could be coming from exposure to you know a lot of plastics in the environment or certain chemicals that can mimic Estrogen, so if this is you what you want to do, is you want to take something that can actually oppose that or help clean it up and dim is a good remedy, which is a concentrated form of cruciferous or start to consume, more cruciferous foods or iodine In the form of sea, kelp can help balance estrogen. Now, what about all this? This scaly peeling type flaky skin, that you get around the nose, okay or in the ear? Okay.

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What is that that is a combination of low omega-3 fatty acids and high omega-6 fatty acids? Normally you want a one-to-one ratio. Very few people have that ratio, there’s a really good test that you can do you can. Actually, they send you a kit and i’ll put a link down below, but they send you a kit, you take a drop of your blood, you send it off and they can tell you your ratios of how much omega-3 versus how much omega-6 and quite a few People have a severe imbalance and they’re just really heavy on the six and low on the three. So that means they need to consume more cod, liver oil, fatty fish to bring these back in balance.

But if you have this imbalance, you’ll have rough scaly. Skin dermatitis a lot of skin issues, inflammation of the skin dry eyes and dry hair. Now what foods are high in omega-6, chicken and fried foods, as in fried in corn oil, soy oil canola oil, those type of oils which are very high in the omega-6 range, including peanut oil as well? Now safflower, oil and sunflower oil are also omega-6, but they’re. Much better because they’re not gmo.

However, you don’t want to consume a lot of them a little bit here and there is going to be fine, but most people just need to dramatically increase their omega 3 fatty acids. If you’re a vegan, you can get your omega-3 from algae and some other sources like that. Also nuts and nut butters, like in peanut butter in grains, are very high in six low in three. This is why cows that are fed grains, don’t have the right ratios of omega-3 to omega-6. Same thing with other animals that are meant to consume grass, but typically a lot of teenagers. You know they eat junk food.

They don’t eat a lot of vegetables, they don’t eat fish, they don’t eat cod, liver oil, they have skin issues. Okay, they have a lot of skin issues. You’ll see it around here a lot of times. They will have also oily skin they’ll have acne, and so they can clean this up. If they have this knowledge boy.

When i was a teenager, I had a lot of these issues and I wished I had someone to actually tell me what to do and give me the correct knowledge. So I wouldn’t have to go through that. What we’re looking at is a lot of different symptoms and indicators that give clues to help us pull the string to see what’s behind it. But unfortunately, when you look up each one of these symptoms online, especially on the first five pages of google you’re, going to find a lot of medical type, recommendations, medications, creams and they’re, not going to tell you the deeper causes all right. Let’s talk about blackheads blackheads.

It’s a simple vitamin D deficiency: if you’re low in vitamin D you get blackheads, okay, so get some more sun watch my video on how to create your own vitamin d supplement from mushrooms, exposing it to sun or take it as a supplement. Okay, cracked corners of your mouth right here and I’ve had that I’ve had a lot of these symptoms in the past. Okay cracks. That’s a B2 deficiency, vitamin B2 prevents the liver from becoming damaged. It does a lot of other things as well, but one thing it will do it affects the skin and it creates fissures.

Okay and those fissures or cracks also can cause chap lips and also can cause cracked heels on the back of your heels. You’ll get these little cracks. That’s a B2 deficiency coming from consuming too much refined, flour, usually okay, and that would be in the form of like breads, pasta. Cereal crackers biscuits pancakes things like that. Now, when you see coal, sores, okay, that is herpes simplex one.

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That is a virus, and the best way to put that thing back in remission is to take a natural, herb or or something that is anti-viral like garlic like zinc, but there’s been some great data on fasting periodic, prolonged fasting that can help get rid of certain Viruses, the problem with viruses is a lot of these viruses stay in your body and they go into a dormant state and they wait until your immune system is weak and they come out and kick you when you’re down when you get older, when you’re nutritionally deficient And especially when you go through stress, one of the biggest stresses that causes viruses to come out of remission is losses so sooner or later we’re all going to experience losses. People around us that we love we’re going to lose them, and so that stress can really hit the body and cause these viruses to come out of remission. In fact, a lot of autoimmune diseases also are triggered by severe stress in the form of losses, so that is one area that you don’t see a lot of information, but I’ve seen it in my practice, almost one for one. I always ask people what happened right before you got this autoimmune disease or what happened right before you got sick or had this virus come out of remission and there’s usually always some type of stress event or some type of loss? Okay, facial hair.

Okay, we talked about that a female. That means too much androgens could be polycystic ovarian syndrome and the way that you get too much androgens is by having too much insulin. So again, the common theme is to go low, carb and not eating so frequently as in doing intermittent fasting, all right acne. I already mentioned this, but both females and males it’s too much androgens. Now it could be too much estrogen as well, but typically it’s going to be too much androgen and that usually comes from too much insulin now.

Other things can cause acne too, like drinking milk, but it’s not as common as this insulin problem right and so what you need to do is you just need to get off the carbs clean up the diet and this acne will go away, but the acne is a real good indicator on what’s going on with someone’s diet, but boy I wish I would have known what to do back in high school when I had bad acne, because it can be devastating all right last point: you can see this little line here, a round Face I’m gonna put up a picture of when my son got married. You can see the shape of my head was roundish compared to now. That was because I was on a so-called healthy diet, but that healthy diet include apples as snacks with peanut butter. I wasn’t eating like completely junk food, but I was eating fruit and i was having a lot of snacks. So if you have a brown face and you want to kind of strip off some of the fat or the puffiness and handle a lot of these other issues, you get on a healthy, keto diet, you stop snacking, you do intermittent fasting and if you are new To my channel I have two very simple videos to watch in a row, and i put them up right here: check it out.

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