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10 Best & Worst Hair Growth Treatments That I’ve Tried At Home


Is your hair falling out in clumps because same the good news is that I have an update on my hair loss and I have buyed and tried very many thing and I’m here to share with you the best and worst hair loss treatments that I have tried At home this has been a long journey and it’s not over yet, but can I just say my hairline is looking way better than it was and do you see all the new little baby hairs baby growth? Do you see this? My hair is growing. Things are happening, and I have updates some that were painful physically some that I thought were painful financially, but Dr Dre has not steered me wrong. Yet I’m hoping it will get better, because this has been stressing me out and when it comes to stress stress, can cause hair loss in some people again there are many different types of hair loss, everything from telogen effluvium to alopecia and obviously, while a YouTube, video And myself cannot diagnose your hair situation.

I am here to share some updates about mine and again the things that I’ve been trying and the way ones that are and are not working. Thankfully, since my last videos, I’ve also gotten to speak with and consult with some experts, such as trichologists experts from Ira, store that I’m working with on a portion of this video, as well as my curly hairy Fairy Godmother Mains by Mel, who has not steered me Wrong and let me say I was going to come to you with my natural curly hair today, just to show you that I’ve been embracing it and how it’s been working for me. But I recognize that in my previous hair loss updates, I had my hair blown out and smoothed out, so I wanted to keep it consistent just so that we could see my actual hairline to the best of my ability. I wanted to keep things consistent. Now we got ta start off with the worst, the things that I did to my hair that I would not recommend, and yes, one includes coffee and um.

No, I did not put Post-it notes in my hair, but this is to remind me that, yes, my tried, 11 once years ago I used to put lemon in my hair. I thought it would lighten my hair, make it more luscious. It ended up burning my scalp, and so I stopped doing that, but, from speaking with experts, I found out that adding lemon to my hair and then willingly exposing my hair to the sun is probably contribute to hair loss or hair graying later in life. I did not know that, and I now do so. Uh number one or like negative number 10 would be lemon, don’t put lemon in your damn hair unless you want to burn your scalp and have all your hair fall out.

The second is my dearly beloved coffee. Now you may be asking Cassandra: does coffee cause hair loss? No, but I will share something that is unique to me and my body and again this is not medical advice. You always have to get your situation checked out by a medical expert, but for myself I consume a lot of coffee and I’ve been consuming more and more coffee on the reg’s basis. Well, coffee, as wonderful as it is, it is an antioxidant.

It’s actually good for heart health. It’s a wonderful beverage. It gets my butt going in the morning. It does sometimes block the absorption of iron. Now my iron and ferritin levels have been totally fine.

I’ve had my blood work done. We’ve checked that and I have been on iron for the past gosh the past couple of years. This is the blood Builder one for my doctors and derms and while I do like this, and I will continue taking it, it will give you this hats. It will make your poop green and give you diarrhea and if you have IBS on top of it it is not a fun time. I’M letting you know just a full disclaimer, but one thing that is terrible for the hair loss, for me is the coffee consumption.

Now this year I did try to wean myself off of coffee. I did it for like three weeks and then I’m right back on it. It started off with matcha, I started drinking matcha and then bam. I was back into the hang of it. I just I.

I love you and I don’t ever. I don’t want to live without you. But if you are concerned about your iron levels, which could impact hair levels again see an expert but take a look at your coffee consumption and just see that if your coffee consumption is excessive, are your iron stores lacking again? Iron is best absorbed with vitamin C. So if you really want to pair those, you totally can now.

This also pains me to say, but this was one of the least impactful things for my hair. This is the ordinary’s multi-peptide serum for hair density, as well as the natural moisturizing factors in ha for hair. I was so excited about these when I first tried them and I’ve actually been through multiple bottles. I feel like all they’ve done is run down. My scalp and make it greasy.

I really can only really use this when my hair is curly, because otherwise it like ruins. You know the smoothing that I do to my hair, which is probably also very damaging for my hair and for my scalp. I just found that, while this is great to moisturize the scalp, if you have dry patches excellent, I didn’t see a big difference when it actually came to my hair’s thickness or density or my actual hair roots. Now they did come out with an eyelash serum. I’ve heard great things about that.

I want to try it on my lashes and if it works there, maybe I can like stripe it into my scalp line or something but overall I had really high hopes of these and they were a little bit disappointing for the price. Again, I’m glad I didn’t spend a ton of money on them the way I did this if you want scalp conditioning and scalp hydration excellent, but for me in my hair growth Journey, this was just a no no now there was also something that I love for. My acne, but that did not help my hair and it’s this. I used this for about a month and a half straight I was like do I continue this because obviously it takes time to see hair regrowth and to see changes in the hair. This is basically a Tesla current or a high frequency machine.

These are wonderful when it comes to your acne. If you have little pimples, this can literally zap. It basically help get rid of the bacteria that causes the acne inflammation. But when you do this on your scalp, it’s supposed to be stimulating and like nice for your scalp. It feels good.

But I don’t think that this worked as effectively as something like scalp, massage, which I will talk about, because I feel like that was helpful. Again. A wonderful tool, if you have it for your acne, go ahead and use it on your scalp. But I would not consider this like a hair loss or hair regrowth tool. It was stimulating.

Maybe it added some circulation. But when I compare something like this to other tools that I was impressed by, I wouldn’t buy this or even waste my time on this for the hair results. It also just made my hair really really frizzy. Now, speaking of more scalp treatments, I found some things that were like exfoliating or nice for my curls from the inky list, like this salicylic acid exfoliating treatment, it was good for getting the crusties out of the way, but I don’t feel like this helped regrow. My hair and um even the caffeine, stimulating scalp treatment.

I was using it on like a legit portion of my scalp. I didn’t see much of a difference that was disappointing and, although I haven’t had a chance yet I’m starting to switch to some of the more expensive serums. The reasoning and the difference is that these are nice. They might have some peptides or some caffeine, but I just didn’t see a big difference and just because it’s expensive does not mean it’s better. A lot of people do this thing where they purchase the cheap one and they think, oh, it didn’t work.

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I’m gonna buy the more expensive one. It I’ll work better, that’s not how it works, but did I literally do that yeah I did and I’m gonna see how it works. Now. The ingredients here are different. For instance, this carafactor is created by a laser physicist.

James Bartholomew’s, but I haven’t started that yet – and I haven’t started this, but these are the ones that I am considering. I’m gonna speak about this helmet doohickey that Dr Dre got me hooked on, but this anti hair loss serum actually has ingredients like green algae and antioxidants, whereas, like the ordinary serum, it was just peptides and I do wonder if the hydration and the antioxidants and Literally, the green algae in here will be better for me, so I have not yet tried this out because again it takes a long time to test these things, but I feel like these are what I will be adding next now there are a couple of interesting Things that I’ve actually had a good experience with and um we’re talking about, peppermint, yes, the peppermint. Now this is an essential oil, and I am that person who always tells you never to put essential oils on your skin. I still stand by that. This could be terrible and literally burn your face, or it could be wonderful.

You see, I’ve used a lot of shampoo poos and a lot of conditioners throughout the years and while some of them are amazing for my hair or for my curls they’re, not necessarily amazing, for hair loss, for instance, function of beauty nice for my hair. But I don’t feel like it did anything for my hair loss same with scene, hair care. This was excellent and did not cause any body acne breakouts, but it wasn’t ideal for my hair now. My hairy fairy Godmother Mains by L literally helped me with my curl routine. She got me to diffuse my hair with a spaghetti colander and she hooked me up with two of the best products I’ve ever used.

These are phenomenal. This is the sun care from Aveda. It’s like a body and hair wash to get the sand and the gunk out of your scalp. I’ve never used anything better on my scalp than this, and then she got me this, which is a thickening conditioner. That’S supposed to work for people who struggle with hair loss.

These were so good for my curls, My Curls look so luscious and beautiful and bouncy when I use Maine’s by Mel’s hair method that she taught me. But unfortunately I don’t feel like either of these help. To grow back hair on my scalp now we’re the little essential oil comes in is that there have been studies done on mice, where they basically shaved mice, and they let the hair grow back naturally, and then they applied lavender oil or peppermint oil on another subset Of mice saw that they did it on mice, but they did what they did well. They found that the rats are the mice that had the peppermint and lavender oil actually had their hair grow back thicker and faster. This has kind of been on and off.

For me, but I have diluted one or two drops in an entire bottle of shampoo or whatever is going on my scalp and massaged it in now. Do I think it is amazing, I can’t say for sure, is it stimulating sure I liked it? I did this for about a month. The one problem is that I made a boo-boo. I did make a mistake and I want to tell you about it, so you never never, never, never ever do it.

So basically, I was washing my hair. I was out of shampoo because there’s nothing left in here and I thought you know what I can just take one drop and like stripe it throughout my hairline and massage it in guess what, when you do that you put the oils on your scalp and then You put hot water on and it spreads yeah. It takes the oil because oils and waters don’t mix and it spread it down my face down my scalp, my scalp was burning. It went into my eyes. I was like having trouble breathing.

I was like I’m gonna die after, like five minutes of literally feeling like I am blind and burning in the shower. It started to calm down, but it was one of the most painful experiences that I’ve ever gone through. Do not not even a drop, never use essential oils undiluted. I know this. I tell everyone this, yet I don’t listen to my own advice, sometimes always always always dilute, and when I did, I would say I did it for about a month and I feel, like I saw a little bit of like noticeable scalp stimulation, but it wasn’t uh Revolutionary when it comes to other supplements that do or don’t work, I’ve tried a lot.

I did not end up repurchasing the hum nutrition ones. I just didn’t like those and then biotin I’ve used biotin in the past. I saw no results. A lot of people promote biotin, as this miracle thing for growing, hair and nails. A lot of the Medical Science doesn’t back that up and when I was taking just pure biotin, it just didn’t do much for me now.

I have been eating these uh with full transparency. It’s because they are vegan gummies, that I absolutely love vegan, cruelty, free hair, gummy vitamins for hair, skin and nails. It does have Biotin in it, but it also has antioxidants and vitamin c and e, and again vitamin C in here probably is going pretty good with this guy. This was gifted to me, although I have purchased these. These are so fun and they do have sugar in them.

So please be aware of that, but they also have things like beta-carotene. They actually have fruit flavorings, and I just oh – I love these. I don’t know how big of a difference they’ve made, but they make me feel good when I’m eating them, and I really love them a lot. No, no! No!

No! No! No! No! Now, if I really wanted to stimulate my scalp, I started using this.

This was quite interesting. This is seven dollars. It’s one of these scalp do hickeys that feels so nice and so good. It’S like a scalp massage and when I actually spoke to a couple of experts, they literally said that they offer scalp massage in their clinics and um that it really does help a lot of people. You know circulation to the scalp, basically allows blood oxygen and nutrients to kind of get to some of these areas, which could technically feed the hair.

Now, while this was great, I did something else. Amazon, Prime day, I went shopping, I’m absolutely buying this. It looks like it has little claws that seem to claw through your scalp. I am so excited about this scalp massager and I got me this. Do you know what this is?

Do you know? Do you know what this is? Oh yeah, oh yeah, baby, not oldie. Does my scalp love this? My cats are also obsessed with this.

This is a waterproof electrical massager and, oh, my God, if you thought this was good, it is but this 10 times better. It is like tiny little elves jumping out of a mechanical machine to gently polish, each follicle protruding from your scalp, with its individual little silicone toothbrush. It feels so heavenly, like I literally, can sit here and do this forever. This was forthy dollars best forthy dollars. I’ve ever spent again I got it on Amazon, Prime.

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I think I got it cheaper way better than this that you have to do yourself. I could fall asleep, I’m taking applications for anyone who wants to come over and platonically cuddle, and just rub my scalp. I actually don’t know how much this has contributed to new hair growth, but I will say that this stimulates my scalp, like no other, and I do feel like this has made a slight difference and it just oh, my god. It feels so amazing and it’s waterproof and you literally charge it by putting it on this doohickey. I love you.

This has got to be one of the funnest things that I have explored and experienced, and I will say means by Mel also taught me not to brush my hair when it’s dry. She suggested brushing it when it’s wet and I always thought like brushing my curls like why best tip ever. I really feel like I lose a lot less hair um and I don’t know if it’s the brush that she got me or what it is, but finding the right brush for my hair, I’m pulling a lot less of it out. So I think that that is also contributing to having less hair loss number one. My follicles are hopefully stronger because of what I’ve been doing, but number two, I’m hopefully ripping less of them out, which is good.

Speaking of the thing that I feel has been most exciting is this: this is the iris door helmet the one that I literally sat on for two years and I was like I’m not gon na buy it, I’m not gon na buy it. I’M not gon na buy it Dr Dre made me do it and, oh, my God, I am so happy that I did. I can sit here and I can do this usually a couple times a week. I would like to try to do it every day, but I haven’t gotten there yet. This is literally LED and lasers going into my scalp and helping to strengthen the hairs that are coming out of my follicles and promote new hair growth now.

This is why I think that this helmet has been doing so much because, yes, I’ve been using it for over six months and I have noticed results, but here’s the interesting thing you know my hair loss isn’t just down the middle, and it’s not just over here. Right when I lift up my hair, I can tell that I’m also losing a little bit of hair kind of down here. Behind my ear and in the back and as I’ve been using this, I have noticed so much new hair growth. Those little baby hairs sticking out from the top of my head. Well, when I pull my hair up into like a ponytail, I don’t have all of the baby growth down here and think about it.

I’Ve been scalp massaging down here. I’Ve been applying all of these different toners and treatments and Potions down here and I’m not seeing the new baby hair growth, but I have all of these little [ __ ], baby hairs growing up here and based on the length of them. It’S probably two to three months of growth and I’m seeing that on literally the place that the helmet is taken, care of the helmet doesn’t go down here. I wish there was like an under one right but like there is no Light and Laser hitting the bottom of my hair, and when I look at where I’m actually seeing the most difference, it is literally in this scalpy helmet area. I was kind of shocked and surprised by this and I was like wow.

I was not expecting this to make such a large difference. I’M with full transparency like I have been trying to isolate my variables again. I use the ordinaries and finished two bottles of that. First, before moving on to the inky list, you know I finished these shampoos and conditioners first before moving on to Mains by Mel, so I’m trying to isolate those variables. So if I see a change, I know what’s causing it, and even when it comes to my iron and my vitamin D levels, I’ve been doing that for like over a year now.

This is the main thing that, over the past six months, I felt that I’ve added to my scalp and I can directly see where the hair looks thicker and there’s like these new new growths popping up, whereas when I did this literally only on one side of My scalp, I didn’t see the same results even after using it for a month or two. I do wish that they made different sizes of it or gave it like a chin strap. I don’t have an issue with it like falling off, and I do this. Like a couple times a week, I wear this while I’m cooking, sometimes if I’m like reading something or even while, I’m like working on YouTube videos and scheduling things I’ll just be chilling with my helmet and especially based on the price like I was very reluctant to Try this, but after seeing so many of the doctors and derms that I respect, you know we’re using it. I was like okay, fine Cassandra, I’ll, try it and now I’m just like.

Oh, my God, like I don’t think this is the answer to all of my problems, because I got a lot of problems, but, oh my God, like I have baby hairs again and it’s winter mind you like this is unreal. I am flabbergasted and that’s why I’m thinking that I want to try the I restore hair serum before I try the Kara Factor, one just because this has like the blue agave and the antioxidants and the green tea I’m gon na see what’s going on, but I Am feeling a lot better about out my scalp and I actually wonder if I could go get one of those scalp treatments that like Sophie and Nygard got. It was like a scalp place where they literally put like a microscope to her scalp and then like cleaned. It professionally again, I do the hydrafacial treatments. Does somebody want to come with me and like I’ll, get a hydrafacial treatment or like I’ll, get one of those scalp things to actually see?

What’S going on with my hairs? Oh, should we pull my hairs out and look at them under a microscope with William gonitz that could be fun and when it comes to these other therapies, I restore actually recommends it. Even though this is lasers and LEDs to you at home, they do recommend that you actually speak with a doctor or provider, and you actually, you know, use this in conjunction with things like PRP or other hair treatments, and I know that they do say that it Takes three to six months to see results I’ve been using this for a little bit longer than that. But again I do feel like this is something that has been consistent and I have seen results and even when I look at these areas like right here by my hairline and by my ear, I feel like they’re. Better and again, this is just my you know, subjective opinion, but when I look objectively at the photos, I’m like okay, I see her again.

I wish that, like the back right here was covered, but I don’t know how they would do that and I don’t know anything else that does offer that, and I was thinking like I have. These led um face masks that I use like my Derma beam. I was like, should I like try to push my LED products like up here to try to help with that. But the whole thing is that this has led plus laser, and I think that it’s that combination of the two there’s like 280, something you know little little things on the inside. I think it’s, the combination of those that really is making the difference.

I have not gotten PRP or a hair transplant, and that is not something that you can really do at home. Uh. It’s not really something I’ve majorly considered at this time, but I’m not you know close to the idea. I think that I could use this a little bit more regularly. They recommend using it every other day.

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I think some of the doctors and derms that I watch online use it like almost every day. I think I average three to four times a week and I absolutely love it. I do. I love that it’s hands-free, like you, can literally take it. You can even clip it to yourself while you’re on the go, um fun fact.

I made a joke and tried to ride a bike with this. I don’t recommend doing that, even though it probably was helping me get my treatment in that day. This is not a helmet for bike riding or for safety. This is a helmet for hair, regrowth and hair loss and laser hair support that is FDA cleared. That is going to hopefully help me with my problems now.

That’s the other thing is that they say that most people see results in three to six months. There’s like a 12 month or like one year, money back thing and I have not hit that Mark. Yet I don’t think I’m going to need it, but especially based on the price and then when I saw that they had sales for Black Friday and uh like holiday sales. I was like. Oh, I wish I wish.

I would have gotten that right and since those videos again, I restore, has reached out offered us discount coupons. They got me more gummies, which again I love these gummies and overall, when it comes to what I’m trying next. I think I am going to continue using this definitely going to continue doing this, because it’s so fun. I think that I am going to try to wear my hair a little bit more curly more of the time, specifically the way that Maine’s by Mel has been teaching me. She has gotten me to a place where I finally understand my curls and I’m still trying to figure it out and still trying to get a diffuser that works.

For me, I wonder if heat styling, my hair less, might also help again. It’S only been a matter of weeks since I had that call with Mel and since I’ve been able to lean into my curly hair a little bit more. But that is something I’m going to continue with, and I’m really really sad about this. But like things like the ordinary and the inky list, if I want like scalp, exfoliation or moisturization I’ll go to these, but I don’t think I’m going to be going to these for hair loss and I would prefer to do the hydrafacial or this before. I start on one of these at home things now.

Please keep in mind that this video is the best and worst things that I’ve tried for my hair, but I have to say that the number one best thing that I’ve done even Beyond this is speaking with my doctors and dermatologists and getting my blood work done. If I didn’t get my blood work done years ago, if I didn’t check my iron levels, I wouldn’t know that they were in good standing. If I didn’t check my vitamin D A year ago, I wouldn’t know that it was a little bit low because of my one, kidney right or whatever it is we’re still trying to figure that out. But I’ve been on. You know vitamin D or iron for quite some time now and if I didn’t know about that way earlier on, it wouldn’t have even made sense for me to try other things because I’d just be kind of shooting in the dark.

So I would say the number one best thing that I’ve done is actually get my blood work done, because it helps with not only my hair but my entire nutrition. It helps with everything working on literally embracing my hair and my natural beauty and my genetics, and so instead of having a fight with myself in the mirror every morning and no one was struggling with things like acne or hair loss or our body shape like it Can just be so stressful because we carry that from outside of the mirror into our everyday conversations, and if we’re constantly stressed out about how others are perceiving us or how we’re showing up in the world, we can’t show up authentically as ourselves. We can’t use our light and our gifts to help other people, because we’re putting up walls based on insecurity, and I speak from that because I’ve been through it and I’ve gotten through it. But I still have those days where I slip up and coming to terms with. That is literally the best thing.

I’Ve been able to do for my beauty. So that way, when I do rely on something like a really awesome, LED laser FDA cleared hair helmet or you know what a stimulating scalp treatment. I can actually do this with the understanding that I’m caring for my body, not using these things as a Band-Aid or a punishment for my body or my beauty, for being something. I don’t want it to be right, I’m working with it and understanding the science behind it and feeling empowered by diet instead of working against it. It is nice again.

Patience is a virtue that I am still still learning, but when I look back at these photos, I’m just like holy [, __ ], her baby hairs, her hair loss. Are we doing better? And you know there are still things that I’m concerned about or areas for improvement, but I’m trying to take inventory of the little steps of progress along the way because um we always say that skincare is a marathon, not a Sprint. I guess regrow in our [ __ ] hair is as well so I’m going to continue regrowing again. There is a discount coupon.

If you want to use it. If you don’t want to use my discount code use Dr.Dre’s use someone else’s, please go for it. I’M so grateful that I restore has allowed me to test more of their products as well as speak to some of their experts, and I’m so thankful to people like means by Mel who’ve. Literally gotten me some of my favorite products for my curly hair. We need to do a curly hair update because I’m still trying to figure it out and get a diffuser that works, and I’m even just so grateful to have the ability uh to try these things and to share them with you and to be transparent about what Did and didn’t work so that if you have hair like me, maybe this isn’t something that you’re interested in, because, honestly, this was kind of disappointing.

For me me, although this and this was not but overall, I hope that you are also learning to love your beauty, that you are staying hydrated, both orally and topically, regardless of whether or not you have hair or it’s falling out or you ripped it out. Whatever the reason is, I hope you know that you are beautiful and that the way you look does not dictate what you can do for this world. I’Ve listed all the things that actually worked at home for me in the description as well as in this little YouTube poke button. We still need a name for this YouTube button. If anybody wants to name the shot button, it literally pulls up a shelf of all of the best products and you can save them to like idealists, but we need a name for the non-binary buttons, but I love you.

I hope that my journey of sharing these insecurities and what isn’t isn’t working for me is helpful and overall, I hope that you always remember to be beautiful inside and out big smooches for you, and I cannot wait to see you in this next video love.

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